And so i play my guitar, I always play my guitar. Karamiau saigetsu wo tadoru tabiji de. Mabuta ni kanjiru yuuitsu no honoo. Natsu no nagori wo utsusu mina no ne. Hanatsu senritsu yo tooku tooku kanawanakutomo ~Loreley~


[Oneshot] Of Celebration, Love and Lust

Title: Of Celebration, Love and Lust
Pairing: Donghae/Eunhyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Fluffy Smut (?)
Word Count: 1,024
Summary: Donghae and Hyukjae are newly wed and this is a proper celebration they will have.
Warning: sixroundofsex!

Donghae pulled out from Eunhyuk and rolled to his side still panting. Hyukjae was not different at all, he also still not came back from his high after the best orgasm he ever experience. This guy, Donghae, or should he called him husband now, never failed to bring him into amazing bliss until he could reach heaven. He got addicted to him since the first time they met, love said it all. So, he didn’t think twice when six month later Donghae asked for marriage and here was their first night together on the same bed in their new mansion.

Hyukjae calmed himself down before murmuring something into his pillow. Donghae who’s in the process of putting his boxer turn to his husband, “what did you say?”

Hyukjae looked up to see Donghae tilted his head in a cute manner, “I want to go again.” he said firmly.

Donghae chuckled and just returned to his current activity. Hyukjae frowned when he saw Donghae putting on his shirt without buttoning it and lighting a cigarette, “you okay with it?” he asked, puffing some smoke from his mouth, “it was our second round.”

Yes, it was, Hyukjae never satisfied with just one go, so did Donghae. They thought they could have sex till dawn, but that thought never accomplished, because they still had home to come back to. “You don’t want to?” Hyukjae asked Donghae.

Donghae just smiled knowingly, “let’s have champagne first, the one that Shiwon brought us, okay?” he offered and walked out from their bedroom.

Hyukjae got off the bed and put on his robe before lighting Donghae’s cigarette and following him outside. He found him stood beside the side table on their living room, champagne and wine glass on both his hand. Donghae offered him one and Hyukjae took it from his hand slowly brought it to his lips to take a sip, “we’re celebrating again, huh?”

“Yeah, we didn’t have a proper celebration for just the two of us on the wedding day because you always said that you shy if we do it in front of the parents.” He whispered on Hyukjae’s ear as his other hand travelled inside his robe to caress his chest. “When in front of me, you’re not a shy person at all.” Hyukjae gasped when Donghae twist his nipple gently.

Hyukjae backed away with a seductive smile and swayed to the audio to put some music on, “celebration never complete without a dance, right?” he suppressed the cigarette on the ashtray and put the champagne on the small coffe table before motioning Donghae to come, “dance with me, Hae!”

Donghae walked toward Hyukjae open arms and kissed him full on the lips when he reached him. Hyukjae tangled his arms behind Donghae’s neck and Donghae grip his waist tightly. They soon began to dance with the music in a slow rhytm as they stare to each other’s eyes. Donghae embraced him, pulled him closer until there’s no space between them, something on Hyukjae’s eyes always made him possesive all over, those eyes is his and his only, also the body from head to toe, his soul, his heart, always be the Donghae’s.

His hand slipped between them to untie the knot on Hyukjae’s robe and with Hyukjae’s help, it feel of his shoulder to the ground leaving Hyukjae in nothing. Donghae also divested himself from his clothing and they continued to dance sensually in the center of their big mansion completely naked.

They were free to show their desire for each other. Dance intimately and full of lust. The music came to an end and they found themselves breathing heavily on the couch, couldn’t restrain that growing desire to have sex anymore. The desprerate hands rubbing each other as their tounge met in a hot battle.

“Ooohhh, HAE!!” Hyukjae screamed in both surprise and pleasure when suddenly Donghae plunged his member inside of his tight but still slick from Donghae’s earlier cum passage. He stroked Hyukjae’s shaft to lessen the pain, “nnnghh… faster, Hae..!”

Donghae complied then he started to thrust in and out in alarming pace to bring the both of them closer to those blisses again. “Hae, I’m close…” Hyukjae clawed on Donghae’s back, adding the marks that already there before.

They came for the third time tonight right when their eyes met in a passionate stare. Donghae fell on top of Hyukjae, their breathing mixed and they sure would agree that it was another mind-blowing sex, a satisfaction that they never found in everyone else.

Hyukjae whined when Donghae sat up and slowly pulled out from him, Donghae chuckled, Hyukjae sure never get enough from him. So he pulled Hyukjae to his feet and dragged him to have a wash, but Hyukjae stopped him on the hallway to kiss Donghae hard. Donghae had the urge to push Hyukjae against the wall. They were horny all over again so there they were, going for the fourth round that night with Donghae fucked Hyukjae out of his sense again.

The next day they found themselves on their dry bathtub with Donghae still inside of Hyukjae and the latter sleeping above him. Donghae remembered how they ended up sleeping on the bathroom, it was probably their sixth when suddenly Hyukjae offered the two of them to have a wash but ended up with Hyukjae riding him even before the water run. Too tired of their excessive desire they didn’t realize sleeping on the bathtub, at least it was dry, so they wouldn’t drown themselves and tomorrow would be news about a couple die after their mind-blowing sex on the bathtub.

Donghae gently lifted Hyukjae up and carried him to the bedroom. He laid him on their bed and tucked them both under the blanket. Suddenly Hyukjae groaned in pain and his face showed agony, but he was still sleeping. Donghae smiled to his sleeping husband and gently rubbed his lower back as he kissed the other’s forehead. Hyukjae continued with his calm sleeping when Donghae pulled him to his embrace and joined Hyukjae sleeping after murmuring sweet ‘I love you’ to the other man.


My first smut has done!! X_X and I’m still working on Hyukjae/Hyoyeon smut right now! Hope it can finish soon also. (I’ll work on the series too, don’t worry! ^^) and btw, the title sucks, I know!!