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[07] When You Love Your Friend

Status : Chapter 6
Current Music : Kyuhyun – Puff The Magic Dragon
Words Count : 2,174
Summary : Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

A/N I know this take a long long long time for me to update, sorry..

Eunhyuk left Donghae’s apartment with a lot of feelings. He knew that confessed to Donghae will caused so much regret, but he never knew that the pain of being rejected was this hurt, because he didn’t ready for it, really, he never been ready as long as those 10 years rolled by. He regretted it, because beside he would hurt himself, probably Donghae would too since he lied to her all this time they were together as friends where nothing had been a secret. He drove home safely – luckily – but everybody noticed he couldn’t walk properly towards his apartment. Once he almost fell on the stair-step, fortunately a security guard caught him on time. Couldn’t endure the pain anymore he slided to the floor in front of his door and sobbed. Eventhough a part of him felt relief about this, he couldn’t help to think Donghae would probably don’t want to meet him anymore.

Gathered his own strength, Eunhyuk entered his apartment and grabbed a can of beer on the refrigerator. He wandered around his own apartment to keep him busy and forget a moment about this case, but failed. Eunhyuk ended up sprawled on his couch with another can of beer. Sighing heavily he tried to close his eyes but got disturbed by his phone ringing. He growled in frustation before picking up his phone.

“Hallo!” he greeted with annoyed.

“Eunhyuk… thank God you’re home, I tried to call your mobile but you turn it off, what happen ?” he shocked when the caller voiced, it was the last voice he wanted to hear by now.

“Oh, Min.. I’ve been at the studio longer, sorry.. what is it ?”

“I just want to make sure when you will get your new suit for Saturday ?”

“Uh, that. Ryeowook’s wedding. How about tomorrow?…”

“Okay.. just… Hyuk, do you want me to come, you sound tired.”

“No, thank you.. I’ll fetch you up tomorrow, okay bye!”


It wasn’t fair he knows it. He always thought about it the whole time they’d been together. He was in love with Donghae not Sungmin, but Donghae wasn’t there, so why would he love someone who only appeared in his mind? But he couldn’t lie to his heart either.


Donghae’s phone rang right beside her ear. She stood still on her bed. Sulking for about… she didn’t know how long. Before she picked the phone up, she glanced toward her clock and it indicated that afternoon had passed.

“Hallo?” she greeted.

“Unnie… we’re on the way to your apartment!” It was Jessica’s happy voice, very different with her state right then.

Donghae sighed low just not to let Jessica know, “oh, care to enlighten me what will we do tonight?” she asked softly.

“do you not remember ? our errand jewelery is done today, and Ryeowook said she want to go to the club tonight.” Jessica explained.

Donghae really didn’t want her friends know about her state right now, she just wasn’t ready yet to tell them the whole and truth story. She afraid she couldn’t hide it, the girls were the best mind-reader. However, what is she to decline her friends offer ? and the next half hour she sat beside Hyoyeon on Jessica’s van. Donghae didn’t forget to wear her sunglasses although that was night time. When she was being asked why, she lied she didn’t have time to put eyeshadow.

They rode from one place to another place to complete what Ryeowook needed for the wedding until they come to one of Donghae’s and Heechul’s favourite boutique. It made Donghae excited a little that she really missed this this place and that she didn’t have time to come here yet. Donghae was picking some clothes from one of the shelf in the corner when she saw her, Eunhyuk’s girlfriend, Sungmin. She also was picking some stuff in front of Donghae. Her mind wandered to Eunhyuk again, to what he had done to her today.

Donghae just stood there watching Sungmin confused over two dresses and that’s when a guy approached her. Sungmin didn’t have time to greet the guy because she caught a glance at Donghae who now had taken off her sunglasses. Donghae startled as Sungmin showed her a shocked expression. They just stared each other for a moment with slightly different feeling.


Kyuhyun glanced to what his girlfriend saw with that shocked expression and he saw Donghae, the person who became Sungmin’s big fear nowaday. He also shocked but he prefer not to show it, not when he knew that Sungmin was stiff beside him.

“Donghae-sshi?” Kyuhyun managed to ask.

Donghae broke her stare at Sungmin and looked at Kyuhyun, “ah.. Kyuhyun-sshi, we meet again.” she said with a smile.

“Aa, yes.” He returned her smile, “oh, this is my friend from higschool, Lee Sungmin, Sungmin, this is Donghae you should know her, we met at Ryeowook and Yesung’s party last week..” he lied about Sungmin’s and his status, and he thought he should introduced them to each other to lessen a suspicious.

“Oh, but actually we’ve met before…” Donghae said.

“You have ?!” Kyuhyun faked a surprised expression, he sure would become an actor like Kibum after this.

“Yes, she’s Eunhyuk’s bestfriend.” Sungmin managed to say, he felt relieve when Sungmin opened her mouth to this situation.

“Ow, that’s good, you’re Sungmin’s boyfriend’s bestfriend. Oh, I feel bashful, I think I don’t know anything since I just comeback from Canada and met my old friend Sungmin, but I just keep talking like this.” He laughed wholeheartedly and the two female smile a little. One trick success, “you come here by yourself, Donghae-sshi?”

“No, I’m with Ryeowook and the others.”

That’s another problem.


Sungmin stiffed again when she heard Ryeowook’s name. She could breathe easily when Kyuhyun spoke just now. Then she had to rely on Kyuhyun again for the next problem she would face at this very unlucky moment. Eventhough she could be sure Donghae believed what Kyuhyun just said, she still felt anxious about Ryeowook. If she ran away right then with Kyuhyun, it would add another suspiciousness to them. Oh, God, why she always fell for Kyuhyun’s stupid idea, first making out at a pool and second hanging out at Myeongdong. And how did she always end up met Sapphire member, she really frustated about that thing, really a bad luck, really a mistake had two boyfriend. Just at this moment, she wished she could choose one of them.

They couldn’t run away, she knew that, not when Sapphire member had walked toward them and Ryeowook waved a hand to Kyuhyun soon as she noticed his presence. She glanced to Kyuhyun who kept a smile on his face and returned the wave.

“Kyuhyun-ah…!” Ryeowook called, “what are you doing here? And this is…” she pointed toward Sungmin. Sungmin could feel her heart beating as if it wanted to come out from its chamber.

Sungmin prayed and prayed for some helps whenever it would come from, she couldn’t let everybody knew about this thing right now and right here because she couldn’t think straight when she panicked like this.

“Hae-ah..” one voice come out, “..your eyes kinda puffy, were you cried just now ?” a woman with shoulder length and curly hair asked Donghae and every eye present turned towards her.

“Unnie.. what happened ?” the blonde also asked and before Donghae could answer, they pulled her away as they murmured, “don’t lie again now, unnie!”

Now it’s just Ryeowook left. She turned to Kyuhyun, “sorry, I gotta go.. see you later Kyu..!” and she stormed off.

Sungmin fell to the ground, squeezing Kyuhyun’s hand as she did so. But Kyuhyun just stood there unmoved even when tears started whelming on the corner of Sungmin’s eyes. Then, without looking at her, Kyuhyun pulled Sungmin up and dragged her to their car.


Donghae had the same faith as Sungmin. She didn’t know what was happening when in the blink of an eye, Heechul dragged her to their van and then she was being encircled by the girls inside the van.

“So what this is all about, Donghae? Jessica said you looked unhappy since two days ago since you always frowning… it wasn’t a good sign, was it?” Heechul pushed her.

Donghae sighed as she put his palm on his face. Five hours of crying sure could make your eyes really this puffy that’s why she wore sunglasses, too bad they caught her without it. She was not ready to tell them about her state now, it was too complicated.

Heechul was getting frustated, she leaned back on her seat with force and sighed, “why are you like this?” she said.

“Unnie.. you make me feel guilty.” Jessica said and Donghae looked up to find her on the driver seat.

“No! don’t…” she inhaled deeply, preparing herself, “I’ll tell you…”


“At first, the reason why I didn’t want to come to Korea again is because I’m tired of media, public and especially the rumours, so I didn’t tell you where I was back then. Then Eunhyuk came to England and he wanted me back, I promised him I will. So when Jessica invited me, I thought about it and decided to go back…” Donghae paused for a moment before continuing, “…because Eunhyuk promised he will be there for me.”

Everyone went silent when Donghae didn’t intend to continue soon until Ryeowook spoke, “is this about Eunhyuk?”

Donghae nodded but then shook her head, “but it becomes more complicated than that!”

Heechul glared at her and Donghae caught that, “is this also about Kibum?!”

She sighed again, “this morning, he came to my apartment, he said Heechul unnie told him to come and let us become couple for Ryeowook’s wedding, but he… he asked me, no… most likely forced me to be together again with him, like we used to..”

Heechul who sat beside her pulled her into her embrace when Donghae started to sob, “sorry, Hae.. it was my fault then..” she apologized and felt remorse for what she’d done. If she knew that her plan to make them got together again would hurt Donghae, she wouldn’t think about it in the first place.

“It’s okay, unnie… Kibum isn’t the guy I used to know before now. He’s different, I’m scared of him…” Donghae cried harder into Heechul’s shoulder.

Jessica started the engine and drove the van towards Donghae’s apartment. All of them decided to spend the night with Donghae because they still wanted to know everything that made Donghae this vulnerable. Donghae could never stand a problem if she’s alone, she needed people around her to at least accompany her through it eventhough those people didn’t give any settlement for her.

Donghae calmed down when the girls set her on the bed and they circled around her. Hyoyeon had give her a cup of hot tea to help her relax, “unnie… you should rest!” she said worriedly.

Donghae shook her head, “I’m not done yet…” she handed Hyoyeon the cup again and took a deep breath, “I don’t know what got into me… I miss Hyukjae so much, so I didn’t refuse what he does to me since I’m back…”

The girls looked really confused, Donghae sensed that, “what Eunhyuk did to you?” Taeyeon asked.

“Everything, he treats me not like what he used to treat me, his eyes tell the different feeling towards me, and I… I feel it too. Today after Kibum left, Hyukjae came and he said… he loves me… for 10 years. And I know now why I didn’t reject him, it’s because I love him too…” Donghae sobbed again into her pillow and Heechul had to calmed her down again.

“Unnie.. are you telling him about your feeling?” Jessica asked.

“I can’t…” Donghae looked up into each of eyes around her, “first, as you know, Kibum told me the same thing, and it makes me feel guilty just know that he becomes like this is because of me. Second, Hyukjae has girlfriend…”

Everyone gasped to Donghae’s last words, “OMO! How can he does that, then?!” Taeyeon shocked expression that made all of eyes turned to her.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I’ve met her at his apartment… her name is Lee Sungmin, the same girl we met at the boutique with Kyuhyun-sshi.” Donghae said wearily.

“What!!??” Ryeowook yelled all of the sudden.

“What are you yelling at?!” Heechul scolded her because it make them surprised.

“What is you said her name again, Hae?”

“Lee Sungmin ?” Donghae answered. She confused by Ryeowook’s behavior.

“Are you sure that it’s the same girl with Kyuhyun before ?”

“I’m sure. Why ?”

“Because the girl we met with Kyuhyun is his girlfriend…”

Donghae opened her mouth to say something. Disbelieved wih what Ryeowook said but Ryeowook would never lie to everyone. Was knowing this will make the thing easier or more complicated instead ?


I’ll update this soon.. ^^

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