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[Oneshot] Hatred for the one you love

Title: Hatred for the one you love
Pairing: Kibum/Sungmin
Rating: R (for fighting)
Summary: Hatred for the one you love.
Warning: Violence
Words Count: 1,594
What I’m Listening To : After School – With U

He sees him standing there without hesitance. His body’s steady and very confident, but in his eyes this man still beautiful. He was his, they had each other, but Kibum don’t want it all just as a past, for this second he still feels that he owns this man who stand in front of him with a sturdy expression.

“oh, you come.. thank’s very much.” He says flatly. Kibum can see a smirk forming in his little lips eventhough this alley have not much light in the evening.

Kibum just returned that smirk with a smile and remove his hands which from the first he get out of his house he stucked at his jacket pocket then cross it in front of his chest, “I thought you’d never call, Sungmin…”

Sungmin imitate what he does and then shifts his weight to on of his foot, “you’ve got your warranty now…”

They walk closer to each other until close enough to be able to look each others eyes, “thank you… so should we start the game ?”

Sungmin frowns as he chuckles, “oh, and here I thought you didn’t like this kind of game, did you ?”

“yes I didn’t… I don’t either… if I can’t be sure that I’ll win the game.”


“I was...” Kibum reaches his hand to touch the beautiful man’s face in front of him. Oh, how he misses Sungmin. It’s not like all this years they don’t meet each other, they just can’t be this close. From the first time he saw Sungmin 5 years ago, he fell in love to this man easily, it was like Sungmin is meant for him, so then he can’t love another person again even when Sungmin had to leave him a year later. That man who did Kung Fu stole him from Kibum, how much Kibum would like very much to win Sungmin, he wouldn’t have him or he would have Sungmin’s dead body. So he gave up. Kibum does boxing for 3 years and he heard that Sungmin does martial arts. He knows that it’s for they sake, maybe someday Kibum can steal Sungmin again or Sungmin can knock his husband and be with him again. Obviously, the latter do it first. But when Kibum waited for Sungmin’s return, he never, and that time no one knows where Sungmin is. One year later, he got phonecall from Sungmin and he wants to fight.

Before Kibum can reach for Sungmin’s cheek, the latter has him pinned against the wall, “you were ? and I don’t know whether you still or not..”

“no I’m not…”

“then show me..!”

Sungmin step back from him, and before Kibum can do something to him, Sungmin has extended his leg using the force to propel him into a roundhouse kick towards his shoulder. Kibum falls to the ground and then feels his kicked shoulder. He looks up at Sungmin, and there’s no joking in his face, this is not a game.

As Kibum stands up again, Sungmin swings a punch. Kibum waves it aside and Sungmin failed to notice a leg makes fierce contact with his stomach. It hard till Sungmin thrown up to the other side of the wall. For a moment Sungmin tries to catch his breath before steadying his form again, “that’s a good beginning… let’s start this!”

Sungmin’s fist makes powerful contact with Kibum’s jaw. He heard a crack as Kibum falls to the ground. Kibum takes no time to stand up again and grabbed Sungmin’s arms and flips him towards the wall, but Sungmin can spin out of his hold and reversing it so he had Kibum’s arm twist back. Before Kibum sent to the wall again, he kicks the wall and pushes Sungmin backwards then his elbow hits Sungmin on his right cheek.

Sungmin falls with al loud thud on the ground. Kibum doesn’t give him chance to stand because he straddles Sungmin’s hip and pins his hands above his head, “you must have been very confident about winning this game…” Sungmin said and that smirk forms again.

Kibum just chuckles, “I think this position prove you right…”

“not anymore…” Sungmin used his free knee to kick Kibum’s back. Kibum is too surprise so he loosen his hold on Sungmin’s hands so Sungmin can push him away and punch his cheek again. When it will come to the second punch, Kibum step aside and tackles Sungmin to the ground again. He falls face first beside Kibum, and he takes this chance to lock Sungmin.

“I do wrestle too, you know…” Kibum said. Sungmin looks over his shoulder with narrowed eyes.
“but you forgot something…” Sungmin smirks again, “what ?” Kibum asked.

Sungmin uses his free hand to pull Kibum’s head hard so he once again loosen his hold, and now Kibum is the one who lay on the ground with Sungmin on top of him, “I’m flexible..”

From that moment, they come to catch their breaths again. They don’t say anything and just look each other’s face. Kibum can see that Sungmin’s cheekbone start to bleed due to his elbow’s force and Sungmin can see the blood on Kibum’s lips and bruise on his jaw. Sungmin grabs Kibum’s collar and crumples it up, so hard until Kibum can feel the hard tug on his chest.

“why you do this ?” Kibum asked.

Sungmin looks him in the eyes, “you make me…” and Kibum falls silent.

“was I that weak for you ?”

“you are… don’t you have a courage to bring me back to you ? you could have win, could have me again!!” Sungmin feels his tears betray him and ready to flow. He can’t cry after what he’s done to Kibum, the one he love.
“I could have… but I choose to not, I could have you again but just your body!”

“what do you mean ?!”

“I could have your dead body if I go against him..!”

Sungmin jerks at Kibum’s words. He doesn’t know all this things. What he knows is Kibum just leave until he knows that Sungmin forced to get married with another man, “so you choose to have me get all the torture from him and for letting you go ?”

“I choose to wait and gather all my strength to go against your husband, but it seems I’m late, although I’m ready already since the second year I’m not with you..” Kibum smiles up at him and Sungmin’s tears flow freely. Kibum wipes it away, “I’m here, you don’t have to worry anymore..”

“I’m sorry…”

“don’t be.. my fault for waiting too long! However, you did a good job, killed your own husband.”

Sungmin smiles wholeheartedly for the first time this night, Kibum can’t be happier than this. He pulls Sungmin towards him and collide their lips together. He can taste blood from it, but it doesn’t matter as long as they can be this close after 3 years be apart.

They pull away as they need air, “can we bring this inside ?” Kibum asked.
“what ?”

“your place or mine.”

Sungmin smile again before answering, “your place seems great compared to my gangster house.”
They made it to Kibum’s apartment. It really cozy and Sungmin can’t stop admiring this side of Kibum who likes simple and clean things. He missed this, he can’t have this kind of thing at his husband house.

Sungmin immediately searches for the bathroom so he can clean himself from this blood and dirt, but Kibum has led him to his bedroom and the bathroom inside. They clean each other under the shower and reveal their longing for each other. Kibum kisses him passionately as he hold him really close and Sungmin’s arms found their place behind Kibum’s neck.

“I miss you…” Kibum whispered on Sungmin’s ear then bites his earlobe eliciting a moan from Sungmin’s mouth as he did so.

Sungmin turns off the faucet and led Kibum to the bedroom despite their wet state. He lays on the bed and pulls Kibum on top of him. They kisses again this time more pasionate and be damned with patient. Kibum’s mouth makes contact with Sungmin’s jaw, neck and chest and soon Sungmin’s mind swims in pleasure.

They can’t be happier than to be able making love again. Their love becomes one again with their body tangling together like this. They can feel each other heartbeat to be in this closeness. They can feel the familiar warmth, the one that only it can make their live complete. Their moans swallow by each other mouth when the feeling of fullness comes to them. Kibum fills Sungmin with his uncounted love, trust, gentleness and sincerity. Nothing can compare the love they have for each other. Even many years apart, even death throws them apart next.

“I love you, Lee Sungmin…” he whispered as he feels their body will explode soon and Sungmin can’t help it, he burst into tears as he lets his pleasures take him. Not soon after, Kibum follows him into a great bliss.
Sungmin not letting Kibum go even when Kibum rolls to his side. He wraps his arms and legs on Kibum’s body and lays his head on Kibum’s chest, “I love you too, Kim Kibum…”

They sleep on each other’s embrace and nothing can separate them anymore beside death.

A/N this is my first time writing fighting scene. forgive me please...!

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  1. nice~! I couldn't even write a fighting scene XD so I think you did a great job~!