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[Oneshot] Quiet Places

Theme : 016. Quiet Places
Pairing : Yesung/Ryeowook
Rating : PG-13
Current Music : FT Island – Until You Return.
Words Count : 2,134
Summary : Ryeowook has to hide it from Eunhyuk when he likes Yesung back.

Ryeowook is on his first year in SM University, he takes a major on music. He lives with 2 friends at the same dorms which is lived by them for almost 3 years since highschool. Ryeowook’s life is for music, and music is for him, it seems like he can’t live without music, isn’t it ? but that’s Ryeowook, he wants someday can teach people about another side of music, ‘spirit generator’. Yes, Ryeowook’s is a person that cheerful, full of happiness, always has bright smile, melodic laughter, and the cutest person that ever exist (although people always compare him to Sungmin).

“Ryeowookie, do you have any interest on man..?” Sungmin asks one night at their dorm, and Ryeowook chokes at that.

“What do you mean..?” he raises an eyebrow, indicating a question ‘why are you ask that at a sudden?’

Before Sungmin can answer, Eunhyuk comes and grab something from behind Sungmin, “no, Sungmin..! don’t tell me you will give this to Wookie.”

Ryeowook can see the white letter on Eunhyuk’s hand which is before on Sungmin’s hand, “of course not.. so I asked him first, if he has an interest at man or not..” Sungmin argues.
Ryeowook stands up from his seat and approach the two, “hyung, what’s that..?”

Sungmin and Eunhyuk look at Ryeowook, Eunhyuk shook his head lightly (so light so the other two can’t see it) but Sungmin opens his mouth, “a letter for you, from a man..”

“Sungmin!” Eunhyuk yells and looks Sungmin in disbelieving.
“And why don’t you just give it to me..?”

“Because I want to ask you first if you-”

“yes, I have an interest of a man, so can you give it to me..?”
“no, I won’t, I don’t care if you like man…” but Eunhyuk stills, he won’t give that letter to Ryeowook, it makes Ryeowook more curious with his friends behave and that letter.

“Why.. why CAN’T I have that..? what’s wrong with you two, if you WON’T give that to me, then why YOU show that to me in the FIRST PLACE!”

Sungmin and Eunhyuk frightens at Ryeowook’s sudden behave, they never saw Ryeowook this bold before, covered with anger, “be-because, this letter is from Yesung..!” Eunhyuk speaks at least.

Ryeowook is so surprise to hear that, who doesn’t know that litte-brat Yesung. He always has problem with the professor due to his delinquencies. Every student afraid with his sharped eyes and cold faces. He never smile to everyone and Ryeowook once told Eunhyuk and Sungmin since they in the same class with Yesung, ‘whenever I see him, I always frozen’ (that ‘frozen’ means cold with the real meaning, hypoterm, chilled) and Ryeowook didn’t like it. He likes being warm.

Then with some pleas from Ryeowook cute face, Eunhyuk gives that letter to him, “but Wookie, whatever that man say to you, don’t be with him.. he’s freak, you know that, right?” Eunhyuk says with concern all over his face.

Ryeowook nods and take the letter with him to his room and reads it there :

It’s me, Yesung. I know you know me, who doesn’t, right? One thing that crossed into my mind when I decided to write this letter for you is, ‘I hope Eunhyuk will send this to you’.
Okay, I want you to know that I have been following you this whole month, I know that you don’t like me, because I heard you say that a few times ago. I want to talk to you, actually. Can we have a talk..?

Then the letter ends just like that, how can I have a talk with you? Eunhyuk told me not to be with you. It means impossible to talk with you, stupid. Ryeowook curses the letter before sleep.


The next day, after classes, Ryeowook goes to Sungmin and Eunhyuk class to have lunch together. He peeks inside the class, still many students in there before he sees the two. He also notices, there, on the back row, sits Yesung, and he’s managing his thing into his backpack without much expression and seems careless about the other. Yesung catches his gaze in the doorway, and Ryeowook jumps, then after putting his things, he walks to Eunhyuk when he ready to go. Ryewook can’t hear the conversation but it seems fierce. Eunhyuk points his finger to Yesung’s chest until it touched, makes Yesung slightly jerk backwards. Without any word again, Eunhyuk immediately approaches Ryeowook and drag him far away from his class.

“What was that for..?” Ryeowook asks as they arrive at the cafetaria, “what did he say..?”

Eunhyuk sighs, “it was for you, and he said ‘did Ryeowook ask something to you?’ and I said ‘no.. I didn’t even give the letter, you don’t deserve to have him!’ just that!”

Ryeowook looks surprises to hear that word coming from Eunhyuk, how can he? Why is he? But it can never out from Ryeowook’s mouth. Why Eunhyuk becomes like this?, “but I saw him speak twice and you only once, what did he say again..?”

Eunhyuk looks at him, the fierce seems gone now, “oh that.. I didn’t hear that clearly, but I think he talked about, Professor Park’s extension building and 3 PM, it’s nothing, right, he’s freak afterall, his words never makes sense..”

Ryeowook wanders about Yesung’s words. He’s sure, it’s related to the letter, but how can Yesung enters the building? Why Yesung picks that place? It’s spooky in there, though Ryeowook never comes there before.

“Ryeowook-ah!” Eunhyuk calls, Ryeowook hope he doesn’t know what he wanders about, “what did Yesung write..?”
Eunhyuk seems serious, Ryeowook knows, if he tells Eunhyuk about the letter, Eunhyuk won’t lose Yesung. He hates Yesung, Ryeowook knows now, “it’s the same with the other love-letter, uhm.. fluffy words, romance content, full of love, yeah.. something like that, you know..”

Eunhyuk shudders, “it’s repulsive, isn’t it, he’s freak..”


After Ryeowook pretends that he still have schedule today to Eunhyuk and Sungmin, he’s back to campus again and goes toward the backside of the building and he finds that place, Professor Park’s extension building. It’s not that spooky, Ryeowook think, but it’s darker indeed because there’re many trees and the sunlight closed by the high building around it.

Ryeowook looks down at his watch, it’s 3 PM already. He decides to knock the door but it’s already open, “hello..” he calls but no answer, yeah, here’s the spookiness coming..

Ryeowook goes more to the inside then cathces a shadow from one of the room. He calls again, “hello..!” then he jumps when he hears something fall, like sawn timber(?), and he surprises when Yesung opens the door.

“Ryeowook!” Yesung more shocks to see Ryeowook stands in front of him, “why are you here..?”

Ryeowook bends his brow and gives Yesung a questioned look, “I thought you want to talk to me.”

“Oh, how can you? You received my letter?”

Ryeowook nods then notice Yesung smiles, but it’s just a little smile that not remain for long, “then what will you talk about?”
“Oh, it’s just… uhm.. I-I just.” Yesung stutters. Ryeowook finds it cute when he sees Yesung stutters like that. And that cold face, little by little fade. Ryeowook gives his best smile to Yesung and he seems more lose for words.

“I think Eunhyuk won’t like this.. I have to go then, if you have no more to talk..” Ryeowook says, half-lied.

“No, wait. I-I just want to say, if-if you can go out with me..”
Go out…?! Date..? yeah, he means that.. why all of a sudden that punk want to go out with me..? “I don’t think Eunhyuk will like that either..”

Dissapointed, it’s all now written at Yesung’s face, “why..? why Eunhyuk always counted in this.”

Ryeowook smiles again, it’s rare to see many different kind of Yesung’s expression since the man only have one expression from other to see, cold.

“Why are you smiling?” now Yesung’s has that pouted lips, it’s charming Ryeowook thinks. Ryeowook laughs now, and Yesung gives him a confused look, “now you’re laughing.”

When Ryeowook can’t restraint his laughter, he walks into the room and sits on the only chair there, “but I think I can hide it from Eunhyuk.” He said when he calms from his unbearable laughter.


Ryeowook thought, Yesung would take him to any places that are made about date, you know, something like amusement park, department store and so on. However, he just took him to somewhere quiets, like flowerbed, valley, grove… yes, grove, there Yesung confessed to Ryeowook about his feelings after three times they go out together.

“Ryeowook-ah.” Yesung said that made Ryeowook surprised.
“How come you call me like that?”

“I just want you to know that I care about you, I like you.”
Ryeowook could feel his heart is beating rapidly at that time, but instead of responsed, Ryeowook just said, “you should have better places to confess, you know.”


“You confess to me at the forest, it’s not romantic at all, you don’t have any sense of love, do you?”

“This is not a forest, it’s just a grove and we don’t even enter it yet, and thank you, you have answered me, bye!” and then with annoyed and crestfallen, he turned on his heels and made a move to go.

“I haven’t answered you yet, I just don’t like the place, but I didn’t say I don’t like you.” Ryeowook said made Yesung turned around again to face him with surprised.

“Are you sure?”

“I think so, as long as you get me out of here..”

Then without any words, Yesung grab Ryeowook’s wrist for the first time and bring him up to another places, but still, quiet.
“I don’t like crowd.” Yesung said one day, it’s enough to explain why Yesung always take Ryeowook to those kind of places.


“Wookie, you always go out lately, where did you go?” Eunhyuk says when they have dinner together with Sungmin and Donghae, Eunhyuk’s boyfriend.
“I’m looking for some inspirations, to fulfill one of my subjects at campus.” Ryeowook lies. He never wants to lie to his friends, but it seems like, now on his head is only Yesung. He likes Yesung, and he wants his friends know that, but he knows, they won’t let it happen, and it can danger Yesung.

“Does that Yesung still go after Ryeowook, Hyukkie?” Donghae asks. Ryeowook coughs a little to that. He never expects Yesung will also be included in this conversation.

“No, and I think he’s less annoying now, he never has chalk on his head anymore, he’s pay more attention in class.” Answers Eunhyuk.

Ryeowook smiles brightly to his food and Eunhyuk notices that, “why are you smiling?”

“Oh, that.. uhm, this, Donghae’s food is always delicious as usual.”

“I thought you smile about Yesung.” Eunhyuk said before take a sip of his water.

“Eunhyuk, if Yesung turned out to be like that, will you let him to be with Wookie then?” Sungmin asks suddenly, makes Ryeowook coughs again but gives so much attention to what Eunhyuk will say after.

A few seconds later, Eunhyuk answers, “I think so, if he has manner and care about Ryeowook as much as we have, I will think about it.”

Ryeowook exhales deeply and silently. He feels relief with Eunhyuk’s answer.

Half hour later, Eunhyuk leads Donghae home and Ryeowook and Sungmin watch television together, “I know you’ve been with Yesung lately.”

Ryeowook shocks with Sungmin’s sentence, I know you’ve been with Yesung lately, what does that mean? How can Sungmin knows that?
“How can I know that, right?” Ryeowook only nods, “I saw you in that extension building last time, and I know what exactly written on Yesung’s letter, for I read it first before you.” Sungmin explains, “why don’t you tell us?” he adds.

“I thought you both won’t agree with that, me with Yesung, you two hate Yesung.”

“Because we thought you hate him also, you said you don’t like him, do you? We didn’t want you’d chased by someone you didn’t like, it could make you distress, right?” suddenly Eunhyuk’s voice comes from the doorway. He leans there with smirk.
“You don’t mind if I like him back?” Ryeowook asks.

Sungmin and Eunhyuk shook their head in unison and Ryeowook smiles brightly again. He’s so happy to have such a great friends that most like a family to him.

The next day, Ryeowook brings Yesung to Eunhyuk and Sungmin, and he gets two punches on his stomach (lightly), “what was that for?” Yesung asks.

“For remain you our fist, it can be more severe if you get under Ryeowook’s skin, you got it?” Eunhyuk says.

“I got it!” Yesung smiles as Ryeowook squezees his hand.


A/N Sorry I post this instead of When You Love Your Friend. I still have exam this week.. hope this will serve you all the best. Thank You.. comment here or my LJ! ^^

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