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[02]Angel’s Coming
Words Count: 2,351
What I'm Listening To: Big Bang - Last Farewell
when the angel fallen from heaven to some bad persons.

Every Friday, Kangin always meet Mr.Lee Han Ji for sociology lecture, he must make sure that every meeting the students have to collect their simple paper or that meeting will become useless and they have to study over again next year. So every Thursday night, Kangin always sit in front his laptop on the dark room and the opened balcony door.

Every night, he and Heechul always go to the club to meet their friends from highschool, and some from the university. Eventhough Kangin and Heechul are best friends, they still have some friends to hang out, lunch together, play together, go to the club together, even sometimes (but rarely,so rarely) study together. Some of them are his dongsaeng, Heechul is the oldest among them, the sharped-eyed man is older than him and he still has two other guy as his dongsaeng.

However, this night, he has to focus with his paper. Kangin started it at eight thirty and almost finished it at twelve before he hear a loud thud from his balcony. At first he think it is the sound of a fallen stalk from the tree beside his house, but as he walks to the balcony, he sees many feathers scatter anywhere and it still fall from above, some are also go into Kangin’s room. He picks the feather before he reach the balcony, the feather is unordinary, it’s big, bigger than dove’s feather and also a swan’s feather, it almost like an eagle or phoenix feather but it’s white, pure white.

Kangin hears a scratch noise from his wooden floor balcony, and he frightened when he sees an arm peek from the left side of his balcony. It can’t be a ghost.!! Kangin thinks. But still, he’s sweating. He crawls to the right side of his balcony’ door and peek outside. It’s a man, more surprising; A COMPLETELY BARENAKED MAN is there, and guess what’s the most surprising thing; his WINGS!

“I’m sure I’m dreaming..!!” he slaps his face lightly, and when the creature in front of him still there, he slaps hardly, but it still there.

“Help..” the creature voiced in English and look Kangin in the eye before his head fall again to the floor and didn’t move again.

Kangin slowly approachs him and study his body, it seems he just go out from fire stove, his body covered with charcoal, but not his wings, it still white. When Kangin wants to touch that wings, the wings slowly back inside (?) the man’s back. Kangin pulls behind, frightens and anxious but also amaze with the scenery in front of him. Is this man an angel..?

“No, it can’t be..!! It can’t be angel..!! NO!” he interjects his own thoughts.

Kangin takes back some fresh air to his brain, trying to regain his own clean thought. The creature (or angel) still there, face downward, and then Kangin pushed him over and lift him up. Kangin takes him to his bathroom and put him on the bathtub. There’re small singes on the frontage of the angel’s body. Kangin runs some waters to the bathtub, cold first, when it reachs the angel’s stomach, he whimpers slightly, it must be hurt, grips Kangin’s hand that rested on the edge of the bathtub, but still with eyes closed. Until the angel’s stop whimper, Kangin begins to wash him and wear him a bathrobe, a large bathrobe on him, since Kangin has big body and this angel is small, skinny, and look very fragile.

Kangin moves him back to his large and the only bed. He sighs and then sits on the edge of the bed. Watching this just fallen angel, he feels some composure. His face is flawless after the bath a while ago his hair is brown with some bangs covering his brow. Kangin keeps watching this angel, wondering if this angel has a name or anything, family, or friend maybe. It rakes up Kangin.. Heechul.

He picks his cellphone from the drawers and calls Heechul. It comes to ringbacktone, but until 5 or 10 minutes Kangin tries to call him, there’s no answer.

Kangin wakes with a heavy breath right on his neck. He opens his eyes and the angel still there, sleeping with peacefulness, his bangs covering his eyes and Kangin can’t help to not brush off that bangs since it covers the angel’s flawless face. The angel makes a slight move and it shocks Kangin. Before the angel opens his eyes, Kangin sits up on his bed and sees his alarm clock, it’s still six in the morning, he has one and half hour to go to campus.

The angel opens his eyes and looks around, his eyes stop moving when it comes to Kangin’s profile. He sits up immediately then continues to stare at Kangin.

“Who are you..??” the angel asks, in English.

Kangin raises his eyebrow, can’t believe that this angel can speak, “I’m Youngwoon but you can call me Kangin.. and you, what are you..?” and this is Kangin as unusual, he never talked with stranger this gentle.

The angel seems surprise to hear Kangin’s words, he voices a smile, “are you Korean..?” he asks, in Korean this time.

Kangin does the same as he hears the Korean languange out of the angel’s mouth, “Yeah, I’m Korean, here is Korea infact.”

The angel widens his eyes, as he jumps from the bed to stare outside from the balcony door Kangin forgot to close, “is this really Korea..?” he asks with a lot of happiness inside his eyes. Kangin follows him.

“Yes, this is Korea, you know this place..?” Kangin starts curious about this angel.
“I know, I really want to come here..” he exclaims.

“Where do you from..?” Kangin asks with his eyes narrowing.

“There.” He answers innocently as he points toward the sky.

Kangin’s mouth opens with this answer, he approachs the man and stands beside him, “you really are an angel..?!?”

“Yes.” He answers that rhetoric question with the same expression.

Kangin feels his leg weakening, until he fall to the ground and let his back rest at the railing, “oh my God.. Heechul, you have a very wild thought!”

“Are you okay..?” the angel comes to cring beside him and stare at Kangin with that glistening eyes worry.

“I’m okay. Just, do you have a name..?” Kangin tries to calm his breath as he waits for the angel’s answer.

The angel seems to think hard about it, “umm, I think I prepare something, since this is Korea, then I named myself Jungsu, and.. the surname is, Park, so Park Jungsu isn’t that bad, I want Lee at first but my friend has took it.. oh God.. Sungmin, Donghae!!!!” he mocks in horror, and then covers his ears with his hands, he starts to sob.

“Hey, Jungsu.. Jungsu, who is Sungmin and Donghae??”

“Where are they..?! I don’t know where they are, I lost them when we reached atmosphere, I promise to hold their hand forever, but I lost them..” he cries again, louder this time, Kangin has to shut him up, because his parents still sleep, and they ever warned Kangin last time he took a boy to his room.

“Shh! Please, don’t cry too loud, my parents still sleep..”

“Help me to find Sungmin, he won’t be too far from me!! Please..” Kangin sees concern and worry in Jungsu’s eye, it seems this Sungmin guy means everything to him.

“I won’t unless you tell me everything about you..!”

Kangin runs within the campus to find Heechul this morning, and he catches him in the front of his class, have a talk with his girlfriend. However, it seems that the girl who always talks, Heechul just stares down to the floor. What happen with this kid again?

“Heechul!” Kangin calls from afar.

Heechul immediately excuses himself from the girl and runs to Kangin before Kangin reachs him instead.

“I have something to tell to you..!!” they says in unison.

Silent approachs them for a moment, “okay you go first..!” demands Heechul.

“um.. I.. I don’t think so, you first, please..!”

Heechul takes a deep breath before continuing, “you-won’t-ever-belive-this. an.. ehmm, an angel came to me last night..”

“What!!!! How it can happens..??!”

“I don’t know, I’m now afraid about my thought anymore-“

“Is he alright? Are the singes wide? Is his name Sungmin or Donghae..?”

Heechul stares at him with disbelief, “how can you know that he’s a man? He has singes? And who are Sungmin and Donghae? How can you… are you..”

“Yeah, that angel came to me also.. his name is Jungsu.. when he knew that he’s in Korea, he said he prepare a name for each country, this is irrasional, he also has some friends..!” Kangin also can’t believe this, he didn’t expected the other angel will come also to Heechul, “what’s his name?”

“I don’t know, he still sleep when I go..”

“So it can be Sungmin or Donghae.. I’ll come to your house this night to bring Jungsu to ‘your’ angel..” Kangin sigh deeply as he leans his shoulder to the window.

Heechul does the same, “did he tell everything..? I still can’t believe that he’s an angel, but his wings told me everything, it can’t be an ordinary human after all..”

“Yeah, he said he was giving up heaven and come to earth with his friends, they always watched human from the sky and admired our life, he liked tree and sea he said, since in the sky there weren’t. You found him naked, didn’t you?”


“Their clothes burned when they reach atmosphere, they fell without spread their wings cause they know it could’ve burned out, fortunately he had time to spread it a moment before he fell to the ground, to my balcony actually.. he cried when he mention this guy named Sungmin and Donghae, and another angel named Ryeowook that he wasn’t sure the said angel followed him or not.. the angel in your house, it must be one of that angels…”

Kangin and Heechul stare at each other, they remain like that for a long time until come a laughter, an awkward laughter actually, “do you have any idea how wild our imagination are, huh..?” Heechul says.

“Yeah, very-very wild, I also tried to call you a moment I found this angel.. thought how wild your thought were, but you didn’t pick up the phone..!”

“Oh.. my cellphone is at Shiwon place..”

“You make out with him again..?”

“Yeah, he needed it..!”

And for the second time they laugh again, feeling so fool about this whole thing. Far away, deep inside their heart, they wish this isn’t true, they wish this is only a dream. But happiness blocks it away for come to the surface.

“Jungsu..” Kangin peeks inside his bedroom and sees Jungsu stands in front of his mirror with his wings flapped, big and white (and must be soft; Kangin thinks).

“Hai..” Jungsu turn and smile that dimpled smile to Kangin and naked! It’s the second time Kangin sees Jungsu naked.

“Why are you still undress..?” Kangin opens his closet to search for some cloths.

Kangin question doesn’t make Jungsu moves from his place, it common with another angel, why Kangin so panic about this, “here.. wear this..!”

Jungsu pulls his wings in with slicked noise, it heard like that wings rubbing your flesh, before wear thw white shirt and white pants, it had to be Kangin’s tight pants, but that’s still too large in Jungsu, “do you have any other pants..?” asks Jungsu.

Kangin search for another pants, the pants he had from highschool maybe fit in Jungsu’s, that time Kangin still slim, but he only has his highschool’ trousers uniform, trousers with red and brown plaid. Jungsu wears that.

“I’ll bring you to my friend’s house, he had been fallen by an angel also..” Kangin said as he put his things out of his bag on his table.

Jungsu was very surprise to hear that, “really..?! Who is that..?”

“I don’t know, my friend didn’t have time to ask him the name.. he found him at his tree-house this morning..” Kangin answered, “let’s go.. we have to hurry before awkwardness kill Heechul and your friend, he reallycannot match with newcomer..!”

Then they drove to Heechul’s house with Kangin’s car. Jungsu never closed his mouth inside the car. He said he always wanted to ride, human was clever he thought, though they didn’t have wings, they had car to move. But Kangin found that a little ridiculous, though he also thought the same, even if angel didn’t have car, they have wings to move, it’s fair.

Fifty minutes later, he arrived Heechul’s extravagant house, “okay, we’re here..”

“Is Sungmin there..?” Jungsu asked innocently.

“no, I mean.. we don’t know yet, right..?” answered Kangin tiredly. Jungsu had been asking the same question within fifty minutes they were in the car.

When they reached Heechul’s door, Heechul approached them immediately with a lot concern on his face, “good you come early.. is this your angel..?” he pointed toward Jungsu. Kangin mumbled ‘yes’ but also annoyed with Heechul’s question. Jungsu’s not his angel, it meant, Kangin didn’t own Jungsu after all, was he..? or would he..?

“I need your help..” Heechul said as he immediately grab Jungsu’s wrist and ran to his room.

“What this all about..? What happened to him..?” Jungsu asked as he being dragged by Heechul.

“His wings are bleeding, and he is whimpering, he’s hurt, and I don’t know what to do..”

Then they reached Heechul’s bedroom, and there was the angel, lying face down on Heechul’s bed, “there.. I didn’t ask him any question yet.. I was panic..”

Jungsu ran towards the angel, and tiped the angel’s body over, and he suddenly mocked in shock, “you… how could you be here..!!???”

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  1. I don't know.. but I guess no one has read this series, :( but I'll keep going.. this is my first fic after all. ^^ <3 ~Loreley~

  2. don't worry about that, i read it and i'm sure many people read it too.. they just keep silent..^^
    it's interesting story anyway.. i like it..
    i want to know who's heechul's angels.. hankyung?^^

  3. right.. thank's for reading, i really appreciate that.. ^^it's just because i didn't have confident when i write this.. <3