And so i play my guitar, I always play my guitar. Karamiau saigetsu wo tadoru tabiji de. Mabuta ni kanjiru yuuitsu no honoo. Natsu no nagori wo utsusu mina no ne. Hanatsu senritsu yo tooku tooku kanawanakutomo ~Loreley~



Theme : 041. Dance Practice

Pairing : Shindong/Kibum

Rating : PG

Current Music : Super Junior – First Snow.

Current Location : Standing beside Heechul who stand under the rain.

Summary : Shindong is the first one who carry Kibum to the hospital.

Everyone knew, Kibum is the only person who didn’t often gather together with the other, but they also knew that Kibum is the only person who had many talents in him. They could understand why Kibum rarely came to practice, because of his schedule alone. But Shindong thought that it’s not quite right. Practice is practice, however unimportant the practice is, if it comes to practice time, that’s the time. Especially for dance practice. So, he rather fed up with Kibum nowadays despite Kibum is his favorite dongsaeng.

Kibum came to the meeting of Super Show II, he decided to come to Super Show and pay for his missing these entire months. There, on the meeting, Kibum felt something didn’t right with his fat hyung. The one that always teach him dancing. He missed his hyungs and always asked for apologies, but Shindong hyung never gave him a calming words, he felt Shindong hyung was really mad at him for never be with Super Junior.

“Hyung, are you mad at me?” Kibum asked.

“No.” is his simple answer.

“But I feel that you’re avoiding me,”

“If you feel so,” then Shindong left Kibum with confused look to his back.

Shindong knew, he shouldn’t be mad at Kibum, it was not his fault after all, but he wanted perfection, if the 13 of them was on the stage together, it would be awesome, their feeling would fabulous, he thought. When Kibum was not there, he felt a shortage of feeling. It wasn’t Kibum’s fault, he always think, Kibum has his own reason after all.

Then, Kibum came to his first dance practice for Super Show, he still felt that Shindong hyung’s avoiding him. He always came to Kyuhyun or Ryeowook to teach them a new dance move – a simple one, it’s Shindong job, to teach the other who can’t dance properly –, then Kibum rather choosed to practice with Eunhyuk and Donghae. The Eunhae couple will perform together, just the two of them. Kibum thought it would be fun and fantastic if the Eunhae show their affection to each other to the audience. Having fun, Kibum tried to follow their move, Eunhyuk didn’t mind at all, he was glad and taught Kibum also.

Kibum found it’s hard to follow Eunhyuk and Donghae’s move, they are the best dancing couple after all, but Kibum still followed them until he could reach their level. Eunhyuk praised Kibum for that and he smiled in victory. But when they tried to practiced the whole moved, Kibum broke his ankle– hard enough – and groaned in pain. Everyone approached him immediately and asked him if he’s okay. They called for their manager hyung, but unfortunately, nobody’s there. Then Shindong is the first one who carry Kibum to the hospital.

“Come on, get Kibummie on my back..!” he said to anyone after he cowed in front of Kibum, and they get Kibum on Shindong’s back before Shindong Ran to his own car with Eeteuk and Donghae not far away behind. The four of them get in Shindong’s car.

“You were stupid enough, Kibum..” Shindong said ehen he’s on the road to the hospital.

“Why could I ?”

“Are you crazy to follow Eunhyuk and Donghae’s move? You could’ve come to me,” he spat with a lot of concern. Eeteuk and Donghae only could see each other, didn’t understand why Shindong like this.

“Because I thought you won’t teach me again.”

“Stupid,” he muttered again, but everyone on the car – especially Eeteuk – could recognize the trait apprehension from Shindong.

Shindong couldn’t stop crying, he still blamed himself for make Kibum into this level. Kibum didn’t be enabled to discharge from the hospital for six weeks, and it meant Kibum won’t get involved in the Super Show Concert.

“Hyung, it’s not your fault,” Kibum said, tried to calm Shindong.

“Yes, Shindong, don’t blame yourself too long like this,” Eeteuk tried also, but Shindong still with his sob.

“I’m sorry Kibummie, I should’ve known from the first place,”

“No, hyung, I’m the one who pushed myself to follow them, see, Eunhyuk and Donghae don’t blame theirself, because it wasn’t their fault,”

Eunhyuk and Donghae nodded in agreement – because they have been told by Eeteuk to not blame theirself (but they are) so Shindong will stop crying – and smiled at Shindong.

“Hyung, just do yor best for me, I hope our concert will get a huge success, because of you hyung, you’re the best dance teacher I ever had..” Kibum’s words made Shindong wipe his tears and smiled to his favorite dongsaeng ever.

“Thank’s Kibum”

Shindong realize now, perfection will come if you can accept the unperfect one perfectly. Perfect isn’t always complete, perfect is when you accept the unperfect one completely.

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