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[03] When You Love Your Friend

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Title: When You Love Your Friend
Status: Chapter 2/?
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kibum/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Genderswitch (girl!Donghae and girl!Sungmin)
What I'm Listening To: Rainbow - Not Your Girl
Words: 1,884
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

Guilty, maybe that’s the reason why Donghae didn’t think about Kibum as her reason to back. She knew Kibum is such a gentle and kind person, and she really didn’t think twice when she unilateraly broke up with him, she just wanted to go away from the rumours and didn’t give Kibum a chance to fix her. Eventhough now each memory she had with Kibum reminisce again, and she realized it was her fault, she didn’t think Kibum will forgive and comeback to her.

“Donghae!!” someone called. The music made the voice vague, but Donghae recognize it. She finally made to walk in the venue where Ryeowook’s party was under one’s belt after Jessica threw her a simple dress to wear.
Donghae made a move to the voice, “Ryeowookie… how are you ? I really miss you!”

They hugged each other, “I miss you too! We really are!”

Then she realized that everyone was there already including Hyeoyeon and Taeyeon. She noticed Kibum having a conversation with two men not too far, one man had a sharped eyes and the other was a lean man with curly brown hair.

“hey.. I’ll introduce you to my fiance!” Ryeowook said as she dragged Donghae to where Kibum was having a conversation, “hey guys.. Yesungie.. this is Donghae!”

The sharped eyes man turned on his heels to Donghae and Ryeowook, “oh, Donghae.. nice to meet you ! Ryeowook always talk about you.”

“hi.. nice to meet you too, Yesung-sshi!”

“and this is Kyuhyun.. Yesung’s cousin!” Ryeowook’s introduced her to the tall man beside Kibum.

“oh, nice to meet you, Donghae is it ? Kibum always talk about you.” He said, and Donghae gaped, for two reasons, first she recognized Kyuhyun’s voice, second from what he said.

She noticed Kibum elbowed Kyuhyun hard he groaned, “oh, nice to meet you too, Kyuhyun-sshi, you’re that jazz singer, right?!”

“oh, you know me ?! I thought you were in England!” Kyuhyun said surprised.

“yeah, my brother’s wife likes jazz and she likes to keep abreast of it, anywhere.”

“really ?! send my greeting to her..”

“of course..!”

“Donghae..!! let’s dance!!” that’s Hyeoyeon’s voice and the next thing Donghae knew is she’s on the dance floor with Jessica, Heechul and Hyeoyeon and other people.

That was really like the old time, music and spotlight, but they weren’t at the stage anymore, the spotlight didn’t spot them alone. But that was better, she could do whatever she wanted to do without have to bother about what people would say.


That morning, Donghae woke up to Eunhyuk’s face so close with hers… unfortunately, it was in her dream, so she woke up because of confused why she dreamt of Eunhyuk that way. She sat on her bed, rubbed her temple and glanced to the clock above the door, 8 AM, it meant that she only sleep for 5 hours.

After the party, the girls wanted so much to recall their friendship again, so six of them remained at the venue, talked about what happen in three years. There were many sad and happy things happened. Heechul spent a years at America to have plastic surgery while Hyoyeon obviously stay in Korea but no one knows where was she. Taeyeon became a solo singer though not that famous, she sang mainly for soundtrack. Jessica moved to SM and trained herself again until she had a frequent debut last year as singer. Jessica and Heechul met coincidentaly when Heechul took a contract for SM Modelling then they just forgive each other without ceremony. Differently, Ryeowook lived her life without worried, because there were no rumours about her either. She lived as ordinary people, making accessories, go shopping, not bothering every stared, having boyfriend and just let herself flowing.
And Donghae got Eunhyuk’s place, she had plan to make a surprise for him this morning, because today she had to start working with the dance for Jessica. Donghae turn the TV on as she ate her breakfast, there was a new make her surprise but she managed to smile, “Sapphire Rejoin!”. Donghae never thought she will be on TV again.
After breakfast, Donghae called a cab and go to Eunhyuk’s apartment. Her heart beating so fast that time, she really can’t wait to see Eunhyuk again, she wanted to hug him, kiss his cheek, tackle him and end up rolling on the floor. That was a little from many memory she had with Eunhyuk, and she wanted to repeat it again. She really felt guilty for the bad thing that happened when she went away and guilty because she forgot everything, especially when she forgot about Eunhyuk.

This was it, Eunhyuk’s apartment. Donghae tried to calm herself from over excited by inhaled and exhaled deeply, but she couldn’t calm her heart and her lips from forming a big smiled when she pushed the bell, three times, but there’s no answer yet. Eunhyuk must be still sleeping, she thought. But the door creaked open on the fifth push, and a girl on pink pajama stared at her. The smile on Donghae’s lip faded and she stared back at the girl with narrowed eyes.

“can I help you ?” asked the girl with somewhat sleepy voice.

“oh, I think I got the wrong apartment.” Donghae managed to answer.

The girl seemed hesitate but asked again, “who’s you looking for ?”

“is this Eunhyuk-sshi’s apartment ?”

“yes.. so you come for Hyuk,” she said and made a move to let Donghae in, “take a seat please, I’ll call him..”

Donghae just did what the girl told. Who’s that girl.. can’t be Hyuk’s wife… he’ll tell me if he’s married.. or she’s just… girlfriend ? since when Eunhyuk become a pedhofile, that girl seems much younger than Donghae. Puffy cheeks and pouted lips, it’s so not Eunhyuk.


Eunhyuk always had that dream for the past a year, hug Donghae at the airport. If Eunhyuk had that dream it meant that he’s missing Donghae. But the dream seemed always longing to come everynight lately, so… it meant that he misses his bestfriend everyday, right. When that girl would come, he didn’t know. He didn’t want to know either, it was really hurt when he come to England to bring Donghae back last year, he really excited to be able to found Donghae after long terms, but Donghae just rejected him to comeback that time. Eventhough she’d promised him, but she knew Donghae couldn’t be able to stand the rumours, so he didn’t push her. She couldn’t stand the pain.

“Hyuk.. wake up honey!” the voice brought him to the world. He opened his eyes and found Sungmin sat on the edge of his bed.

“morning.. but I don’t have schedule, so let me back to sleep, okay honey.” He smiled at her then pulled the cover back up his half naked body.

“no.. I won’t let you!”

“and why not ?” Eunhyuk asked with closed eyes.

“because you have a guest.”

“who ?”

“I don’t know, a young woman…”

Eunhyuk sat up, “young woman ?” he hesitated.

“yeah.” Sungmin answered as she bowed her head, then looked up at Eunhyuk, “don’t tell me you’re cheating on me, because that girl don’t know me and I don’t know her..!”

“what ?! no… I never cheated on you.” He held her hands on his, “I’ll go to her and make sure that I’m not!”

Eunhyuk threw a shirt that lay on the floor on his head and went to see the guest. The young woman sat on his couch with cross arms and legs, “sorry, can I hel…” the young woman turned as she heard the voice and Eunhyuk’s gasped in surprise, “Donghae!!!”

“Eunhyukkie!!!!” they ran to each other and hugged.


Donghae was filling her mind with that girl opened the door for her when she heard that voice she’s longing so much, “sorry, can I hel..” Donghae turned her head and he gasped, “Donghae!!!”

“Eunhyukkie!!!!” she ran and he ran and ended up hugging each other.

“is this really you ?” he mumbled on her shoulder.

“yes it’s me, Hyuk..” she said softly and she could feel that he’s just exhaled, is that meant he held his breath all that time.

They just hugged, because it felt so good and relaxing, and they just feel relieved because finally they meet. Donghae forgot about what she will do to Eunhyuk when they meet like this, she forgot about the kiss and the tackle, she just wanted to be in Eunhyuk’s embrace until she can felt her own tears.

“Hyuk, I’m sorry!” she managed to say.

“I know.”

It was different, the embrace, from the last time. It was something new beside familiarity on it. She felt so much save, tighter, and love… the last time she checked, Eunhyuk didn’t love her and the embrace didn’t feel like Kibum’s. But it was.

A cough made them pull away from the convenient embrace. Donghae turned to her right and saw the girl from before standing in the doorway maybe to Eunhyuk’s bedroom.

“uhm, Min..”

Min..??? is that a nickname ? like you call me Hae ?! no way !! wait, why do I have to compare myself..

“Min, this is Donghae.. I’ve told you about her, haven’t I ?” Eunhyuk said, with a bright expression on his face.

That ‘Min’s’ eyes widened, “so, this is your bestfriend… wait, you’re also Sapphire’s member, right?!” she said as she approached them, “hi, I’m Lee Sungmin..!”

Donghae took Sungmin’s offered hand and shook it, “I’m Lee Donghae.. nice to meet you Sungmin-sshi!” she offered a smile as a change.

She smiled back when Eunhyuk released his hand from hers and took Sungmin’s instead, “this is my girlfriend, I met her at winter last year!” he said warmly as he looked into her eyes.

Winter ?? last year ??! it meant before he came to England, why didn’t he tell me about that earlier ? and what’s wrong with this heart, it’s keep stabbed, somewhat painful, hey, do you feel betrayed..??

“Hae.. are you okay ?”

“yeah, I’m fine!”

“hey, we can have breakfast together, after we’re finish showering of course..” Sungmin offered.

“oh, no thank’s.. I have to go.” She refused softly. Eventhough the appointment will start 2 hours later, but she kinda felt that she’s in the wrong time to come.

Eunhyuk frowned, “you’re going again..?”

“yeah, but don’t worry, we can catch up later.. I’m working under SM now and kinda managing Jessica’s dance.” She answered heavily.

“ow, that’s great..” said Eunhyuk, “right, we have to catch up, okay!”

“okay.. bye!”

“bye!” and Eunhyuk gave her a kiss on the cheek before she get out of the apartment.

Outside, she walked slowly to the street, she somewhat lost her mind… why did it feel so uncomfortable on her throat when Eunhyuk introduced the girl as his girlfriend, is it just because she was over excited about the plan so when it didn’t go well she felt somehow dissapointed ? or is it because Eunhyuk had a promise that he’ll be there when she comes, but the fact is he’s there but with someone else ? or is it about the feeling she felt when she engulfed on Eunhyuk’s embrace ?



[02] When You Love Your Friend

Title: When You Love Your Friend
Status: Chapter 1/?
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kibum/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Genderswitch (many girls in here :D)
Words: 2,169
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

“Donghae, are you sure you want to go back to Korea ?” her mother asked when she was about to take her suitcase from the closet. It was the nth time she asked, and she always answer it with the same.

“yes, umma! I won’t if Jessica didn’t call me and said that she’s becoming a singer and want me to take care of her choreography, and her relationship with Heechul’s becoming good, not to mention Ryeowook’s wedding because you’re invited too..” she said.

“but eventhough it has been 3 years, I’m worried about your rumour..” there, that expression always make her heart hesitate, she really can’t bear any more rumour, she had a great living in England, but beside what her explanation for her mother about her reason to go back to Korea, she had a promise a year ago.


Donghae live at small apartment with her mother. Her brother, Donghwa live with his wife not too far from the apartment, she lived her live easily without people know her as infamous artist at Korea. Here, Donghae work as a dance teacher for kid at 8 – 13 sometimes she helped her friend Bryan to teach teenagers at 14 – 17. She could forget what happened at Korea, why her friends never ever call her and searching for her existence, especially Eunhyuk. She tried to call Eunhyuk, but never get a single answer. She realized she hadn’t called him for a year then.

A year later, after so many happiness that England bring to her. Donghwa said that she had a guest at his house, from Korea. She rushed to her brother’s house and found Eunhyuk sitting on his brother’s living room.

“Hyuk.. what are you doing here ?” she asked, surprised, shocked, but she sighed in relief when Eunhyuk engulfed her on his embrace.

“why were you runaway ?” he said when he pulled himself away and grip Donghae’s shoulder tightly.

Donghae stared deep into Eunhyuk’s eyes, there are sure worriness and tears?, “no.. I wasn’t runaway..”

“yes you are..” his tone slightly annoyed with Donghae’s answer, “ didn’t tell me where you went..”

“I tried okay.. I tried eventhough I remember it when I’ve already arrived here, but you weren’t there.. where were you Hyuk ?”

Eunhyuk loosened his grip to Donghae and bow his head, “I was.. well.. I was at America..”

“well, you never told me you were at America.. so we’re equal okay..!”

Eunhyuk exhaled deeply and look Donghae in the eyes, Donghae felt something on that gaze, but never get to know what, “it was my fault okay.. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you need me, I’m sorry I forgot about you and when I remember and I came back for you, do you know how guilty I am when I found you weren’t there..”

“okay, I’m sorry too.. I forgot about you also. So.. you come here from Korea just to know my condition and sorry because you didn’t tell me you were at America, that’s very sweet of you, you know!” Donghae smiled. She tried to erase Eunhyuk’s sadness, but his worriness still there.

“yes, to say that and to bring you back to Korea again..”

Donghae’s smile faded, she really didn’t want to go back to Korea again, she’s done with Korea, “no, I can’t!”

“why Donghae ? why can’t you ? just forget about those rumours, you can go on with it, can’t you ?”

“no.. you don’t understand, beside my family’s here, I have job I want, what else could I want.”

There’s silent for a few minutes, Eunhyuk and Donghae didn’t talk to each other before Eunhyuk broke it, “listen.. I don’t have much time here, I thought it will be easy to bring you back.. I have to go back to America tonight..” Eunhyuk stared deep into Donghae’s eyes again and grip his shoulders again, “…promise me that you’ll be back, I’ll be there when you back.. come back for me, for us, for our everything, Hae!”

‘come back for me, Hae!’ that words made Donghae didn’t want to get rid of Eunhyuk’s arms and that words had the urge to what Donghae would say next, “yes, I promise.”


It doesn’t that easy to keep her promise with Eunhyuk, since that time she barely got news from Eunhyuk. After Eunhyuk come to England, Donghae felt like she really didn’t want to worry Eunhyuk anymore. The worriness sent a feeling to Donghae. A feeling that made her really wanted to come beside Eunhyuk, forever with him and rewind their friendship without anything to interfere about. Made her want to love Eunhyuk more.

Then Jessica called her to come back for Korea, and all the things was just perfect, she could fulfill her promise to Eunhyuk beside lace her friendship again with the girls. Damn with rumours and damn with bad images, she thought. She promised she wouldn’t be a celebrity anymore.


Eunhyuk just arrived at Incheon from America, his last America visiting, when he saw a girl with blonde hair, she really like someone he knew, no! she really someone he knew, the upcoming and just comeback singer, Jessica. What does a celebrity like Jessica do at the airport alone ?

When he’s about to approached Jessica, someone called him, “Hyukkie!”

Eunhyuk turned around and saw a cute woman with puffy cheeks with long-black hair dress in skinny-black jeans and gray top, “Hyuk, come.. the driver’s waiting.”

“oh, okay Min.. hey, don’t you miss me ? you just see me and immediately talk about your driver..?”

“you only go for a week.. but, of course I miss you!”

Eunhyuk smiled at her then huddled her shoulder as she put her arm at his waist and led the way to the car. He took a last look at Jessica and she’s waving at the direction of the arrival. Oh, she picks someone up, he thought and continued to walk with the woman beside him. It’s nice to be back to Korea and never will he leave it again, because if he does, he will lose something important again.


Donghae arrived at Korea that day. She knew, Eunhyuk wouldn’t be there for her arrival, because he didn’t know either about it, but she believed that she could find Eunhyuk soon at Korea, he promised that he’ll be there when Donghae come.

There was Jessica, waved at her with light pink dress and stilleto with curl-long-blonde hair, really different from Jessica she knew, chocolate hair always with ponytail and white shirt, very innocent, but it still there, charisma of a celebrity, she really borned to be it.

“hai Jess!” Donghae greeted.

Jessica hugged her, “Donghae-unnie! I really miss you, and I’m very happy you accept my offer!”

“I know, this is surprising myself too.. I still can’t believe I’m back in Korea..”

They laughed, “then welcome… we’re happy you come especially Heechul-unnie.. she really can’t wait to see you, but today she has a photo session with Kibum..”

Donghae held a breath as she heard Jessica said that name. After the broke up, they never called each other again. Donghae knew, when she go to England, she still had a feeling for Kibum, but she didn’t want to become a burdened for him.

“Unnie, you’re okay ?”

Donghae then exhaled and looked Jessica, “yes, I’m fine.. let’s go to my apartment.”

Jessica nodded and led Donghae to her car, “Jess..?”

“yes ?”

“how is Kibum ?”

Jessica looked at her from her eyelashes suspiciously, “what ? you still love him ?” she asked again as she start the engine.

“no, not like that exactly, just want to know his state now.”

Jessica chuckled, “he’s fine.. you know, though he didn’t resign to any contract after you left for 6 month, and the rumours said it had a relevance to your departure which was true.. but he could move on and had his first movie after..”

Donghae nodded, “that’s good..”

“yeah, and he knows you back..”

Donghae shocked, “you told him ?!!”

“no, Heechul did.. why ? you don’t want to meet him after 3 years ?”

Donghae shook her head, “I don’t know.. I’m just not ready yet. For now, I just want to meet Eunhyuk, do you know where is he ?”

“oh.. Eunhyuk-oppa ? yes, he’s really famous now, he succed for training Rain’s boyband, MBLAQ, and now Rain has him as his trainee’s trainer while many boyband want him to be their choreographer..” Jessica explained.

“and where is he ?”

“I don’t know.. but you can ask my manager-oppa!”


Donghae moved her body in sync with the music, alone at the dance studio. The rhytm of Madonna’s and Britney’s song ‘Me against the music’ sent the overflowing passion to dance with her own move. She danced to the full of the song, finally she could feel that feeling again, the meaning of her live, feeling of a dream come true. Eventhough the dream had to have many obstacles in the middle of it.

When the music came to the end, Donghae realized there was someone on the doorway as she glanced over the mirror. The person just stood still and looked Donghae in the eyes, she didn’t have any urge to deny that look, a part of her had missed it. For a few seconds, they just stare at each other through the mirror. Donghae felt her breath had been taken by that person’s eyes, the eyes that had seen everything in Donghae.

“Kibummie…!!” a tall woman with curly hair drew their stare, and she glanced over Donghae, “Donghae!!” she squeaked, “…Kibum, why aren’t you tell me you’ve found her!” she added as she punch Kibum’s shoulder and ran toward Donghae.

“Heechul-unnie!! How are you ?” Donghae asked as she hugged Heechul.

“I’m fine.. better to see you!” she answered before narrowed her eyes, “but I was mad at you for not facing everything.. you really should learn to be shameless like your certain unnie..!” they both laughed.

Kibum coughed to get their attention and Donghae glanced at him, “oh, h-hi Kibum.. h-how are you too ?” she managed to ask and spelled something on her brain before they ended up staring at each other again and Donghae felt like he undressed her.

“oh, y-yeah, I-I’m fine, really..”

Oh, that voice… Donghae thought, it seems like a century she can’t hear that voice, and really, she missed it, she missed everything about this man, why couldn’t she realize from a long ago.

“okay Hae… I think we have something to do tonight, right?” Heechul said.

“what is it ?” Donghae asked, suddenly forgot about their appointment.

“Ryeowook’s before wedding party!”

“oh, right!”

“and Kibum is invited too, so he’s more than willing to be our chauffeur..”

Kibum glared at her, “hey, I didn’t say that.. I just said we could go together to the party!”

“oh, okay.. whatever! Just let’s go!”

They get out of the studio with Kibum led the way to his car. Donghae once again felt like her breaths’d taken away when she saw that the car was the same black Lamborghini which is three years ago never stop to ride her home. The next thing she knew is she ended up sitting beside Kibum at the passenger seat when Heechul – as she said, “I won’t disturb you when I call Hankyung”. – slid into the backseat.

Donghae seemed really uncomfortable in her seat, she remember each memory she had with Kibum on that car, especially the sex. She glanced at the backseat where Heechul busily talking with someone, there was the place when she had sex with Kibum so many times, and there, at the driver seat.

“what are you thinking, Hae ?” asked Kibum, brought Donghae from her daydream.

She glanced at him, “oh, n-nothing!” she stuttered, sounded just like a whisper. What am I thinking, why do I have to think about it in the first place..

She needed a distraction from it all, so she turned her head just to see Heechul still on the phone. She sighed in exasperation, “who are Heechul-unnie talking to ?”

“it’s her boyfriend..” answered Kibum though Donghae didn’t hope any.

“unnie has boyfriend ?! since when ?”

“a year probably, he’s a dancer at my company!” Donghae nodded, “don’t you want to change first..?” he asked.

Donghae realized she still wore a red tank top and jacket, and a pair of loose pant. She furled the hem of the top and tied it at her right waist so half of his stomach was exposed, “oh, no.. I think Jessica save something for me!”


The rest of the ride to Ryeowook’s become more comfortable, because Kibum didn’t seem want to talk about their past, he rather talked about their friends nowaday. Something that caught Donghae’s mind at the moment was, why she never thought about Kibum as her reason want to comeback to Korea.




I felt like a fool..
watching you in front of me
standing by their side..
I was there.. don't you see ?
I was sure.. you can see me
what I'm feeling that time..

I don't have any feeling for another guy..
I don't have love except for you..
and you just standing there
with me watching you
and laughed with them..
not with me..

I felt like a fool...
accept your invitation..
cause i wasn't ready for it...
I'm still love you, even from this second..



[04]Angel’s Tears
Words Count: 1,778
What I'm Listening To: Super Junior - Angela
When the angel fallen from heaven to some bad persons.

“I followed you…” the angel answered with groan from his pain, “…I can’t let him, Ryeowook as you called him, left alone..”

“Ryeowook is here too..??”

“Yes, and now can you please, cure me..!” asked the angel, holding back the pain.
With that, Jungsu pulled off his shirt, awared of being ripped. Not far away, Heechul muttered something like, ‘don’t tell me they’ll make out there’ and got a hit on his head from Kangin.

After Jungsu pulled his shirt off, the wings come out from its confines, his back. As Kangin saw that, he couldn’t help but always amaze and admire the scenery. It was always beautiful on Kangin’s eyes. Kangin saw Jungsu plucked one of his feathers, Kangin was sured there were some glitters also centring from the plucked feather, but it could not be magic, he thought. Then Jungsu kneaded his feather and then he swept his hand right above the injury, and here came the magic, the blood disappeared.

“Damn.. am I dreaming..??!” Heechul cursed the scenery in front him, “Kangin those are happening in front of me, am I really dreaming..?”

“No..” Kangin answered casually, he thought he could’ve accustomed to this by now, too many irrasional thing happened, “can you give him some clothes..?”

Heechul nodded but still dumbfounded as he walked to his closet, grab some clothes and threw it at the newcomer angel on his bed. The angel muttered thank’s before put that clothes on.

“Okay, now, what’s your name..?” Kangin asked to that angel who’s now had his wings went into his back.

“Name..? I don’t know, I didn’t prepare any name for here.. What is here? Is this Korea.. You guys seemed have a very big luck..!” he pointed towards Jungsu who’s now with his shirt on again.

“The real question is, why are you here in the first place..? You never had any interest with earth, why are you followed me..?” Jungsu asked him with annoyed on his face.

“I didn’t follow you, Ryeowook did, and I accompanied him.. am I wrong, he’s still young and you filled his head with your impossible dream, can you tell me I’m wrong..?! cause right now we can’t go back to heaven anymore..!”

“I know this is my fault, but I don’t know Ryeowook will followed me here if I knew I won’t let him, cause I know you wouldn’t let him go with me, is it clear..?” Jungsu asked with anger all over his words.

Before the other angel answered Jungsu’s, Heechul cut him off, “I think it’s me who want the whole thing become clear, okay.. this is my house, and you guys fighting here, is it angel’s nature to become shameless..??!”

Jungsu made his way towards the doorway after muttered ‘sorry’ when the other angel threw himself on Heechul’s bed and mumbled ‘earth makes me crazy’.

“Heechul, just stay with this angel, okay.. I have to chase Jungsu after..” said Kangin.

“WHAT!? Are you crazy..??! I can’t --- yah, Youngwoon!!”

Then Kangin went after Jungsu and left Heechul with the distressed angel, “oh damn Kangin, left me with you..” cursed Heechul.

The angel stood up and locked eyes with Heechul, “aren’t you going to asked me to leave..?” he asked.

“And if I ask you to leave, where will you go..? I heard that you can’t comeback to heaven anymore..!” Heechul could restrain himself from being crazy and sat down on the couch in his room now, “I have to know your name..”

“I’ve told you I don’t have any name for Korea..”

“So you had any name for another country..?”

The angel seemed to think before answered, “I think I had a name for China..”

“And what’s that..?” Heechul became curious.



“Jungsu..! Jungsu…!” Kangin called Jungsu when they out from Heechul’s house, but Jungsu only walked away from Kangin, “Jungsu where are you going..??” then Kangin could grab his arms and pulled Jungsu to him since he ran faster than Jungsu.

Jungsu’s eyes filled with tears that ready to flow, “I have to find Sungmin, Donghae and Ryeowook, this is all my fault..” and then it came a stream, “I’m the one who let go of their hands from my hold, i’m not that strong to hold them, I’m stupid to have such a dream..!”

Without they both knowing and especially Kangin, he hugged Jungsu, his tears drenched Kangin’s shirt, Kangin felt coolness when Jungsu’s tears reached his skin. the coolness that sent calm and peace all over his body.

Minutes later, they both on Kangin’s car again, they didn’t know where to go, after Kangin calmed Jungsu down, then they just went home, and thought about strategy to find the angels trio, “this wasn’t about seas and trees, was it..?”

Kangin asked Jungsu that night when Jungsu was all covered with blanket on his couch, he looked Kangin immediately, “w-what do y-you m-mean..?”

“Your freefall from heaven, I don’t believe you if it just for blue-seas and green-trees..” Kangin walked over to Jungsu, and then Jungsu seemed to tighten his hold on the blanket.

“I d-don’t know w-what are you t-talking about.. of course it because of m-me admired the earth, so I t-take that freefall..” Jungsu stammered his answer. And it made Kangin became more curious about this angel.

An angel that lived in peacefulness at heaven, always sorrounded by lights, No harm, No badness, No violence, No hate, came to this earth that oppossed it, just because seas and trees. It was illogical.

Kangin sat beside Jungsu and looked him in the eye, “I don’t believe you..!” Kangin became more serious about this, he moved forward until his face only an inch from Jungsu. Jungsu started sweating, his body shaked lightly, “why are you shaking..?” Kangin whispered on Jungsu’s ear, his hands on either side of Jungsu.

“Ok, I’ll tell you.. but please, can you move away from me..!” Jungsu pleaded.

Kangin chuckled to those words and continued to tease “why don’t you push me away..?!”

“I’d never use violence..!” he answered flatly.

Kangin jerked with Jungsu’s word, then he felt guilty for tease such an innocent person, let alone he’s an angel. Kangin forgot about that a moment ago, he couldn’t resist Jungsu’s beauty and that adorable smile and that glistening eyes, that’s too much and that’s such a sin for an angel to become such a seducer for the devil inside Kangin. It is more such a sin to rape an innocent angel either. Then he pulled away from Jungsu and sat straight beside him.

Jungsu sighed deeply before spoke, “it’s about love… or lust maybe..”

Kangin raised his eyebrows and turn to face Jungsu who’s now just stared to the empty space before him, “love.. didn’t you have enough love at heaven..? and lust.. i’m not sure that lust you mean is that kind of ‘lust’..!” Kangin also didn’t sure about his talking either.

“We have so much love maybe excessive, but it’s all for the human, since we don’t have any hate, we only feel this flat feeling but we also can absorb love’s aura. You know, there are man and woman too in heaven, but they all is created by God from lights, there’s no love for opposite gender, so that you can’t have children, I mean that love.. the love that lead to lust point, you know, every human have that kind of love, I felt this feeling, I enjoyed every beat in my heart when I saw human in love, it’s different from the love I have in heaven.. I’d thought once, if I supposed to be created as a cupid not an angel.” He explained and Kangin enjoyed every single word that came from Jungsu’s mouth, it was full of happiness and admired, and also hope.

“Did all the angel have this kind of feeling..?”

“No, absolutely not, until I found Sungmin and Donghae, they are my best friend, I told him about my dreams and surprisingly they have the same.. Donghae have this kind of idea instead, to gather all the angels that have the same dream with us, but I forbad him. and then he told Ryeowook, you know, Ryeowook still young indeed, he is younger than Sungmin and Donghae, Ryeowook was the first person who asked me to give up heaven, I have thought about that before, but I think I would just do it by myself.” then came that guilt again on Jungsu’s voice. This angel, maybe he was a human in his previous live. All of the angels that gave heaven up, there must be a human being live inside their soul, Kangin thought.

Then for the second time Kangin didn’t realize he had been hugging Jungsu’s shaked body again. They lost in their each mind, until they realized they hugged each other, but didn’t want to let go of it. That night they slept together in each other arm on the couch.


The next day, they started to search Sungmin, Donghae and Ryeowook. Hangeng, the angel at Heechul’s house, came to Kangin’s house that early morning – with Heechul, of course –. He asked for an apology from Jungsu that seems half-heartedly, but Jungsu known better than that, he asked sincerely. Then for today, four of them started to look for any possibility where did the rest of the angels go.

“I still don’t have any idea, why are you guys got separate ways.” Heechul said. They were at Kangin’s car, with Jungsu’s eyes didn’t detach from the street, he didn’t want to miss every single street at all, perhaps the angels cross it or just stand there.

“What if they didn’t meet someone kind, I really worry that they would meet something bad,” and come that qualm again, Jungsu’s worried face, like a mother lost her children.

“Is that a compliment to us that you’ve been found by someone kind like us? I think you’re not absolutely right?” Heechul said, earning a confused glare from Jungsu and Hangeng.

“Are you a bad person?” Hangeng asked.

“You’ll see,” answered Heechul with his smirk.

“Enough, Heechul,” Kangin insisted, “and Jungsu, stop worrying too much, they will be okay, you got it,” he added to Jungsu and gripped his hand and squeezed it a litte, they smile to each other and remained like that.

Heechul noticed how Kangin’s hand flew to Jungsu’s and thought what’s really happening to those people..?



[03]Real Bad Person
Words Count: 1,311
What I'm Listening To: Jason Mraz - Butterfly
When the angel fallen from heaven to some bad persons.


I don’t even thinking about it, I don’t think I could stay here any longer, this was my dream, but now it seems fade away. I don’t know how can I be this concern to my family. I was a bad person after all. My mom always let me got whatever I want, be the youngest is like heaven. At that time I didn’t think I would turn to be a bad guy. The only I thought was, I’m like a king, being spoiled by my parents.

It’s my fault then. The problem comes to my family like chains, and I can’t even try to fix it for my parents. My parents once sent me to France, be in fact to keep me at a distance. From what ? I wasn’t sure father gave me the right explanation. Maybe because I didn’t want to leave, I turned to be a bad guy when I back. I didn’t want to leave mom or her coddles, I wasn’t sure. At that time, I thought my parents didn’t want me anymore. Then I came back with bad person impression in me all the way.

My childhood friend Kangin, who’s very much like a bullier guy is my best friend. He knows what trough me all this time. We have the same dreams to become a chef, and then we enter the same university. I made decision to enter this majors without discuss it with my parents, but they seemed not very interested either with my choice. I think they never want me have our companies, there is Heejin afterall.

Then, I heard my parents talk about problems at companies, all the companies that we had, it was because the manager, PR, and other nuclear staff resigned one by one, and it affect the stock and hundreds employees will suffer because of this. Heejin told me that now we only have family and relative to help us with the company, but I know it didn’t help that much. Then another problem came, when another company made a deal with large overseas company my father had been relying on. Fortunately, we still have another company or else, we will send into bankruptcy.

With that, I asked for an apology from my parents, I didn’t understand them enough, but when I told them I want to move from my major then, they didn’t let me to. I asked why ? but I didn’t get the answer. Even Heejin didn’t let me to move, I tried to persuade her that I could help her, but she only said “you’re still young, still need protection, not to protect anyone else..” that made me realize, that was the disadvantage of being the youngest one in the family.

I’m not a kid anymore. I can’t stand watching my family suffer.

“Heechul-hyung.. why are you so sad..? Kangin’s not coming..?” this is my friend (a dongsaeng actually) from highschool with Kangin.

“No, he’s got stuck with paper tonight, I think..!” I reply matter of factly, “hey, Shiwon-ah, give me some drink, hurry up..!” then he immediately run to the bartender and order something for me as I take a sit with Yesung and Kibum.

“What’s up..!” greet Yesung, I only nod with less energy, “hey, what date is now ? I don’t think today is 25 or something..!” then he laughs along Kibum. I know they just try to comfort me, so I don’t take it too serious, eventhough if it’s not them I exactly won’t have the same reaction.

“His PMS is not today, isn’t it?” adds Kibum.

I only smile a bit, I don’t know what’s wrong with me either. That night, I drink not as much as usual, I just have feeling that I must stay sober this time. I just have a little talk with them and just pay much attention to the glass in front of me not bothered by the music playing loudly in this club. Until I feel something heavy at my shoulder, it’s Shiwon, drunk Shiwon.

“Yah, Shiwon-ah, you drunk again?” I try to shrug my shoulder to wake him up.

“Heechul, we think we should go now.” Yesung and Kibum say, before they burst towards the exit.

“Hey, you leave me with this horse again? What the fuck!”

“Hyung, I love you!” Shiwon says between his hiccups.

I only sigh to that, he says this to me for many times, I have to get used to this soon, “I know, but I can’t love you back!”

“Why not, hyung?” he hugs me tighter now until I can’t breath easily, “take me home, hyung!”

This is such my habit now, go to the club, drink, have drunk Shiwon in my shoulder, take him home, and make out with him at his house. Because I don’t think I can break Shiwon’s heart, though I don’t love him at all. Take this as pay back, he gives his love to me then I give him my body but not my heart. I can’t love him, I can’t love everyone, that’s the reason.

Before 2AM in the morning, I come out of Shiwon’s house to get back home, no, to my tree-house first. There, I can chill out a little and let winds take my problems away. I see something like feather scattered about the ladder and the underside of the tree. I step on the ladder to see what’s on my tree-house. That’s the time when I feel fear all over my body, there, on the little space of my tree-house’s terrace, lay a man with wounds all over his body and wings on his back. I can’t help my self from shivering anymore, it’s the first time my body shiver like this.

God, what’s that?! Without I realize it, I just staring at the unmoved and naked body in front of me for hours, I don’t dare to touch it or carry it to more safety place, but I don’t even dare to move from my place, I just stare. It can’t be angel, as what I have thought this morning. I must be crazy. God must be crazy. I’m serious with that angel thing indeed, but I didn’t thought it will be turn out like this. An angel really comes to me? This is irrassional, illogical.


It voiced at last, but it only gives another shiver to me. “help.”

Help? Where is this man come from? With my remnant valor, I approach the winged-man in front of me, tiped him over so he is on his back and suddenly that wings sucked up to his back. I startle, jump backward again, shit! What the hell is this?


He whimpers again and I decide to carry him to my bedroom before the sun shine and some servants see this weird creature. I don’t care who is he, but I can’t stand to look at singes that fill the man’s body, so I clean that off. After that, I stare him again as I sit on the armchair in front of the bed. This man, perhaps an angel, comes to me, why does he come to me? Why me? Did God listen to my words and sent this angel to me for – as I pray – protect my family? If so, then, thank’s God, I thought You have forgotten me, I thought I’m not good enough to receive Your goodness, I’m a real bad person, so I don’t deserve to have a beneficence like this. Oh my God, why are You so kind to me, that I can shed tears right now.


[02]Angel’s Coming
Words Count: 2,351
What I'm Listening To: Big Bang - Last Farewell
when the angel fallen from heaven to some bad persons.

Every Friday, Kangin always meet Mr.Lee Han Ji for sociology lecture, he must make sure that every meeting the students have to collect their simple paper or that meeting will become useless and they have to study over again next year. So every Thursday night, Kangin always sit in front his laptop on the dark room and the opened balcony door.

Every night, he and Heechul always go to the club to meet their friends from highschool, and some from the university. Eventhough Kangin and Heechul are best friends, they still have some friends to hang out, lunch together, play together, go to the club together, even sometimes (but rarely,so rarely) study together. Some of them are his dongsaeng, Heechul is the oldest among them, the sharped-eyed man is older than him and he still has two other guy as his dongsaeng.

However, this night, he has to focus with his paper. Kangin started it at eight thirty and almost finished it at twelve before he hear a loud thud from his balcony. At first he think it is the sound of a fallen stalk from the tree beside his house, but as he walks to the balcony, he sees many feathers scatter anywhere and it still fall from above, some are also go into Kangin’s room. He picks the feather before he reach the balcony, the feather is unordinary, it’s big, bigger than dove’s feather and also a swan’s feather, it almost like an eagle or phoenix feather but it’s white, pure white.

Kangin hears a scratch noise from his wooden floor balcony, and he frightened when he sees an arm peek from the left side of his balcony. It can’t be a ghost.!! Kangin thinks. But still, he’s sweating. He crawls to the right side of his balcony’ door and peek outside. It’s a man, more surprising; A COMPLETELY BARENAKED MAN is there, and guess what’s the most surprising thing; his WINGS!

“I’m sure I’m dreaming..!!” he slaps his face lightly, and when the creature in front of him still there, he slaps hardly, but it still there.

“Help..” the creature voiced in English and look Kangin in the eye before his head fall again to the floor and didn’t move again.

Kangin slowly approachs him and study his body, it seems he just go out from fire stove, his body covered with charcoal, but not his wings, it still white. When Kangin wants to touch that wings, the wings slowly back inside (?) the man’s back. Kangin pulls behind, frightens and anxious but also amaze with the scenery in front of him. Is this man an angel..?

“No, it can’t be..!! It can’t be angel..!! NO!” he interjects his own thoughts.

Kangin takes back some fresh air to his brain, trying to regain his own clean thought. The creature (or angel) still there, face downward, and then Kangin pushed him over and lift him up. Kangin takes him to his bathroom and put him on the bathtub. There’re small singes on the frontage of the angel’s body. Kangin runs some waters to the bathtub, cold first, when it reachs the angel’s stomach, he whimpers slightly, it must be hurt, grips Kangin’s hand that rested on the edge of the bathtub, but still with eyes closed. Until the angel’s stop whimper, Kangin begins to wash him and wear him a bathrobe, a large bathrobe on him, since Kangin has big body and this angel is small, skinny, and look very fragile.

Kangin moves him back to his large and the only bed. He sighs and then sits on the edge of the bed. Watching this just fallen angel, he feels some composure. His face is flawless after the bath a while ago his hair is brown with some bangs covering his brow. Kangin keeps watching this angel, wondering if this angel has a name or anything, family, or friend maybe. It rakes up Kangin.. Heechul.

He picks his cellphone from the drawers and calls Heechul. It comes to ringbacktone, but until 5 or 10 minutes Kangin tries to call him, there’s no answer.

Kangin wakes with a heavy breath right on his neck. He opens his eyes and the angel still there, sleeping with peacefulness, his bangs covering his eyes and Kangin can’t help to not brush off that bangs since it covers the angel’s flawless face. The angel makes a slight move and it shocks Kangin. Before the angel opens his eyes, Kangin sits up on his bed and sees his alarm clock, it’s still six in the morning, he has one and half hour to go to campus.

The angel opens his eyes and looks around, his eyes stop moving when it comes to Kangin’s profile. He sits up immediately then continues to stare at Kangin.

“Who are you..??” the angel asks, in English.

Kangin raises his eyebrow, can’t believe that this angel can speak, “I’m Youngwoon but you can call me Kangin.. and you, what are you..?” and this is Kangin as unusual, he never talked with stranger this gentle.

The angel seems surprise to hear Kangin’s words, he voices a smile, “are you Korean..?” he asks, in Korean this time.

Kangin does the same as he hears the Korean languange out of the angel’s mouth, “Yeah, I’m Korean, here is Korea infact.”

The angel widens his eyes, as he jumps from the bed to stare outside from the balcony door Kangin forgot to close, “is this really Korea..?” he asks with a lot of happiness inside his eyes. Kangin follows him.

“Yes, this is Korea, you know this place..?” Kangin starts curious about this angel.
“I know, I really want to come here..” he exclaims.

“Where do you from..?” Kangin asks with his eyes narrowing.

“There.” He answers innocently as he points toward the sky.

Kangin’s mouth opens with this answer, he approachs the man and stands beside him, “you really are an angel..?!?”

“Yes.” He answers that rhetoric question with the same expression.

Kangin feels his leg weakening, until he fall to the ground and let his back rest at the railing, “oh my God.. Heechul, you have a very wild thought!”

“Are you okay..?” the angel comes to cring beside him and stare at Kangin with that glistening eyes worry.

“I’m okay. Just, do you have a name..?” Kangin tries to calm his breath as he waits for the angel’s answer.

The angel seems to think hard about it, “umm, I think I prepare something, since this is Korea, then I named myself Jungsu, and.. the surname is, Park, so Park Jungsu isn’t that bad, I want Lee at first but my friend has took it.. oh God.. Sungmin, Donghae!!!!” he mocks in horror, and then covers his ears with his hands, he starts to sob.

“Hey, Jungsu.. Jungsu, who is Sungmin and Donghae??”

“Where are they..?! I don’t know where they are, I lost them when we reached atmosphere, I promise to hold their hand forever, but I lost them..” he cries again, louder this time, Kangin has to shut him up, because his parents still sleep, and they ever warned Kangin last time he took a boy to his room.

“Shh! Please, don’t cry too loud, my parents still sleep..”

“Help me to find Sungmin, he won’t be too far from me!! Please..” Kangin sees concern and worry in Jungsu’s eye, it seems this Sungmin guy means everything to him.

“I won’t unless you tell me everything about you..!”

Kangin runs within the campus to find Heechul this morning, and he catches him in the front of his class, have a talk with his girlfriend. However, it seems that the girl who always talks, Heechul just stares down to the floor. What happen with this kid again?

“Heechul!” Kangin calls from afar.

Heechul immediately excuses himself from the girl and runs to Kangin before Kangin reachs him instead.

“I have something to tell to you..!!” they says in unison.

Silent approachs them for a moment, “okay you go first..!” demands Heechul.

“um.. I.. I don’t think so, you first, please..!”

Heechul takes a deep breath before continuing, “you-won’t-ever-belive-this. an.. ehmm, an angel came to me last night..”

“What!!!! How it can happens..??!”

“I don’t know, I’m now afraid about my thought anymore-“

“Is he alright? Are the singes wide? Is his name Sungmin or Donghae..?”

Heechul stares at him with disbelief, “how can you know that he’s a man? He has singes? And who are Sungmin and Donghae? How can you… are you..”

“Yeah, that angel came to me also.. his name is Jungsu.. when he knew that he’s in Korea, he said he prepare a name for each country, this is irrasional, he also has some friends..!” Kangin also can’t believe this, he didn’t expected the other angel will come also to Heechul, “what’s his name?”

“I don’t know, he still sleep when I go..”

“So it can be Sungmin or Donghae.. I’ll come to your house this night to bring Jungsu to ‘your’ angel..” Kangin sigh deeply as he leans his shoulder to the window.

Heechul does the same, “did he tell everything..? I still can’t believe that he’s an angel, but his wings told me everything, it can’t be an ordinary human after all..”

“Yeah, he said he was giving up heaven and come to earth with his friends, they always watched human from the sky and admired our life, he liked tree and sea he said, since in the sky there weren’t. You found him naked, didn’t you?”


“Their clothes burned when they reach atmosphere, they fell without spread their wings cause they know it could’ve burned out, fortunately he had time to spread it a moment before he fell to the ground, to my balcony actually.. he cried when he mention this guy named Sungmin and Donghae, and another angel named Ryeowook that he wasn’t sure the said angel followed him or not.. the angel in your house, it must be one of that angels…”

Kangin and Heechul stare at each other, they remain like that for a long time until come a laughter, an awkward laughter actually, “do you have any idea how wild our imagination are, huh..?” Heechul says.

“Yeah, very-very wild, I also tried to call you a moment I found this angel.. thought how wild your thought were, but you didn’t pick up the phone..!”

“Oh.. my cellphone is at Shiwon place..”

“You make out with him again..?”

“Yeah, he needed it..!”

And for the second time they laugh again, feeling so fool about this whole thing. Far away, deep inside their heart, they wish this isn’t true, they wish this is only a dream. But happiness blocks it away for come to the surface.

“Jungsu..” Kangin peeks inside his bedroom and sees Jungsu stands in front of his mirror with his wings flapped, big and white (and must be soft; Kangin thinks).

“Hai..” Jungsu turn and smile that dimpled smile to Kangin and naked! It’s the second time Kangin sees Jungsu naked.

“Why are you still undress..?” Kangin opens his closet to search for some cloths.

Kangin question doesn’t make Jungsu moves from his place, it common with another angel, why Kangin so panic about this, “here.. wear this..!”

Jungsu pulls his wings in with slicked noise, it heard like that wings rubbing your flesh, before wear thw white shirt and white pants, it had to be Kangin’s tight pants, but that’s still too large in Jungsu, “do you have any other pants..?” asks Jungsu.

Kangin search for another pants, the pants he had from highschool maybe fit in Jungsu’s, that time Kangin still slim, but he only has his highschool’ trousers uniform, trousers with red and brown plaid. Jungsu wears that.

“I’ll bring you to my friend’s house, he had been fallen by an angel also..” Kangin said as he put his things out of his bag on his table.

Jungsu was very surprise to hear that, “really..?! Who is that..?”

“I don’t know, my friend didn’t have time to ask him the name.. he found him at his tree-house this morning..” Kangin answered, “let’s go.. we have to hurry before awkwardness kill Heechul and your friend, he reallycannot match with newcomer..!”

Then they drove to Heechul’s house with Kangin’s car. Jungsu never closed his mouth inside the car. He said he always wanted to ride, human was clever he thought, though they didn’t have wings, they had car to move. But Kangin found that a little ridiculous, though he also thought the same, even if angel didn’t have car, they have wings to move, it’s fair.

Fifty minutes later, he arrived Heechul’s extravagant house, “okay, we’re here..”

“Is Sungmin there..?” Jungsu asked innocently.

“no, I mean.. we don’t know yet, right..?” answered Kangin tiredly. Jungsu had been asking the same question within fifty minutes they were in the car.

When they reached Heechul’s door, Heechul approached them immediately with a lot concern on his face, “good you come early.. is this your angel..?” he pointed toward Jungsu. Kangin mumbled ‘yes’ but also annoyed with Heechul’s question. Jungsu’s not his angel, it meant, Kangin didn’t own Jungsu after all, was he..? or would he..?

“I need your help..” Heechul said as he immediately grab Jungsu’s wrist and ran to his room.

“What this all about..? What happened to him..?” Jungsu asked as he being dragged by Heechul.

“His wings are bleeding, and he is whimpering, he’s hurt, and I don’t know what to do..”

Then they reached Heechul’s bedroom, and there was the angel, lying face down on Heechul’s bed, “there.. I didn’t ask him any question yet.. I was panic..”

Jungsu ran towards the angel, and tiped the angel’s body over, and he suddenly mocked in shock, “you… how could you be here..!!???”



Plain Birthday
Theme:032. Roses
Character: Shindong/Shindong, Eunhyuk/Donghae
Rating: PG
Words: 2,439
What I'm Listening To: Someday – Do You Know
Eunhyuk lost for something he will give to Donghae but Donghae told Shindong that he didn’t want anything for his birthday from his boyfriend.

Shindong was walking to the kitchen to do his morning ritual, with still sleepy eyes, he didn’t sure what he sees. There, leaning against the refrigerator, Eunhyuk was drinking a carton of strawberry milk. It was still 8 AM in the morning, and Eunhyuk never woke that early.

“Eunhyuk, is that you?” Shindong asked hesitantly.

He startled, so he’s musing this whole time, Shindong thought, “oh, Shindong, you scared me..”

“Not me, it’s you who scaring me, why are you wake so early?” he asked again as he removed Eunhyuk from the refrigerator so he could open it and grab some snack from it, he couldn’t help his hunger in the morning, so that’s why he always wake up earlier before the other members.

Eunhyuk followed Shindong’s every movement before answered, “I didn’t have enough sleep last night, and until morning, I couldn’t sleep either.”

“Is there something bothering you?” Shindong frowned.

Eunhyuk sctrached his unitchy head, “uhm, yes, but not really..”

“What is it?”

“I think, I ran out of idea of what should I give for Donghae’s birthday this year,” he admitted.

“Oh, may I give you some options?” Shindong offered.

Eunhyuk smiled brightly, “yes, of course, go ahead.”

Shindong started to think, “how about necklace?”

“I don’t think so, I gave one to him when he’s 20.”

Shindong nodded, “bracelet?”

“When we still trainee, I gave him one.”


“He doesn’t use earrings.”


“I gave him two, last year and this valentine, it was diamond anyways.”

“Something like t-shirt or hat?”

“I never wait until his birthday to buy him those things.”

At that, Shindong sighed, “you gave too much to Donghae!” he said in defeat.

Eunhyuk chuckled, “I think about that also, hyung, but I still feel it’s never enough for reward what he had given to me.”


That afternoon Shindong was appointed by Eeteuk to take Donghae out cause the others will talk about Donghae’s birthday which is tomorrow. Donghae seemed dampish that day. So after bought something at the convenient store, Shindong take Donghae to the park also and they sit at a bench.

“You didn’t talk too much today, what’s wrong?” asked Shindong.

Donghae shook his head with pout.

“Come on, tell me, I don’t like you when you’re moody like this.”

Donghae sighed, “hyung, what will you give to me on my birthday?”

Shindong surprised with Donghae’s sudden question, “what? That’s a secret, I won’t tell you.”

The younger just nodded, “yeah, I know, I’m not forcing you to tell anyways.”

“Hey, what’s really happening?”

“Hyung, do you think you can ask for your birthday present by yourself to the others?” Donghae looked Shindong in the eye, hoping an answer from him.

“Sure, what do you want from me, I’ll give you?”

Donghae shook his head again, “no, not from you.”

“So from whom?”


“Oh, so why don’t you just tell him, he’s frantically looking for the right present for your birthday this year.” Shindong said easily.

“yeah, but hyung, I don’t want anything from him actually.”

“why not? he always wanted to give you something, he always gives you something on your birthdays anyways.” Shindong bewildered with Donghae’s words just now, how come he didn’t want anything from his beloved one.

“Because of that, I didn’t want anything this year. It’s not that I didn’t like what he’d given to me, I really love it, but lately, I think what if it become too much, and when it’s too much it will become excessive. I’m enough with just his love,” Donghae explained, “necklace,” he added as he held his necklace, “bracelet,” now his bracelet that he held, “diamond rings,” as he stared to his left hand and the diamond ring there was shining brightly, “and I can’t count how much little thing he gave to me, like t-shirt, hat, he also gave sunglasses’ to me.”

“Yeah, I understand now.”

“But I can’t tell him about this, he will think that I don’t appreciate his gift, and the worst is he will think that I refuse him and don’t love him anymore, I feel so awry..” Donghae cried, Shindong could tell he is so frustated beside depressed.

Shindong reached for Donghae’s shoulder and leaned him in deeper on his arm as Donghae started to sob, “you really don’t want anything from him?” Shindong asked to assure.

Donghae only nodded his head and Shindong started to think what should he does now.


Shindong and Donghae came to their apartment at 8 o’clock. Shindong saw that the member at his apartment was exact without the other members from the other dorm’s adding. It meant that the meeting has done – and Eunhyuk is not there but his own dorm downstairs – and he and Donghae could come in.

As soon as Donghae entered his own room that he shared with Eeteuk, Shindong go out of the dorm toward the other dorm. He glad just to find Eunhyuk opened the door for him.

“Hey hyung, what’s bring you here?” Eunhyuk asked as he let Shindong in.

“I just want to talk to you.” Shindong answered.

They walked the hallway to the dining room and found Kyuhyun and Sungmin eating some snacks there, “hi hyung,” they greeted in unison, “wanna try some?” Sungmin offered.

“oh yeah, thank’s” and he grabbed some from Sungmin and started to eat with them.
“hyung, you said you want to talk to me,” Eunhyuk said makes Shindong realize why he came here in the first place, the snack distracted him, Kyumin’s fault.

“Oh, I forgot, it’s about Donghae.”

Eunhyuk eyes narrowed but a concern painted in his face too, “I don’t think it’s a good news.”

“The other way, it’s a good news for you, I know what Donghae wants for his birthday,” Shindong explained.

Eunhyuk almost jumped from his seat, he smiled brightly to his hyung’s words, “really, what is that? I almost frustated, I’m out of idea, tell me hyung!” he shook Shindong’s shoulder.

“I’ll tell you, just stop!” Shindong exclaimed and Eunhyuk sat calmly again as he wait for Shindong to speak.

Shindong felt that he didn’t have the heart to tell Eunhyuk all of this. In the fact he also afraid if Eunhyuk will think what Donghae thinks. If Donghae didn’t tell Eunhyuk about this, then he will suffer, but if Donghae told Eunhyuk about this, the it’s Eunhyuk who suffer, but Shindong knew that he had to do this and explained to them wisely. Shindong sighed before spoke, “he didn’t want anything.” He said calmly.

Eunhyuk frowned, “what?!”

“He told me that he don’t want anything from you.”

“what the hell is that?!” Eunhyuk stood up angrily.

“Woah woah, Eunhyuk just calm down!” Sungmin hushed him. Eunhyuk sat down again on his chair as Sungmin asked a thing to Shindong, “is he really don’t want anything, I and Kyuhyun have prepared something for him instead,” Sungmin pouted.

“You guys don’t worry, he just don’t want present from Eunhyuk.”

“Oh, it’s very upseting,” Eunhyuk growled.

“Eunhyukkie, he does that not because he doesn’t love every single attention you gave, he very appreciate it, but you gave him too much, he afraids it will become excessive, he afraids that your love is being replaced by those things,” Shindong explained.

Eunhyuk buried his face on his hands and growled again, “but I have to, I have to give him something, if it just a little thing like ring.”

“what? You gave him ring?!!” Sungmin shocked by Eunhyuk’s confession and glared at Kyuhyun who tried to avoid his stare.

“It wasn’t a little thing, it was diamond, and you gave him two!” Shindong yelled, how come Eunhyuk said that that ring is a ‘little thing’.

“diamond?!” Sungmin mocked again, this time followed by Kyuhyun.

“You know, Donghae didn’t want that much, he like it when you gave him something, but you know, NOT THAT MUCH, okay, you got it!” Shindong tried to calm Eunhyuk who is now seems very frustated, while Kyuhyun nodded in agreement.

“But still, I have to give him something, can’t you understand? I can’t go through Donghae’s birthday without anything to give to. It’s frustating for me also, I’m anxious to give him something while he doesn’t want anything!” Eunhyuk said with, yeah exactly, frustated.

Shindong, Sungmin and Kyuhyun couldn’t do anything again, they knew Eunhyuk desire couldn’t be blocked by anything.

“I’ll prepare something for you, something you can give to Donghae tomorrow. I’m sure that you can’t think anything that ‘NOT THAT MUCH’ for Donghae’s birthday, but I do. I’ll call you tomorrow morning, okay?” Shindong patted Eunhyuk’s shoulder before leave.

With that, Shindong returned to his own dorm and began to think something ‘NOT THAT MUCH’ to give to Donghae – by Eunhyuk, of course – because he didn’t mean it when he said ke knows what to give to Donghae, just to make Eunhyuk take cooly again.


The next morning, without anyone knows Shindong quickly leave the dorm – without breakfast – and walked towards the street. Honestly, he still didn’t know what is something ‘NOT THAT MUCH’ he should take. There was many something cheap at the street, but Eunhyuk would feel down again, he definitely didn’t want to be a cheapskate especially for his own beloved man.

After almost an hour Shindong walked the street with empty stomach, he passed a flower shop and the idea popping out immediately. He called Eunhyuk, “yo Hyukkie, can you catch me up… yeah, I’m at the flower shop… just hurry!”

Not so long after, Eunhyuk came with his car, “hyung, do you find the right present?” he asked.

Shindong grinned at him, “yeah sure, you can give this to Donghae.” Shindong answered and handed Eunhyuk two handle of red roses.

“Hyung, it’s not valentine’s day.”

“Did in valentine’s day you give him roses?”

“yeah, along with the ring.”

“along with the ring, huh? And today you’re going to give him this rose without anything that much, okay, you want Donghae to be happy or not?”

“Of course hyung, okay then… I’ll give him these,” Eunhyuk said and headed towards the seller, “excuse me, can I have a bouquet of that roses?” Eunhyuk ordered.

“yes, how much handle do you want, sir?” the seller asked.

“hundred or two!” Eunhyuk said simply and received a hit on the head by Shindong. The seller widened her eyes, “what hyung?”

“’NOT THAT MUCH’ remember?!” Shindong sighed with Eunhyuk stupidity, “miss, just give him a handle of rose, wrap nicely, and give me a bouquet of 10 roses!” he ordered politely.

“hyung, I don’t think I can face Donghae with just a rose!”

“just do it!! Aish, you’re so hard to arranged(?)”

That night, everyone gathered on the dorm upstairs to celebrate Donghae’s birthday. A rather big birthday cake rounded by all members on the table, the light was off and the room only filled by candlelights. They sang ‘Saeng Il Chupka’ together before let Donghae to blow the candle out. After the lights on again, the members one by one gave Donghae their present. The door to the dorm opened and they saw the person who just opened it, it was Shindong.

“hyung, you didn’t here when I blew out the candles?” Donghae asked with pout on his lips.

“Oh yeah, sorry, I have to take care of something.”

Donghae just smiled and started to open the present he received. Shindong whispered something to Eunhyuk’s ears – who hadn’t give his present yet and just standing against the wall and wathced Donghae opens his present – and Eunhyuk eyes widened. He now had enough encouragement to give Donghae his present. Because the other presents was have so much different from his present. Kyuhyun and Sungmin’s was a couple mug with fishes picture in it. Heechul and Hangeng’s was a green giok they bought from China. Kibum’s was a wallet he bought from America. Yesung and Ryeowook’s was shark-tale’s miniature character. Leeteuk and Kangin’s was a pair of white shoes. Shiwon’s was Gucci tie. Even Shindong’s was a watch.

“hey Eunhyuk-ah, don’t you have present for Donghae?” Eeteuk asked.

“you should have.” Kangin added.

“urm.. I have some- uhm, a thing for you, Hae.” Eunhyuk said as he approached Donghae and stood in front of him. He gave Donghae the rose he had been holding for so long behind him.

Everyone didn’t say anything at first, surprised by Eunhyuk’s present to Donghae. Until Heechul spoke up, “don’t tell me you only have that rose on Donghae’s birthday?”
“yeah, it must be a diamond inside the bud!” Yesung followed.

Eunhyuk only stared deep into Donghae’s eyes as Donghae also surprised by Eunhyuk’s action so he hadn’t taken the rose yet, “no, it’s just a rose, without anything in it!”

Donghae exhaled, his eyes full with tears that ready to flow. He took the rose before hugged Eunhyuk tightly and whispered something between his sob, “thank’s, this is the best present I ever had!”

Eunhyuk sighed in relief and hugged Donghae back, “I should know from the first time, shouldn’t wait for Shindong-hyung to tell me what you want for your birthday. Actually, I didn’t want you to consider me as a cheapskate.”

Donghae released his embrace and grab Eunhyuk’s hand, “you know, this is the most expensive present I ever had!” after that, Donghae pulled Eunhyuk to him and kissed him deep. They remained like that for the next 30 seconds, and it would be more 30 seconds and more if Shindong didn’t threw them apart.

“don’t you know we’re hungry here, especially me!! so let’s just eat the cake already!” Shindong exclaimed to the whole dorm – much to the whole world –.

Eeteuk and Ryeowook immediately prepared some plates for them as Donghae cut the cake. He cut the cake bigger than usual and gave the first cut to Shindong.

“Hyung, thank you, today’s occurrence is because of you,” Donghae said brightly.
“You’re welcome, anything for you, as long as you didn’t make me spend the whole day without breakfast anymore! And… I’ve prepared something for you!” Shindong said.

Shindong and Eunhyuk exchanged glare and Eunhyuk smirk, “Hae, do you mind if I ask you to come with me?”

“I don’t, but the others? where are you going?”

“the other can wait.. I just take you to my room..”

Donghae didn’t say anything anymore as Eunhyuk drag him along to his dorm downstairs. When they reached Eunhyuk’s room, Donghae’s mouth gaped, he couldn’t hold back his amazement to the view before him. There, upon Eunhyuk’s bed, scattered much rose petals and on Eunhyuk’s dressing table are some handle of roses.




Words Count: 1,180

What I'm Listening To: Big Bang - My Heaven

When the angel fallen from heaven to some bad persons

Kangin is a student at SJ University, he still has another 2 years to settled his study in here and it annoyed him. Kangin used to be a playboy at highschool, and he was well-known as that character. But since he came to this university, he didn’t know how it can be this hard to have a date. He only has, what.. around ten girls (or boy lately) with him for 2 years, that’s a total jerk.

What most annoyed him is a guy named Kim Heechul. He shouldn’t have to be his best friend, but he did, since they were in highschool, Kangin and Heechul are well-known as the best playboy. They could have 3 dates in week, both of them, within 3 years at highschool.

This shining afternoon, Kangin walk at the corridor after his last class to go to the park where Heechul’s waiting for him. But he’s not in sight. Kangin find him at the farthest corner of the park, sitting on the park bench and kissing with a girl.

“Yah, Kim Heechul, you’re still on the school area, don’t you know that..?!!” Kangin yell at him.

The girl is very shock he’s been caught and pull out his lips from Heechul immediately, but Heechul still, “I’ll get you later, ok baby..!” say Heechul as he pinch her cheek. The girl walks away as soon as possible and passes Kangin with a blushed cheek.

Kangin take a sit beside him as Heechul fix his white blazer. Kangin take a pack of cigarette from his jacket pocket and put one outside before offering it to Heechul and he do the same. After they ignite it with Kangin’s lighter, Kangin remembers something and asks Heechul, “do I know that girl..?” then Kangin takes a sip of his cigarette, Heechul nods.

“I dated her 2 weeks ago.” he answers as he blows out some smoke from his mouth.

Kangin chuckles and soon it become a laugh, “your ability soon will fade, you know, take me as an example, that’s no matter.”

Heechul hit him hard at the shoulder, “it’s just because she confess to me again yesterday, and I can’t help for dating a man, they’re so… possesive.”

“But you’d never used someone for twice. And last month you break and back for thrice. Is that you Kim Heechul..??” Kangin laughs again.

“Just shut up..! Do you make this as a vengeance.. for gave you that little boy last time..?”

“Absolutely.. you know my interest with men is a certain interest, I have my type okay..!”

“But I still have more than you.. you picky!!”

“Just admit it, Chullie..!”

Heechul just shook his head, “do you come to the club tonight..?”

“No.. this is Thursday, I have to finish my paper for tomorrow.”

Heechul stare at him and laugh softly, “that’s why my Youngwoon can’t get many date because he’s too serious with that little brat named study..”

“Stop calling me that! And how about you, I’m sure my parents don’t want me to inherit their company –since we have no company,only 4 little restaurant-, but you do.. is that why you never search for a date anymore, since you have no time..?” Kangin asks matter-of-factly.

Heechul buries his head on the palm of his left hand, since the right still have his ignited cigarette, “I think so..”

Kangin put his hand on Heechul shoulder to comfort him, “yah, are you this vulnerable..?! Only for.. can’t have a date you wanted to..!?”

“NO! It’s not about that damn dates, you know…”

Kangin chuckles with that. That’s true, as his best friend, Kangin always know what happen with Heechul, every little thing he have and he do also, “I acknowledge that.. I know..!”

“You better do..!” Heechul sigh before adding, “I hope there’s a fallen angel for me, to protect me and my family,” he says as he stares at the blue sky.

“There’s an angel for everyone, Heechul.. but do we deserve to have it..? we have been known as a bad guy, and angel doesn’t come for a bad person..!” Kangin laugh bitterly.

Heechul glares at him, “this is why you’ve been avoiding to have many dates, isn’t you? You tries to be a good person.. I know your obsession of angel Youngwoon..! you always told me back when we were at elementary school, I don’t know how about at middle school, I wasn’t there with you, and when we met at highschool, you were absolutely forgot about that angel things… and now you remember it again..”

“Yeah, my mother retells me about that story when I first graduate from highschool. And you, why you all of sudden talk about these angels thing, I thought you didn’t have any interest back then, because you left Korea at middle school and infected me your habit in France at highschool..” Kangin smiles at the nostalgic moment. They’ve been friend since elementary school. Heechul was born from the precious family who has some big famous companies while Kangin’s parents owned 4 different restaurant.

“Because now I think you’re right with that. My family seems have to have more guard. And I think it can happen if I have an angel beside me.. but that can’t be..”

“We’re just human, Heechul..”

Heechul nods before he finishes his cigarette with one more sip and throw it under his shoe then turn it off with it, “now the problems in my family seem to come around like chains, one problem comes and before this one solves the other come and come again before it solves too.. and what can I do..? My father doesn’t let me to help him he wants me to finish my study first.”

“It comes again..?”


“How about Heejin-noona, she’s there right..?”

“Yeah she’s there, and she always comes to me to ask for my opinion, without father’s knowing for sure.” Heechul smiles with that, “she wants marrying someone, actually, she told me, that’s not count as problem, but I know that’s her problem and that’s becoming my problem now, when can I replace her position instead..?”

“She’ll do well..”

“I know, but I want she happy.. She also happy can help parents.. but.. I know she wanted another happiness..” Heechul looks very concern if he talks about his noona. Besides his free style, Heechul really loves his family it started one half years ago when his parents’ companies have a problem then the problems seems never ending until now. Heechul’s father didn’t let him to take care of, at last, one of their companies. He only have Heejin, Heechul’s older sister who’s been graduate two years ago, “I hope there’s someone who can help us, since I can’t, yet..”

“You only have to wait, to be patient, Chullie..”


[01] When You Love Your Friend

Title: When You Love Your Friend

Status: Prologue/?

Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kibum/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin

Rating: G? (for this chapter)

Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Genderswitch (many girls i n here :D)

Words: 890

Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

Lee Donghae had a boyfriend, he was really quiet, but had this kind of smile, that when he’s smiling, people around him will fainted due to too many flowers, and many people had experienced this. How come ? because you can see him everyday at magazine with famous designer clothes. Yeah, that’s the boyfriend, ex-boyfriend actually. Lee Donghae also had a bestfriend, he looks like a monkey, but he’s really good at dancing. Guess what to describe when this bestfriend is a choreographer for 2PM and SHINee?. That’s the bestfriend, but not ex-bestfriend, there’s no way a bestfriend can be ex.

Who is Lee Donghae ? she was a member of a 6 membered girlband, Sapphire, who came from a rather famous entertaintment. Yeah, if you compare her company with SM entertaintment, they will be drowned at a second. Her career started when she was 20, she was in charge for dancing, it’s not her voice was bad or something, but Ryeowook and Taeyeon had been in charge for the lead and main vocalist. She was also not in charge for goddess, because Kim Heechul and Jessica wouldn’t let her. So she and Hyeoyeon take the lead of dancing. They were success for the first two years with their two of five singles reached the best for sometimes. On the third, they slowly decreased by regeneration of entertainer. They barely reached the top for their singles anymore. The peak of their decrease is when Heechul had a car accident because of drunkeness and Hyeoyeon broke her ankle. After a week or so, Donghae locked herself on her apartment, there’s no news from her fellow members. She only received phonecall from Kibum, her boyfriend, and her mother to check on her condition. Infotaintment started to talk about Heechul’s addiction for alcohol, and it made all of things become worst. The rumours of Jessica tired of Heechul and want to leave the band, rumour about Taeyeon want to go solo, but much or less it was the truth. Then a week later, Heechul and Hyeoyeon had a medical treatment overseas but different country. Donghae couldn’t think of anything else beside her career that on the threshold of smashed. She went to her company, and her producer and manager told her that, there were no Sapphire anymore. Jessica declined her contract and Taeyeon accept her contract for solo.

Then, Lee Donghae left Seoul. She left her boyfriend, her kind and famous boyfriend. She thought Kibum only with her because she is an artist too, but not now, so she broke up with him. Lee Donghae went to England where her mother (her father has died 5 years ago) live with her brother who married a British girl two years ago. She left Seoul when she’s 24. Go back to five or seven years ago, she thought she’s forgetting something during her trainee, debut and artiste days. Her childhood. On the plane to England, she tried to forget her famous days, and thought about her time at elementary and high school day. She realize something very important, she forgot to tell her bestfriend about her departure.


Let’s talk about the bestfriend. The bestfriend has a name, Lee Hyukjae, but he called himself Eunhyuk since ten. Donghae and Eunhyuk are friend for forever, it’s said when they were 7, and also when they were 17. They bestfriended for everything, for playing, for dancing, for stealing (once, for stealing a data from headmasters office), for crying (cry on each other shoulders for broke up at the same time), for leaning, for loving (Eunhyuk really loves her fish, and she loves his dog too, that’s the love they had). They go to different college, Eunhyuk major in dancing and Donghae major in English, she had not much time for school because of her trainee days, they rarely called each other anymore. When Donghae debuted, Eunhyuk was at America, he congratulate her a month later.

Eunhyuk really like Donghae since 15 actuallly (after he broke up with his girlfriend and ended up embraced by Donghae for two hours), but he didn’t want to ruin their friendship. At seventeen when Eunhyuk want to tell her – just tell – that he liked her, she told him that their friendship is forever, and will never ruined by everything. Eunhyuk nodded and told himself to not thinking of Donghae being his girlfriend ever again. When they went to different path, distance and business seems slowly threw them apart. Eunhyuk really good at dancing, so when he’s 20 he went to America and get a teaching from professional dancer there, so when he came back to Korea, he got a contract as a choreographer for famous boybands.

Eunhyuk never had news from Donghae directly, he only see her at TV and sometimes come to her performances to see that she’s living live is good. On 23, Eunhyuk had to go to America again to met Rain and his new trainees, he asked Eunhyuk to be a trainer for his trainees. He didn’t know that this had to have three years, but he like America and decided to live there for a few years. But he realize on the next year of his live at America, that he forgot something very important, he forgot to tell his bestfriend about his departure one year ago.




Summary: When the angel have fallen from heaven to some bad persons.
Pairings: mainly!KangTeuk but it can change every part

Part 1:Patient (Kangin/Heechul) For 100 Fic Challenge. Prompt: 012. Chains, Heechul/Kangin
Part 2:Angel's Coming (Kangin/Eeteuk) For 100 Fic Challenge. Prompt: 001. Freefall, Eeteuk/Kangin
Part 3:Real Bad Person (Heechul/Heechul)For 100 Fic Challenge. Prompt: 010. Shiver, Heechul/Heechul
Part 4:Angel's Tears (Kangin/Eeteuk)
Part 5:Adorable Angel (Kyuhyun/Sungmin)

Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?
Pairings: EunHae, KiHae, EunMin, KyuMin

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
>Chapter 8

One Shot

Summary: Ryeowook has to hide it from Eunhyuk when he likes Yesung back.

Pairing: YeWook
Written For 100 Fic Challenge

Summary: Donghae told Shindong that he didn’t want anything for his birthday from his boyfriend, Eunhyuk.
Pairings: EunHae, Shindong-centric
Written For For 100 Fic Challenge. Prompt: 032. Roses, Shindong/Shindong

Summary: Shindong is the first one who carry Kibum to the hospital.
Pairings:(Character:)Kibum/Shindong, ninja!EunHae
Written For 100 Fic Challenge. Prompt: 041. Dance Practice, Kibum/Shindong

Summary: Hatred for the one you love.
Rating: R

Of Celebration, Love and Lust
Summary: Donghae and Hyukjae are newly wed and this is a proper celebration they will have.
Rating: NC-17