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[Oneshot] Hatred for the one you love

Title: Hatred for the one you love
Pairing: Kibum/Sungmin
Rating: R (for fighting)
Summary: Hatred for the one you love.
Warning: Violence
Words Count: 1,594
What I’m Listening To : After School – With U

He sees him standing there without hesitance. His body’s steady and very confident, but in his eyes this man still beautiful. He was his, they had each other, but Kibum don’t want it all just as a past, for this second he still feels that he owns this man who stand in front of him with a sturdy expression.

“oh, you come.. thank’s very much.” He says flatly. Kibum can see a smirk forming in his little lips eventhough this alley have not much light in the evening.

Kibum just returned that smirk with a smile and remove his hands which from the first he get out of his house he stucked at his jacket pocket then cross it in front of his chest, “I thought you’d never call, Sungmin…”

Sungmin imitate what he does and then shifts his weight to on of his foot, “you’ve got your warranty now…”

They walk closer to each other until close enough to be able to look each others eyes, “thank you… so should we start the game ?”

Sungmin frowns as he chuckles, “oh, and here I thought you didn’t like this kind of game, did you ?”

“yes I didn’t… I don’t either… if I can’t be sure that I’ll win the game.”


“I was...” Kibum reaches his hand to touch the beautiful man’s face in front of him. Oh, how he misses Sungmin. It’s not like all this years they don’t meet each other, they just can’t be this close. From the first time he saw Sungmin 5 years ago, he fell in love to this man easily, it was like Sungmin is meant for him, so then he can’t love another person again even when Sungmin had to leave him a year later. That man who did Kung Fu stole him from Kibum, how much Kibum would like very much to win Sungmin, he wouldn’t have him or he would have Sungmin’s dead body. So he gave up. Kibum does boxing for 3 years and he heard that Sungmin does martial arts. He knows that it’s for they sake, maybe someday Kibum can steal Sungmin again or Sungmin can knock his husband and be with him again. Obviously, the latter do it first. But when Kibum waited for Sungmin’s return, he never, and that time no one knows where Sungmin is. One year later, he got phonecall from Sungmin and he wants to fight.

Before Kibum can reach for Sungmin’s cheek, the latter has him pinned against the wall, “you were ? and I don’t know whether you still or not..”

“no I’m not…”

“then show me..!”

Sungmin step back from him, and before Kibum can do something to him, Sungmin has extended his leg using the force to propel him into a roundhouse kick towards his shoulder. Kibum falls to the ground and then feels his kicked shoulder. He looks up at Sungmin, and there’s no joking in his face, this is not a game.

As Kibum stands up again, Sungmin swings a punch. Kibum waves it aside and Sungmin failed to notice a leg makes fierce contact with his stomach. It hard till Sungmin thrown up to the other side of the wall. For a moment Sungmin tries to catch his breath before steadying his form again, “that’s a good beginning… let’s start this!”

Sungmin’s fist makes powerful contact with Kibum’s jaw. He heard a crack as Kibum falls to the ground. Kibum takes no time to stand up again and grabbed Sungmin’s arms and flips him towards the wall, but Sungmin can spin out of his hold and reversing it so he had Kibum’s arm twist back. Before Kibum sent to the wall again, he kicks the wall and pushes Sungmin backwards then his elbow hits Sungmin on his right cheek.

Sungmin falls with al loud thud on the ground. Kibum doesn’t give him chance to stand because he straddles Sungmin’s hip and pins his hands above his head, “you must have been very confident about winning this game…” Sungmin said and that smirk forms again.

Kibum just chuckles, “I think this position prove you right…”

“not anymore…” Sungmin used his free knee to kick Kibum’s back. Kibum is too surprise so he loosen his hold on Sungmin’s hands so Sungmin can push him away and punch his cheek again. When it will come to the second punch, Kibum step aside and tackles Sungmin to the ground again. He falls face first beside Kibum, and he takes this chance to lock Sungmin.

“I do wrestle too, you know…” Kibum said. Sungmin looks over his shoulder with narrowed eyes.
“but you forgot something…” Sungmin smirks again, “what ?” Kibum asked.

Sungmin uses his free hand to pull Kibum’s head hard so he once again loosen his hold, and now Kibum is the one who lay on the ground with Sungmin on top of him, “I’m flexible..”

From that moment, they come to catch their breaths again. They don’t say anything and just look each other’s face. Kibum can see that Sungmin’s cheekbone start to bleed due to his elbow’s force and Sungmin can see the blood on Kibum’s lips and bruise on his jaw. Sungmin grabs Kibum’s collar and crumples it up, so hard until Kibum can feel the hard tug on his chest.

“why you do this ?” Kibum asked.

Sungmin looks him in the eyes, “you make me…” and Kibum falls silent.

“was I that weak for you ?”

“you are… don’t you have a courage to bring me back to you ? you could have win, could have me again!!” Sungmin feels his tears betray him and ready to flow. He can’t cry after what he’s done to Kibum, the one he love.
“I could have… but I choose to not, I could have you again but just your body!”

“what do you mean ?!”

“I could have your dead body if I go against him..!”

Sungmin jerks at Kibum’s words. He doesn’t know all this things. What he knows is Kibum just leave until he knows that Sungmin forced to get married with another man, “so you choose to have me get all the torture from him and for letting you go ?”

“I choose to wait and gather all my strength to go against your husband, but it seems I’m late, although I’m ready already since the second year I’m not with you..” Kibum smiles up at him and Sungmin’s tears flow freely. Kibum wipes it away, “I’m here, you don’t have to worry anymore..”

“I’m sorry…”

“don’t be.. my fault for waiting too long! However, you did a good job, killed your own husband.”

Sungmin smiles wholeheartedly for the first time this night, Kibum can’t be happier than this. He pulls Sungmin towards him and collide their lips together. He can taste blood from it, but it doesn’t matter as long as they can be this close after 3 years be apart.

They pull away as they need air, “can we bring this inside ?” Kibum asked.
“what ?”

“your place or mine.”

Sungmin smile again before answering, “your place seems great compared to my gangster house.”
They made it to Kibum’s apartment. It really cozy and Sungmin can’t stop admiring this side of Kibum who likes simple and clean things. He missed this, he can’t have this kind of thing at his husband house.

Sungmin immediately searches for the bathroom so he can clean himself from this blood and dirt, but Kibum has led him to his bedroom and the bathroom inside. They clean each other under the shower and reveal their longing for each other. Kibum kisses him passionately as he hold him really close and Sungmin’s arms found their place behind Kibum’s neck.

“I miss you…” Kibum whispered on Sungmin’s ear then bites his earlobe eliciting a moan from Sungmin’s mouth as he did so.

Sungmin turns off the faucet and led Kibum to the bedroom despite their wet state. He lays on the bed and pulls Kibum on top of him. They kisses again this time more pasionate and be damned with patient. Kibum’s mouth makes contact with Sungmin’s jaw, neck and chest and soon Sungmin’s mind swims in pleasure.

They can’t be happier than to be able making love again. Their love becomes one again with their body tangling together like this. They can feel each other heartbeat to be in this closeness. They can feel the familiar warmth, the one that only it can make their live complete. Their moans swallow by each other mouth when the feeling of fullness comes to them. Kibum fills Sungmin with his uncounted love, trust, gentleness and sincerity. Nothing can compare the love they have for each other. Even many years apart, even death throws them apart next.

“I love you, Lee Sungmin…” he whispered as he feels their body will explode soon and Sungmin can’t help it, he burst into tears as he lets his pleasures take him. Not soon after, Kibum follows him into a great bliss.
Sungmin not letting Kibum go even when Kibum rolls to his side. He wraps his arms and legs on Kibum’s body and lays his head on Kibum’s chest, “I love you too, Kim Kibum…”

They sleep on each other’s embrace and nothing can separate them anymore beside death.

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[04] When You Love Your Friend

Title : When You Love Your Friend
Status : Chapter 3/?
Words Count : 2,753
What I'm Listening To : Super Junior - Sorry,Sorry Answer
Summary : Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

Eunhyuk couldn’t focus on what he does after Donghae’s visit that morning. That was always really weird, he never remember where he is, who is he with, what is happening, when his mind engulfed by Donghae. It was wrong, he was sure since he met Sungmin that he didn’t love Donghae anymore, but a little longing didn’t count, did it ?
He missed the girl so much he didn’t deny it, but he knew the fact that Donghae didn’t want to come soon and Sungmin was there when he needed love, she gave him everything so he could forget about the love he had for Donghae.
However, the hug said different thing. When Donghae in his arms, it felt as if his heart just opened off hand and the butterflies freely fly from its chamber to give a contagious feeling all over his body and ignited his mind for remembering again what he felt to the girl on his embrace. Donghae had come and he just had a feeling that she came for him.


“Donghae-unnie… ready for fitting ?” Jessica asked from otside the changing room. She and Donghae had just finished their practice and just about to go to Ryeowook’s house to try the bridesmaid’s gown.
“yeah, I’m coming…”
They rode with Jessica’s car and listening to Sapphire’s old song, when Jessica asked, “unnie.. have you found Eunhyuk-oppa ?” her eyes never left the road.
Donghae turned to her, thinking a little before answered, “oh.. yes, I’ve already met him. Thank’s to your manager oppa !”
Jessica looked at her from her eyelashes, “oh ? how is he ?”
“he’s… fine.” Donghae stared to the street outside the window and think a bit. Think, what was she thinking about actually, she didn’t know, every mention of him just made her stunned. She shouldn’t think, she thought, her bestfriend wasn’t a man who you can save in your mind and think about, he was someone you wanted to talk and brag about.
“unnie, are you okay ?” Jessica poked her. Then she noticed, they were at the traffic light.
“you frowned when you look outside.”
“did I ? oh, I’m okay.. really.”
Jessica just shrugged as she continued driving and Donghae back to stare at the street and tried not to frown.


They were at Ryeowook’s paviliun. Many kind of dress or gown in different colors scattered all over the couch or table. Ryeowook had already choosed her wedding dress, something simple but elegant that fit on her skinny figure and the bridemaids have to wear the same strapless dress with different sheer colors.
Donghae picked the baby blue dress from the couch while Jessica picked the pink one, followed with Hyoyeon who picked the cream, Taeyeon with the baby purple and Heechul with the red, since she was the maid of honor then she had to be differently clad.
A sound of engine came from outside the paviliun and Donghae who stood beside the window pulled the curtain and saw a man go out from the car.
“it’s Kyuhyun, isn’t it ? your fiance’s cousin.” Donghae said to Ryeowook who still in front of the mirror with Heechul fixing her here and there.
“oh, right.. he must have bring that thing. Can someone open the door ?” she said.
“I’ll do it.” Taeyeon walked to the door and opened it.
Donghae kept staring outside the window she noticed there was someone at the passenger’s seat of Kyuhyun’s car. It wasn’t her bussiness actually but the person reminded her to someone. The car’s door suddenly opened and a woman with leather jacket and black-skinny jeans that showed her curve came to the view. The woman also wore sunglasses and when she pulled it, it more than enough to recognize the face. She’s the one with pink pajama in Eunhyuk’s apartment, not to mention that Eunhyuk’s had introduced her as his girlfriend, but this woman really different from what she saw last time. She didn’t like a little girl as how Donghae descripted, and at that time she sure she really missed the girl’s fox-like eyes.
Donghae’s gaze to the woman she remembered named Sungmin tored away as she heard the door closed and Taeyeon carried a red box. She looked outside again as Kyuhyun walked to the car after received a glare from Sungmin, yes.. Donghae caught that glare, she knew when the girl rolled her eyes that she is upset. Why Sungmin upset, it really wasn’t her business.
So when Kyuhyun’s car out of view, Donghae asked a direct question to Ryeowook, “Ryeowook-ah.. do you know if Kyuhyun has a girlfriend ?”
Everyone in the room stopped their activity and gave a suspicious look at her, “what ?”
Donghae caught Heechul’s smirk as she said, “don’t tell me you already fall for someone, you just come back five days ago, Hae-ah!”
Donghae frowned and get slightly annoyed, “no… I’m just… asking, for I see he brings a girl here.”
“oh, she’s ‘maybe’ his girlfriend, I don’t know, but Yesung-oppa always said that if Kyuhyun can’t be called, he must be with his girlfriend…” Ryeowook finally answered.
Donghae didn’t say anything she just stared at nothing ahead and frowned for a couple seconds.
“unnie, you’re frowning again.” Jessica stated.
She turned to Jessica, “what ?”
“you’re always frowning when you’re thinking, and as we know, it never be a good thought…”
“why ?” Donghae asked unconciously.
“because you’re frowning, from our ride here until now… what are you thinking about, unnie ?”
Donghae sighed, the girls never change a bit, they still know each other well, even they slight behavior, they would know, and she couldn’t hide it from them, “nothing… I’m just thinking about.. uhm, well, Kibum.” And why that name came out from her mouth, she didn’t know. She was just, she wasn’t ready to tell them about her thought about Eunhyuk, though she wasn’t even sure yet what she felt about it, well, as the girls said, it couldn’t have been a good one. And it’s also because if she just answered with ‘no, nothing’ they wouldn’t believe it no matter what.
Then from that came a whoop, a glare, a gasp and an opened mouth from each of them and this certain infamous smirk, “I knew it…” Heechul stated, “you still love him, don’t you?”
Donghae opened her mouth to say ‘no’ but it wouldn’t come out, though it wasn’t the truth it wasn’t a lie either, but the feeling that kept linger about Eunhyuk has made it complicated and now the thought of Eunhyuk’s girlfriend with another man made it all really tousled.
Donghae sighed before answered, “it’s not like that…” she picked her phone, “I need to make a phonecall!”
She walked outside without noticing every glare from her friends. She dialled Eunhyuk’s phone number. Three tone it required until Eunhyuk himself picked the call, “hello?”

“Hyuk.. it’s me!” ‘me’ okay, it’s my first time to call him after 3 years and I just say ‘me’ I wondered if he still recognize my voice.

“oh, Hae.. what’s up ?”

Thank’s God!

“umm.. I just wondered if you have time for we to catch up sometimes ?”

“ah! Yeah, I’m sorry I’ve been busy so I don’t have a chance to ask you first. But, I think tonight I’m free..”

“great, can we just meet at that bar we used to come to at 8, I’ll wait for you..!”

“okay, I’ll be there..”

“thank you!”


Donghae arrived at the bar at 7.45 PM. The bar wasn’t that big and here wasn’t the bar with famous people in it – not like the bar Donghae always visit with her friends – but it didn’t matter anymore, she wasn’t that famous now eventhough the news about her comeback started spreading itself.

She sat at one of the bar stool, waiting for Eunhyuk there as she ordered a drink to a bartender. She recognized him, she thought, “Kangin-oppa…!!?”

The bartender saw her and furrowed his eyebrow, “Donghae ?!”

“oh, it’s really you..” she chuckled, “…how are you ? you work here ?”

“yeah, I’ve been working here for 2 years now… hey, what are you doing here ?”

“I’m meeting someone… ah, how about Eeteuk-oppa, he’s fine right ?”

The bartender named Kangin’s eyes sparkled as Donghae mentioned the name, “he’s fine, really… and we lived together at his apartment now. He was really happy when he heard you’ve comeback…”

Donghae grinned, “that’s good.. and I want to meet him, is he still work as manager..?”

“no, but he’s still work at the company tough…”

As they continued to talk, Eunhyuk came at 8.10 PM, “hi, Hae.. sorry I’m late…!”

“no problem though, I have a good companion… Hyuk, this is Kangin-oppa, oppa this is Hyukjae…”

Eunhyuk held out his hand and Kangin shook it with his big and strong hand, “hi, nice to meet you.”

Kangin smiled, “nice to meet you too. Okay, guess I’ll leave you two.. have fun!”

Eunhyuk returned that smile as Kangin left them, “what’s that oppa to you ?” he asked Donghae.

“oh, he is my used-to-be manager Eeteuk-oppa’s boyfriend…”

Eunhyuk’s mouth performed an ‘o’ shape before ordered a drink to random bartender, “so… Hae, what brings you to meet me ?”

Donghae smiled sweetly at him and Eunhyuk very happy to receive such a smile again, “I want to meet you because I want to have a talk with you about us… we know that we missed a few years back”.

Eunhyuk smiled back at her and looked her in the eyes before answering, “I’m glad you’re back…”

“I’m glad I can meet you again…”

Eunhyuk tapped Donghae’s head and she felt relieve at the touch, it was really familiar and she really missed every of it, it was like an age Eunhyuk didn’t touch her like that anymore, “so… what you want to talk about us, started with you ?”

Donghae thought a little about it, “err.. I don’t know, you know what my life at England was, it was simple.. I think it’s you who had an ‘extraordinary’ life as I left.”

Eunhyuk chuckled, “extraordinary ? I thought what an extraordinary life is when you can live in your dream.”

“isn’t this your dream ?”

“erm.. well, when I think of it, it’s not exactly…”

“why…? Your dream was becoming a dancer and now you are a professional choreographer and you work at it so you can make money from it. Your dance is known by everyone at this country, and… you have a beautiful girlfriend”. Donghae felt like choking at her own words, but it’s something she’s said, she should never regret it.

Eunhyuk chuckled again but this time with his eyes anywhere but Donghae. He sipped his drink, “it sounds great, doesn’t it ? what you said… yeah, it’s great, I feel it too… but don’t you think, in your perfect life sometimes you feel like something’s missing ?”

Donghae frowned, it wasn’t an answer she expected to be. She has known Eunhyuk for almost 20 years, they know each other’s life and each other dreams. This is he, this is what he was dreaming of and it comes true, “what is it ? what is missing in your life ?” she asked, really wanted an answer.

He smiled that heartfelt smile and looked Donghae in the eyes. Then, he grabbed Donghae by wrist, “come dance with me!” Eunhyuk pulled Donghae to the dancefloor not caring of her protest.

They come face to face on the middle of the dancefloor. The music made Donghae stop struggling and try to follow the movements Eunhyuk made. They moved in sync together until there was no space between, and Donghae grinded her short-clad hips to Eunhyuk’s. It really felt like an old day when they were free to go where they want to go and this place is one of them. Maybe about ten years ago when they just supported each other to chase the other dream, and this place had been their witness. However, this place also had been the one of the forgotten things on those ten years.

But, overruled her guilty because she had forgotten, Donghae feel this time she could complete herself, she could fulfill the feeling of longing for Eunhyuk. They earned to feel again how likely was accompanying each other when they are lonely.

The music started to change to something slower. Without she realized it, Eunhyuk had turned Donghae so her back flat with Eunhyuk’s front. Donghae gasped when Eunhyuk grab her waist and pulled her flush to him. She also had to bit back a moan escaped her lips when she felt Eunhyuk’s right hand come to curl around her stomach until it met the left. Her shocked not end up just like that because Eunhyuk had nuzzled his head to Donghae’s neck and his breath was so warm under her ear.

That’s a very rare occasion. They could count it with finger how many times it happened. Eunhyuk usually never had a passion to dance a slow rhytm, but it didn’t mean he didn’t know a waltz. He’d dance if it used much of his energy, he said. So, it was another something different from this guy Donghae knew, she barely knew anymore.

“don’t you ever leave, again.” He said right in Donghae’s right ear.

Donghae answered by tangling her own hand on Eunhyuk’s, made him hold tighter and leaned her head on Eunhyuk’s shoulder. She could smell Eunhyuk’s soft scent clearly now, it still strawberry but now it mixed with something woody, and in turned Eunhyuk sunk his nose to the skin right between her neck and shoulder and it linger more than long enough there before he replaced it with his mouth and then nose again.

Donghae felt there’s something wrong with this yet so right. She missed Eunhyuk, but these things were not what she missed, she never did yet felt this way with Eunhyuk before, so why did she feels so eager with this ?. Donghae subconsciously reached Eunhyuk’s head with her hand and carresed it softly and they had to close their eyes to really feel each other’s touch.

They stayed like that until the music change again half an hour later and Eunhyuk had an urged to release her but not completely because he grabbed Donghae’s hand before they made an exit from the bar after took their own coat. Eunhyuk led them to the parking lot with eyes anywhere but each other. It felt strange to see each other again with the same after what happened.

“you brought your car ?” Eunhyuk asked, eyes to the ground.

“no, I don’t have one yet.”

Eunhyuk finally turned to her, surprised, “oh, so you go by taxi all this time ?”

Donghae shrugged, “sometimes, because Jessica always pick me up to practice… I just come to Korea no longer than a week ago, remember.”

“okay, so I have to send you home tonight, this is the chance I get to know your house.” Eunhyuk offered. Donghae nodded and send him a smile. He smiled back and it melted her heart, since…?

On the way to Donghae’s apartment they didn’t chat much but the silence wasn’t uncomfortable for them to have. In the middle of it, Eunhyuk received a phone call and it was from his girlfriend, Donghae knew because she really remembered the girl’s nickname, Min. She must be asking where he was for he said “I’m on the way home…” and why he had to lie, she didn’t really pay attention to it but also couldn’t stand the smile from forming on her lips. She continued listening to the conversation – and guessing what Sungmin must had said – as Eunhyuk said in surprised, “oh.. you are..??!” maybe Sungmin just said that she was at Eunhyuk’s apartment because the next sentence was, “oh, I’m sorry… just wait there, okay… yeah, bye!”

They come to a silence once more until they arrived in front of Donghae’s apartment building, “okay, I have to go now, see you later…” Donghae managed to say though she didn’t want this night come to an end.

Donghae leaned in to Eunhyuk and kissed his cheek, but when she wanted to pull away, she felt a hand at the back of her neck so she couldn’t let it go and the next thing she knew, Eunhyuk lips pressed to her in a very gentle way.

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Yang Kemarin

tidak ada cinta
yang ada hanyalah perasaan bahwa;
aku akan menghabiskan sisa hidupku dengan orang ini!

'i want to dream the rest of my life with you'

Yang kemarin adalah titik balik perasaan
Yang kemarin adalah akhir dari perasaan hampa
Yang kemarin adalah awal dari logika...
Yang sekarang;
aku percaya bahwa mencintai dengan LOGIKA itu ada!!


Addicted by Kelly Clarkson

It's like you're a drug
It's like you're a demon I can't face down
It's like I'm stuck
It's like I'm running from you all the time
And I know I let you have all the power
It's like the only company I seek is misery all around
It's like you're a leech
Sucking the life from me
It's like I can't breathe
Without you inside of me
And I know I let you have all the power
And I realize I'm never gonna quit you over time

It's like I can't breathe
It's like I can't see anything
Nothing but you
I'm addicted to you
It's like I can't think
Without you interrupting me
In my thoughts
In my dreams
You've taken over me
It's like I'm not me
It's like I'm not me

It's like I'm lost
It's like I'm giving up slowly
It's like you're a ghost that's haunting me
Leave me alone
And I know these voices in my head
Are mine alone
And I know I'll never change my ways
If I don't give you up now

It's like I can't breathe
It's like I can't see anything
Nothing but you
I'm addicted to you
It's like I can't think
Without you interrupting me
In my thoughts
In my dreams
You've taken over me
It's like I'm not me
It's like I'm not me

I'm hooked on you
I need a fix
I can't take it
Just one more hit
I promise I can deal with it
I'll handle it, quit it
Just one more time
Then that's it
Just a little bit more to get me through this
I'm hooked on you
I need a fix
I can't take it
Just one more hit
I promise I can deal with it
I'll handle it, quit it
Just one more time
Then that's it
Just a little bit more to get me through this

It's like I can't breathe
It's like I can't see anything
Nothing but you
I'm addicted to you
It's like I can't think
Without you interrupting me
In my thoughts
In my dreams
You've taken over me
It's like I'm not me
It's like I'm not me