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[09] When You Love Your Friend

Title: When You Love Your Friend
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kyuhyun/Sungmin. (slight!Yesung/Ryeowook)
Rating: PG-13
Current Music: Super Junior - It's You (Rearranged)
Words: 5,450

Chapter 8

Eunhyuk woke up when his alarm rang on the bedside table. He tried to reach for it to turn it off but with arms full of Donghae, he couldn’t make it. However, the woman that still naked beside him also heard that and woke up slightly. She reached to her left side and searched for the alarm blindly and then frowned when she didn’t found the alarm where it should be. Suddenly the alarm stopped and she heard a light chuckle after that.

Donghae turned to the sound and found Eunhyuk staring at her with a grin on his face, “the alarm is here.” He said, amused by Donghae’s expression.

“Ohh? R-right.” Suddenly blush covered her face when she knows in what state she and Eunhyuk were. She thought last night was just a dream like another dream she used to have, but this was real. It wasn’t wrong, right? Sleep with your best friend like this. You love each other after all.

“You like a statue just motionless like that. Come here!” Eunhyuk pulled her to him and huddled her shoulder. She melted immediately into his embrace then made herself comfortable by clinging to his side.

Donghae remembered something, “where’s my phone?” she asked. Eunhyuk just shrugged, “maybe you left it in your house…” he answered.

“And what time is it, by the way?”

“Six in the morning…”

“You wake up at six everyday now?” she asked as she cuddled closer to Eunhyuk’s warmth.

Eunhyuk chuckled to that because he knows that she knew that he was the laziest of lazy person she ever met, at least it was what she used to call him, “yeah, because I have morning class at 8 or if there’s nothing I will jog around the park.”

“You jog??” she sounded surprise at the statement and laughed hard.

“Yah! How do you think I gained this body?!” he shook her shoulder to stop her laughter.

Donghae finally stopped laughing and sat up, “okay… if we keep do this, I’ll be late to Ryeowook’s wedding…” she searched the oversized shirt she wore last night on the floor and wore it as soon as she found it, “I have to go home first to get my dress.” She said as Eunhyuk was looking for something on his bed, “what are you looking for?”

“My phone.”

“Search outside!” she ordered and Eunhyuk complied after fixing his pants.

When Eunhyuk went to his living room, Donghae wandered around the bedroom. This was her first time on here and last night she was just too engrossed with what she did with Eunhyuk. She spotted it, his picture with Sungmin, there were two of it in front of the window with sculpted candle in the middle and fake flowers on each side of the frame. It was really romantic and romantic was her thing, maybe Sungmin had the same interest with her. Maybe that’s why Eunhyuk chose Sungmin when she’s not there.

She suddenly remembered what Ryeowook told her about Sungmin. Part of her wanted to tell Eunhyuk about that but maybe it would be better if Eunhyuk knew it by himself. He had promised her that he would break up with Sungmin soon because Sungmin didn’t deserve to not be loved, he said. Donghae felt slight pity to their relationship, they actually looked good together but – eventhough she’s the reason of it – it wouldn’t work if their love didn’t pure for each other. She didn’t know why Sungmin would have another man when she had had Eunhyuk already. It might be that she was actually a bitch but Donghae didn’t want to come to that conclusion yet before she knew the truth behind Sungmin, Eunhyuk also didn’t deserve this.

Talking about Eunhyuk, she didn’t notice that Eunhyuk was staring at her while she looked at his and Sungmin’s picture. It made him realize that there still a loose end to this relationship. Anyway, eventhough there would be so much pain, he had to do this. Everyone should have a happy ending and he’d sure that Sungmin would get hers soon.

“Do you have to go back to your apartment?” Eunhyuk said, startling her from her own thought.

“Oh, yeah… my dress is there.”

“I’ll drive you, then…” he offered.

Donghae frowned, didn’t he supposed to go with his ‘official’ girlfriend? Not with his best friend-turned-out-soon-to-be-girlfriend whom he slept with. “You don’t go to the reception with Sungmin?”

Eunhyuk scratched his head as he stared at his cellphone, “I don’t know, but she said that we should just meet at the reception… she has something to do, I guess.”

Donghae sighed then, “okay… but I have to be ready before nine, so how about shower in my place?” she offered.

Eunhyuk gave her a michieveous smirk as he grabbed a random shirt, “if I take it with you, okay then!”

Donghae rolled her eyes and walked past him as Eunhyuk took his suit from the closet, “Just… let’s go!” she tried to hide the blush forming on her cheeks.


In the different bedroom, a young woman woke up with a start as she heard someone showering. Slowly she sat up on the bed and waiting for that someone to walk out of the bathroom. She glanced at the clock above the door and it told her that they still had 2 hours left to go. A beep sound came from her cellphone startled her and when she reached for it, the phone showed her for a message had been delivered. It was last night’s message. She sighed in both relief and anxious of how the other would respond to the message. Maybe he would reply or called back, so she held the phone in her hands tightly. But even until someone on the bathroom walked out, the phone kept silent.

“You’re awake.” He stated and she nodded in reply.

“When you come home, Kyu?” she asked as he put a plain shirt over his head. She remembered that last night Kyuhyun had had a phone call from his friend, said that the friend was in an emergency situation and she had fallen asleep on his bed before he got to come back home.

Kyuhyun turned to her, “I actually didn’t go for a long time, but when I’m back you’re already asleep…” he said and she only nodded her head again, “did you know where I go, Min?”

Sungmin frowned and titled her head to the side, confused with his question, “where’d you go?”

“Lee Donghae’s apartment…” he answered flatly but it’s enough to make Sungmin gasped in shock. Because that name had been her biggest fear for the past weeks, that name could make her heart stopped but at the next moment beating so fast. It was ridiculous when she realized how the name could affect her. It was just a name for good sake.

“I knew it!” Kyuhyun stated after focusing on Sungmin’s face and then returned to buttoning-up his shirt, “you still afraid of her, don’t you?”

Sungmin stared at him with a frown on her beautiful face, she heard the last sentence Kyuhyun said but her mind was thinking about why Kyuhyun went to Lee Donghae’s apartment at night, “I’m not…” she tried to calm herself down and cleanse her mind from Lee Donghae being her biggest fear, because it’s going to be over soon, “by the way, why you went there?”

“Seemed like Kibum tried to get his ex-girlfriend’s heart back but the girl has given it to someone else and last night, a bloody event happened.” He walked to a chair where he put a black vest and tie, Sungmin followed every move her love make. Is he… her love…? “…and she ran away from him to God knows where, left him unconcious with blood on his head for hours in her apartment with the door opened…” he continued before ended it with a sigh and a shook on his head, “can you imagine that? He’s being hit by the heel of a stiletto!” he tried to put the tie on his shirt but failed because of too much talking, so Sungmin swayed to him and helped him to tie it, “…but maybe it’s better than being hit by a hairdryer.”

Sungmin froze and then narrowed her eyes at him, “it didn’t even poke your skin!”. It was probably 2 or 3 years ago when they fought in the morning and Sungmin couldn’t take it anymore then the hairdryer flew unknowingly from her hand, fortunately Kyuhyun ducked in time so it smashed against the wall behind him.

“But if it did, my skin would be bruised then…” he smirked. Sungmin tapped him lightly on the chest before continuing to help him with the vest, “don’t you have to be ready now?” he asked. Sungmin looked up at him and sighed.

This was the time for her if she wanted to have a normal life again and be happy with it, but there would be pain, someone would hurt and that thought made Sungmin had to think about it over again, what is the life she really wanted? Or, who is the love she really wanted?

Kyuhyun knew Sungmin was in a deep thought again. It made him afraid that Sungmin would change her decision to be with him, so he would never let Sungmin think. He pulled Sungmin’s head to be buried in his chest, “don’t think! Please, Sungmin… we want this over, right? Let’s do it! I’m here… I love you no matter what!” she probably could feel that his heart beating not in its usual rhythm as he said those things and a moment later Sungmin relaxed in his embrace before pulling away.

She gave him a reassuring smile, “I’ll be ready.” She stated before tip-toeing to plant a kiss on his lips, “I love you!”


The apartment was like a broken ship. Donghae didn’t really take a notice at her surrounding when she just ran away last night. The pillow on her couch scaterred around the floor in the same fate with the stilleto she used to hit Kibum’s head. Her coffee table also angled from its usual place.

Eunhyuk gasped when he took a look around the apartment. He couldn’t imagine what that crazy man did to Donghae last night and it made him dejected, “are you sure he didn’t hurt you? Hit you? Kicked you? Because your place looked like there was a fight happening here!”

“It was! I put up a fight of course. I didn’t want to be taken against my own will. Beside, how do you think I could escape with just give myself up?” Donghae stated as she started to put the pillow on its place at the couch. “But I’m relieved that he didn’t forget to close the door!”

Eunhyuk hummed in agreement. He helped Donghae with the dining room and her side table where the vases had been flipped over, “what I’m relieved is that he doesn’t stay here until the morning come!” he said, his tone was high, it’s obvious that he was still angry to this Kibum guy. “If I happened to meet this guy, I will…” he scowled to himself with a hiss but Donghae could hear it.

“You will what?” she sounded amused at her best friend behavior. Always tried to be a possesive bastard but he would never be able to do that. He’s too nice for a human being.

“I will absolutely take a revenge on him!”

Donghae just chuckled silently and after putting all the things on its place she walked to Eunhyuk’s side, “you know what? He will be a groomsman at the reception so you definitely will meet him.” She stated before taking a bottle of water from the fridge, “let’s see what you can do!” and she walked off to her room.

“That’s my chance then!” He exclaimed before following her. Inside her room he had to be faced with Donghae’s naked back. It made him gulped and froze in his place on the doorway until Donghae glanced over her shoulder to look at Eunhyuk.

“Shower?” she asked and he’s the one who dragged Donghae to the bathroom instead.


It’s 8.30 in the morning and Donghae finally get her hair done. After 30 minutes of showering and the activity they did in the shower they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. They giggled everytime they act like a horny teenager when the truth is they weren’t one anymore. This was the time for them to think about life and how they would put love into something more convincing for their life together, to think about forever because it wasn’t only some puppy love that they felt tentatively.

However, maybe they hadn’t thought about something like that yet. They just intertwined their fate together last night and to think about forever is too early for them both, but Eunhyuk couldn’t get his thought out of it. To think about spending the rest of his life with this woman he knew for more than 20 years was his daily reminder. Never in his life after he realized that he’s in love with his own best friend, he thought about marrying another woman.

Ten years of pent up love was enough for Eunhyuk for not standing beside his beloved one and now it was the last thing he wanted in his life. He could never imagine again Donghae get out of his life. She was his right now and she would be his for his entire life from now on.

“I’m ready!” Donghae exclaimed in front of Eunhyuk’s face, made him startled from his musing and almost spilling the coffee he held.

“Woah… you don’t have to yell!” he scolded and proceeding to put the mug on the sink.

Donghae hissed, “it’s because I’ve said that from minutes ago…” she sighed annoyingly before walking to the coffee table and grabbed her purse. Donghae sighed again when she looked up at him and the man just standing still and just staring back at her, “yah, you! I don’t want to be late, so hurry…!”

She’s so stunningly beautiful eventhough she was just wearing a simple baby blue dress with thin strap and pearl necklace circling on her slender neck. She bunned her hair and left the long bangs curl in front of her face. Finally Eunhyuk approached her form whose left hand was on the left side of her waist, looking so bossy like she used to be when they were at junior high, ordered him around whenever she was too tired with something. He missed those times when they only friends, only concerned about being teenager, playing around like there was no tomorrow and he would freely hugged her from different sides because he didn’t worry about how broken it would be if she knew that there was purpose behind those hugs for she didn’t feel the same way.

“You’re beautiful…” he trailed off as he cradled her face on his hands. Donghae’s annoying expression changed when she stared into those black pupils and saw the thing that she never saw before or never realized, because in her mind she remembered that she had looked into the same eyes before but didn’t know what it really meant. She blushed when his thumb brushed her cheek and she knew now that the touch made her addicted to it, she couldn’t imagine how she could live without those touches from now on.

Donghae gripped his hand firmly, “let’s get going, babe..” she said with fake sweet voice. Eunhyuk let her go and intertwined their hands before getting out of the house.

“Can we still like this when we get there?” she asked when they walked through the halfway.

Eunhyuk knew what she meant by that, it meant his girlfriend. Because she knew that she’s not supposed to be his date in the party, but he would absolutely end it and at the end of the day, he would be the man of one woman, “I’ll do something about it, don’t worry…” he gave her a reassuring smile before took off with his car to the wedding.


Donghae went to the bride’s room to meet Ryeowook and others while Eunhyuk waited on the seat inside the curch. When Donghae opened the door where her friends must be waiting, she welcomed by a worried expression from her ex-bandmate especially Heechul who immediately run to her and engulfing her in her tight embrace.

“Unggh, unnie… sorry, but I c-can’t breathe!”

Heechul pulled away and checked Donghae from head to toe, “you okay? I told you to call me if something bad happen, right? So why don’t you call me?!” she asked in one go, made Donghae slightly dizzy plus the shake that Heechul gave to her shoulder.

Jessica and the other approached the commotion and pulled Heechul away from the stunned Donghae, “Donghae-unnie… are you okay?” Jessica asked.

Donghae smiled to each of them and nodded, “of course I’m okay, why should I be?”

“So where were you last night? Your phone was off, I tried to call your apartment and nobody answer it.” Heechul sighed, “I thought Kibum did something bad to you.”

“No, don’t worry… I’m okay, really. If not I won’t be here right now, right?” she tried her best to assure the girls.

They sighed in relief and then Donghae turned to Ryeowook who watched her from afar and it was obvious that the girl was too nervous with her own case to get a hand with another case. Donghae smiled before approaching her who stood in front of the mirror, “Ryeowookie, you’re so beautiful, I’m sure that your soon-to-be-husband will satisfy with how you look right now!” she said to make the younger girl’s frown dissapear.

Ryeowook exhaled deeply as if she had held her breath all this time, “thank you, unnie!”

“Okay, we don’t want the bride to be late, so we got to move now!” Taeyeon exclaimed to all the people present and soon they get into action.


Eunhyuk sat among the guest at the left side’s pew. When he first entered the curch there’s only a few people presence but 30 minutes later it soon occupied with guest. Just before the groom entered the altar, he spotted his girlfriend walked alone in the church corridor and then took a sit at the right side’s pew. Eunhyuk thought for a second to call her or not, but then he remembered that she supposed to be his date here.

He tried to wave at her but Sungmin just focused herself on the groom and the best man that just entered, the groomsman followed behind. He found Sungmin smiled to the front and lightly waved her hand as if hesitate. Eunhyuk turned his head to the front and saw that the best man answered to her smiled. When Eunhyuk started to think about who the man was, the groomsmans also caught his attention. One man he didn’t have an idea of who he is, the second man he knew that he is a dancer at where he works and the other caught his attention because of the light bandage on his forehead, and Eunhyuk remembered the face. That’s the ex.

As Eunhyuk fisted his hand on his thigh while staring at the wounded man beside the altar, the wedding music started to play and everybody in the church turned their head to the entrance and waited for the bride to enter. And there she was with her hand tangling with the man that maybe on his 40-something, but Eunhyuk eyes just landed on the queen for the day just for a second because he couldn’t let his eyes to stared at the woman that wore the baby blue dress bringing a basket of pink petal, and his anger lessened as she spotted him, smiled and waving her hand a little in a cute manner.

He didn’t realize that from the right side on the church pew Sungmin looked at his reaction when one of the bridemaid waved at him, and she just tilted her head when a realization dawned on her.


The audience stood up just before the just-married couple sealed their vow with a sweet kiss and then showering them with applause. When the happy couple passed through the corridor the audience was spreading them with petal they got from the bridemaid. The bridemaid themselves and the groomsman had walked first out of the church and form a line at the stairs in front of the church.

Eunhyuk was the last one to go outside and so did Sungmin, they met halfway. They stared at each other with a sad smile on their lips first but frowned simultanously when the other caught the same expression.

“Hyuk.” “Min.” they said in unison and then an awkward silence filled the church when they were the last person to leave.

“Seems you have something to say?” Eunhyuk offered with a smile.

Sungmin just nodded and stared at the ground as if it was her partner to talk right now, not different with Eunhyuk, he also wandered his eyes to anywhere but Sungmin. It seemed like they were trying to build up the courage so their intention for today didn’t canceled just because they looked at each other eyes for that was the hardest thing to see those eyes didn’t have a shine anymore.

“Can we…” Sungmin started, and Eunhyuk looked at her who looked back at him, she inhaled before continuing, “can we meet later at the party? because I-I have someone for you to meet also.”

Eventhough Eunhyuk confused to what she said, he agreed to it, “okay… because I have too.”

“Okay. Uhmm.. see you later..” and she strode off the church without looking back at him, and he realized that not that simple to just said ‘can we break up?”


Donghae found Eunhyuk when he just entered the party at the garden. She slowly approached him but stopped halfway when Kibum also slowly walked towards her without him knowing that she was in the middle of walking to someone.

“We have to talk.” Kibum said with fake soft voice when he neared her with a proximity one person could get in between.

She sighed unnoticedly, “I don’t wanna!” she stated firmly, tried not to be heard by people around them.

Hearing that, Kibum snapped. He got emotional again with thid stubborn girl he knew so well but he had to control himself right now, “we have to settle things between us!” he gritted his teeth as he said that.

For once, Donghae looked up at him, “what must we settle? We’re over, if that you wanted to hear!” she said confidently.

“What?!” Kibum raised his voice but didn’t loud enough, “You—”

“Excuse me!”

Kibum’s sentence was cut off by that voice behind him and Donghae saw Eunhyuk stood there behind Kibum with anger all over his face and fist ready to fly. Seeing that, Donghae immediately pulled Eunhyuk towards her and tried to calm him by tangling her hand with his.

The ex-boyfriend seemed notice the relationship between Donghae and this man, so he narrowed his eyes and rap out a bitter chuckled, “this is the guy, right? This is the guy who makes you go away from me?!”

“If yes, what would you do about it?” Eunhyuk towered Kibum and now they changed a glare towards each other.

Kibum smirked, “oh, I absolutely will do something with it because this girl is mine!”

“As I heard not a minute ago that she said it was over between you two, so I object to what you say!” Eunhyuk said confidently.

Donghae couldn’t take this any further – because he saw that the two men had prepared each fist to throw soon – slipped between the Eunhyuk and Kibum, “please, don’t do this here, this is our friends happy day, so don’t make a commotion!”

“Hyuk!” the soft voice called and the three of them turned their head to the source of the voice. There was Sungmin and Kyuhyun looked at them with a frown on their face.


“Can we talk now?” she said while fumbling with her bag strap.

Before answering, Eunhyuk stared at the man beside his girlfriend and he remembered that he was the best man from before, “oh… alright, where?”

“Let’s find some place comfortable…” Sungmin said with a breath in a single word she said.

Eunhyuk nodded and Sungmin started to walk with that bestman following her, “Hae, come with me!” he pulled Donghae to follow Sungmin.

“Hey, I’m not done yet!” Kibum yelled but the two ignored him.


Sungmin was a bit surprised when she saw Donghae following behind Eunhyuk. She stood up immediately and Kyuhyun did the same. They found a little garden inside a green house and in the middle of it is a single table between two long bench faced one another. It was empty, so maybe they could talk properly. Kyuhyun had choosen that place by the way.

The four of them sat without any words. For Kyuhyun and Donghae, they just had to wait for the couple to solve their case and eventhough they were the one of reasons Eunhyuk and Sungmin had to face a problem, it would be rude to just barge in their conversation.

“So I thought you had known from Donghae-ssi.” Sungmin stated as she looked up to met Eunhyuk’s eyes.

“Huh…?” Eunhyuk confused with what his girlfriend said, but he nonetheless turned to his bestfriend for an explanation, “what did I should know from you?” but Donghae just shrugged.

“She didn’t?!” Sungmin seemed surprised from Eunhyuk’s answer and Eunhyuk just shook his head indicating he didn’t know anything. He lost for words, what’s happening in here? Why Sungmin acted this way when the one who should was him? It seemed like life was being twisted in front of him right now.

“Hyuk… this is Kyuhyun.” She finally introduced the guy to him and he turned his head to the guy who looked back at him. “He is my boyfriend.” Sungmin continued.

Eunhyuk was the one who looked dumb-founded in that garden after hearing that statement. His eyes were wide from surprise and his mouth was speechless. He wasn’t shock by the fact that Sungmin cheated on him but by the fact that she also did the same with what he does, was this a coincidence or…

“He’s w-what?” he managed to say although it wasn’t what he wanted to actually say.

Sungmin shut his eyes tight, she knew what would come, what Eunhyuk’s reaction to this and she and Kyuhyun had prepared their heart for what coming next. Selfish maybe, because they didn’t care about what the other heart might be, but they had to end this. “He’s my boyfriend… before you… I’m sorry…” she finally answered and looked Eunhyuk straight in the eyes. Their eyes met but it seemed those charm had finally broken because they now couldn’t read what written in each other eyes. Was it sad or betrayed in Eunhyuk’s eyes ? Sungmin thought – because it was what she prepared for; how to endure his sadness – but she couldn’t really find it. It was more like shock, only it.

Eunhyuk took a deep breath before turned to Donghae who silently sat beside him and had her head down, “you knew this?” he asked and Donghae startled then turned her head to look up at Eunhyuk. She just nodded and Eunhyuk continued, “why didn’t you tell me?” his voice was calm and didn’t judge. When he received no answer, he sighed and called her with the same tone, “Hae…”

“What?” Donghae started and also sighed, “look Hyuk, I don’t think it was a good idea to tell you before hand, I’m just an intruder in your relationship, this is your and Sungmin’s life, so I don’t want you and other people to think that I’m the one who cause you both to be in an unstable relationship.”

After that, the four of them fell into an awkward silence for a few seconds but it was broken with Eunhyuk’s voice, “I’m sorry…” he started, when everyone present all looked at him, he continued, “Min…” and looked her in the eyes again. Eunhyuk reached for her hands that still fumbling with her bag strap and pulled it above the table, “I love you…” he said and it made Donghae turned to him in a quick motion but still looked collected. “I love you,” Eunhyuk continued, “but not in the way like I love someone else, I never could- can love someone else more than I love her, but I do care about you… how can I not, after you ever fill my empty heart with your own..” he smiled genuinely to her before took a side glance to Kyuhyun, “eventhough that I didn’t know whether it was fake or-”

“No, Hyuk!” Sungmin interjected, tears now slowly falling from her eyes, “it wasn’t fake, I ever gave you my heart sincerely eventhough it wasn’t whole. I was also empty, then we filled each other and my life couldn’t be brighter if it wasn’t you who was with me when I felt so fed up with my life,” she glanced towards Kyuhyun, “…and love.”

Eunhyuk and Sungmin smiled to each other and a sigh of relief come out from their heart, “thank you for whatever you give to me, it means everything…” Eunhyuk said softly. Sungmin also murmured the same and they caress each other’s hands. The other two at the garden also smiled to themselves.

“Hyuk… don’t you upset or feel betrayed with me for cheating on you?” Sungmin asked in a light tone.

Eunhyuk looked at her and then just chuckled, “shouldn’t you ask him instead?” he asked back as he pointed his chin to Kyuhyun, “and… it seemed like I should ask you for the same question.”

Sungmin tilted her head in confusion, “what do you mean?”

Eunhyuk retreated his hands from Sungmin and grabbed Donghae’s right hand with his left, “I told you just now that there’s this girl I love so much to the point that I can’t love anyone else in this world, never… that’s what I also sorry for, I cheated on you as from… last night. Eventhough my heart always cheated on you since the first time I laid my eyes on you, but I can finally have her now after 10 years I’ve been keeping this a secret from everyone.” Eunhyuk looked at Donghae lovingly and she returned that look.

Sungmin burrowed her eyes and then she and Kyuhyun exchanged a glance, “are you two together now?” she managed to ask eventhough she had known the answer.

“Yes… sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell you first and just ask Donghae to be with me,” he said genuinely.

Sungmin chuckled, “it’s not like I will strangle you two for having affair behind my back,” she smiled to Eunhyuk, “thank you, Hyuk… for understanding me, you really are a good person and a perfect boyfriend,” she earned a look from Kyuhyun by that, “of course you’re always perfect for me,” she said to Kyuhyun, and continued with a whisper, “only for me though.”

After they settled things between them, it was easier for them to let everything out, they told each other what had been happening with their own love life and it was easy to accept because they were happy for they got their true love. Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun been introduced formally and soon they become friends also. They promised each other to not forget the past because it what make them like this. It was beautiful, even the pain and the hurt because you couldn’t find it anywhere else and it was a waste to just threw it away. However, the future waited ahead, it would come unknowingly and you should anticipate it. We won’t know that maybe the future will be so much better, brighter and more beautiful.

Outside the garden, a male couldn’t bear his wounded heart anymore. He decided to give up everything because he realized that he couldn’t have it again. What he had lost never come to him again, so what the difference between those things and this one. With heavy steps, he left the garden and the love he’d been keeping for years and never let it loose even for once, but the love itself had gone and left him alone, so why bother to bring it back? and why bother to live again?



A/N 2 I really want this to come to an end soon, just said this is my apology for not updating for about a month.
A/N 3 Check also the epilogue… I intend to post the epilogue tomorrow but… just get it on, this story has come to an end though^^

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