And so i play my guitar, I always play my guitar. Karamiau saigetsu wo tadoru tabiji de. Mabuta ni kanjiru yuuitsu no honoo. Natsu no nagori wo utsusu mina no ne. Hanatsu senritsu yo tooku tooku kanawanakutomo ~Loreley~


[CFXX] The Next Cup Of Coffee

Proudly Present:

Character Introduction:
- Lee Hyukjae a.k.a Eunhyuk: 25 years old man, Korean, had been living in New York for 3 years, work as an assistant photographer.

- Lee Donghae: 25 years old young enterpreneur, inherit a chained company, have a wife for 2 years.

- Daniel Armand Lee a.k.a Tablo: 27 years old man, Korean but was born in America, living his life as a writer and had few part time jobs.

- Kim Hyoyeon a.k.a Hyo: 23 years old, Korean, a secretary in where Eunhyuk work for, had been living in New York for 8 years already.

- Lim Yoona: 23 years old, Donghae’s wife, daughter of the president of the biggest mall in Korea.

- Lee Sungmin: Eunhyuk’s friend from high school, went to New York to live with his lover that happened to have a job in New York.

- Jo Kyuhyun: Lee Sungmin’s lover, has a pasta shop and a few branch of it.

- Park Jungsu a.k.a Eeteuk: Donghae’s oldest cousin from his mom, working as a bartender, living a free life.

- Kim Youngwoon a.k.a Kangin: Eeteuk’s lover, working an average office job.

- Summary:
The first cup of coffee never be able to make the memories go away, so he drinks the next cup of coffee to keep him awake from those dream he never wanted to have.


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