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[OneShot] HanChul - Raw Emotion

Title: Raw Emotion
Pairing: Hankyung/Heechul, almostbroken!Hanchul
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,576
Summary: For two months Heechul didn’t see his boyrfriend and to know that he was in a place where he shouldn’t be made the anger inside of him rose.
Warning: Character death.
A/N1:I just think i need to post this before my 'primitive runaway', there won't be internet access ToT

I didn’t hear what you were saying
I live on raw emotion baby
I answer questions never maybe
And I’m not kind if you betrayed me
So who the hell are you to save me
I never would’ve made it

“It has been 2 fucking months. He isn’t coming back and now I’m sure he won’t. Fucking coward!” Heechul cursed before blowing on the smoke he’d been taking from 2 hours ago, and this was his 6th cigarettes. Smell of alcohol and of course smoky, filled the almost dilapidated apartment, Hankyung’s apartment.

Two months ago, Heechul caught his boyfriend walk hand in hand with a girl, and to say the truth, it wasn’t the first time. Heechul thought he would never be able to count on how many people that had been Hankyung’s lover behind his back including people he caught with. But of course Hankyung would never tell him that he actually cheated on him, a thousand of lie had been said by that soft lips Heechul knew by heart, he thought would never said such a sin. However, he always been a fool to trust those lies. He was the fool one in their 2 years of relationship and the foolest thing he did for that stupid chinese man was to move in with him in this little apatment of his and left his luxurious one behind. Of course Heechul would accept it, he loved him anyway.

But this was just out of control, he didn’t see his damn-beloved boyfriend for 2 months already and he just cut off their communication a month ago. He knew what Hankyung doing right now but he didn’t know where he was and Heechul just got crazy because of that. Heechul really loved Hankyung since he never be loved by anyone like Hankyung loves him and it was one of the reason why he could give everything to this Chinaman. But now he realized that his love had been played by Hankyung, his used to be pure love had been tainted by the love itself.

If you needed love well then ask for love
Could’ve given love now I’m taking love

“I swear I’ll kill him if I found him!!” Heechul cursed once again, he squeezed the beer can he held then threw it into the nearest wall. This was not the first time he said those words, but it was never coming true, he was too stupid that time and just too scared to lose Hankyung, but his pain now couldn’t be healed by anything anymore, he just wanted to kill the only one he loved right here right now.

The bell rang and Heechul immediately jumped from his spot to the door in just a mere second and opened the door impatiently. A mailman with box stood there, “excuse me, is this Kim Heechul’s apartment?” he asked.


“Oh, there is a packet for you, sir,” the mailman said as he gave the box to Heechul, “I thought the old landlady there gave the wrong information,” he continued.

Heechul frowned, “what did you say? Which landlady?”

The mailman looked up at Heechul, “the landlady from where I first delivered this package, I saw someone get into your apartment at Gyungdeong, I knocked first but didn’t get any answer, then I asked the landlady and she told me that this is your new address, sir.”

Heechul gasped as realization hit him, “you sure there was someone in my old apartment?”

The mailman nodded in confusion.

“and you didn’t asked the landlady who’s the people in there?” Heechul kept pestering the innocent mailman.

“I thought it was obvious that someone had bought your old apartment already, sir,” the mailman answered now.

“Okay, thank you!” and Heechul closed the door right in front of the mailman face who’s still confused.

Heechul dropped the package on the coffe table and glanced on the sender’s name, it was his old friend that still didn’t know his new address. It wasn’t important now. The great thing was, he knew where his stupid boyfriend was. He never selled his apartment as Hankyung told him not to. Heechul knew now what the motive behind it, so that he could sleep with any whore he meet on a luxurious apartment and he chose Heechul’s apartment because that would be the last place Heechul thought where Hankyung would be. This just too much, and suddenly the love he felt earlier was replaced by hate. He only wanted to kill Hankyung right now.

Then Heechul searched in the apartment for his old apartment key that didn’t in Hankyung’s hand. He put it somewhere in his closet and finally found it on his old coat’s pocket. After that he rummaged his drawer for something he sure would be convenient for the moment, a gun. Heechul just couldn’t take it anymore, he’d make sure that the stupid Chinaman would be die by tonight. He put his black coat and got out of the apartment.

Heechul drove his blue metallic Honda Civic faster than necessary on the busy way of the city. Anger, hate and betrayal all on his face at once. His old apartment didn’t far from Hankyung’s and he could reach it within 15 minutes. After he arrived in front of the apartment, he didn’t care to park his car and just went straightaway to his old apartment. He sure that someone would notice him as the dweller here.

As he stood in front of his door, he opened it and dropped his jaw as he saw that despite no one’s seen at the living room, there was indeed people here. He curled his fist and barged into his room. There on the white sheet of his bed laying two naked man. One of them just startled and seemed embarassed on Heechul and the other one had so much expressions on his face. Shocked, scared, apologetic all at once.

“So this is where you hide, dear? Nice place!” Heechul started with a lot of sarcasm on it.

“H-Heechul I c-can explain!” Hankyung said with fear as he raised his hand in defeat.

“Thank you! But I DON’T need that!!” Heechul yelled and the next thing Hankyung knew was Heechul pointing a gun at him, “I’m waiting and waiting, for you to come but you didn’t even fucking call me! And here I thought we would never come to this place again yet you’re hiding here and fuck your whore in MY BED!!”

Heechul and Hankyung etangled in a staring contest when it’s coming. This was what Heechul hated the most, he hated how he loved Hankyung so much till he could drown on his eyes. Because of mixture of hatred and longing, Heechul let his tears poured down his cheek. How couldn’t he hate Hankyung despite all the pain he brought him? Heechul should have left long ago, but he just couldn’t, his love for Hankyung was priceless. Apparently the pain was also unbearable, it’s so painful he could just die with his stupid love.

“Heechul, honey, please!” Hankyung plead again.

“Don’t CALL me that!!” and his tears increased, the gun on his hand that still pointed to Hankyung also shaking as his whole body did so.

“What the hell is going on?!!!” the man beside Hankyung screamed suddenly and two pairs of eyes diverted to him.

“Sungmin, baby, stay away from this, please!” Heechul could hear Hankyung whispered and it made his stomach curled in disgust. It’s just another reason for him to kill Hankyung, he just admitted that he’d been cheating all this time.

I would have bled to make you happy
You didn’t need to treat me that way
And now you’ve beat me at my own game
And now I found you sleeping soundly
And now your love is screaming loudly
I hear a sound and hit the ground

“Do you know that you just proved me that I was right! Thank you!” Heechul cocked a rifle for firing and the sound frightened the two male that still on the bed.

“Heechul, you can’t do this! You know that I love you right!” Hankyung begged and Heechul suddenly weakened on the feet but kept trying to stood still.

And it’s not my fault cause you both deserve
What is coming now so don’t say a word

“Don’t say that or I’ll never be able to get rid of you!!!” Heechul screamed.

“But I honestly love you!” Hankyung stated firmly.

Heechul shook his head in frustation and then glared at Hankyung again in anger and eyes brimmed with tears, he screamed loudly, then...


Wake up call caught you in the morning
with another one in my bed
Don’t you care about me anymore... care about me
I don’t think so...

The gun had been shot, blood had been shed, the white sheet had stained with angry red from the body that shot right on the chest. A gasp heard simultaneously with the sound of a dropped gun. Heechul eyes widened and he suddenly felt that the room had suffocated him, he wanted to run to feel the air that suddenly left him but his feet glued to the floor. Finally he let himself fell on the floor and tried to suck the residue of air around him and let the tears fell down again.

Didn’t know for how long Heechul let himself stay like that without a single thought, just let the pain took control of him. It felt like hour until he was aware that now he’d been alone, the sound around him seemed vanished, silence, and suddenly he liked it. He should go but he still couldn’t move. Then he heard footsteps on the carpeted floor approaching him and he scared of the sound until he felt arms held him and it felt familiar. Heechul closed his eyes and let the arms hugged him and he felt safe on those. He continued to close his eyes because he was afraid that if he opened it the warmth would go again so he let himself relax in that body until he felt he’d been pulled into his feet.

“We should go...” the person that had the arms whispered on his ears but Heechul couldn’t help but cried again, on his chest this time between pain and relieved that he still could hear the voice again.

Six foot tall came without a warning
So I had to shoot him dead...
He won’t come around here anymore, some around here
I don’t feel so bad...

A/N2:I only can write this until here, because this is the original concept and if I keep on writing I don’t know where it will lead me, but a sequel seems fine (don’t hope too much though! ^^). Blame the emo in my soul!! Oh, and the lyric, I just think that I should insert it, but don’t mind it if you think that it doesn’t suit the story. Just want you to know that I got inspiration for the title and the story from this song, Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call.

Finished: Thursday, December 30, 2010 , 10.45 pm

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