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[03] When You Love Your Friend

Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Title: When You Love Your Friend
Status: Chapter 2/?
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kibum/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Genderswitch (girl!Donghae and girl!Sungmin)
What I'm Listening To: Rainbow - Not Your Girl
Words: 1,884
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

Guilty, maybe that’s the reason why Donghae didn’t think about Kibum as her reason to back. She knew Kibum is such a gentle and kind person, and she really didn’t think twice when she unilateraly broke up with him, she just wanted to go away from the rumours and didn’t give Kibum a chance to fix her. Eventhough now each memory she had with Kibum reminisce again, and she realized it was her fault, she didn’t think Kibum will forgive and comeback to her.

“Donghae!!” someone called. The music made the voice vague, but Donghae recognize it. She finally made to walk in the venue where Ryeowook’s party was under one’s belt after Jessica threw her a simple dress to wear.
Donghae made a move to the voice, “Ryeowookie… how are you ? I really miss you!”

They hugged each other, “I miss you too! We really are!”

Then she realized that everyone was there already including Hyeoyeon and Taeyeon. She noticed Kibum having a conversation with two men not too far, one man had a sharped eyes and the other was a lean man with curly brown hair.

“hey.. I’ll introduce you to my fiance!” Ryeowook said as she dragged Donghae to where Kibum was having a conversation, “hey guys.. Yesungie.. this is Donghae!”

The sharped eyes man turned on his heels to Donghae and Ryeowook, “oh, Donghae.. nice to meet you ! Ryeowook always talk about you.”

“hi.. nice to meet you too, Yesung-sshi!”

“and this is Kyuhyun.. Yesung’s cousin!” Ryeowook’s introduced her to the tall man beside Kibum.

“oh, nice to meet you, Donghae is it ? Kibum always talk about you.” He said, and Donghae gaped, for two reasons, first she recognized Kyuhyun’s voice, second from what he said.

She noticed Kibum elbowed Kyuhyun hard he groaned, “oh, nice to meet you too, Kyuhyun-sshi, you’re that jazz singer, right?!”

“oh, you know me ?! I thought you were in England!” Kyuhyun said surprised.

“yeah, my brother’s wife likes jazz and she likes to keep abreast of it, anywhere.”

“really ?! send my greeting to her..”

“of course..!”

“Donghae..!! let’s dance!!” that’s Hyeoyeon’s voice and the next thing Donghae knew is she’s on the dance floor with Jessica, Heechul and Hyeoyeon and other people.

That was really like the old time, music and spotlight, but they weren’t at the stage anymore, the spotlight didn’t spot them alone. But that was better, she could do whatever she wanted to do without have to bother about what people would say.


That morning, Donghae woke up to Eunhyuk’s face so close with hers… unfortunately, it was in her dream, so she woke up because of confused why she dreamt of Eunhyuk that way. She sat on her bed, rubbed her temple and glanced to the clock above the door, 8 AM, it meant that she only sleep for 5 hours.

After the party, the girls wanted so much to recall their friendship again, so six of them remained at the venue, talked about what happen in three years. There were many sad and happy things happened. Heechul spent a years at America to have plastic surgery while Hyoyeon obviously stay in Korea but no one knows where was she. Taeyeon became a solo singer though not that famous, she sang mainly for soundtrack. Jessica moved to SM and trained herself again until she had a frequent debut last year as singer. Jessica and Heechul met coincidentaly when Heechul took a contract for SM Modelling then they just forgive each other without ceremony. Differently, Ryeowook lived her life without worried, because there were no rumours about her either. She lived as ordinary people, making accessories, go shopping, not bothering every stared, having boyfriend and just let herself flowing.
And Donghae got Eunhyuk’s place, she had plan to make a surprise for him this morning, because today she had to start working with the dance for Jessica. Donghae turn the TV on as she ate her breakfast, there was a new make her surprise but she managed to smile, “Sapphire Rejoin!”. Donghae never thought she will be on TV again.
After breakfast, Donghae called a cab and go to Eunhyuk’s apartment. Her heart beating so fast that time, she really can’t wait to see Eunhyuk again, she wanted to hug him, kiss his cheek, tackle him and end up rolling on the floor. That was a little from many memory she had with Eunhyuk, and she wanted to repeat it again. She really felt guilty for the bad thing that happened when she went away and guilty because she forgot everything, especially when she forgot about Eunhyuk.

This was it, Eunhyuk’s apartment. Donghae tried to calm herself from over excited by inhaled and exhaled deeply, but she couldn’t calm her heart and her lips from forming a big smiled when she pushed the bell, three times, but there’s no answer yet. Eunhyuk must be still sleeping, she thought. But the door creaked open on the fifth push, and a girl on pink pajama stared at her. The smile on Donghae’s lip faded and she stared back at the girl with narrowed eyes.

“can I help you ?” asked the girl with somewhat sleepy voice.

“oh, I think I got the wrong apartment.” Donghae managed to answer.

The girl seemed hesitate but asked again, “who’s you looking for ?”

“is this Eunhyuk-sshi’s apartment ?”

“yes.. so you come for Hyuk,” she said and made a move to let Donghae in, “take a seat please, I’ll call him..”

Donghae just did what the girl told. Who’s that girl.. can’t be Hyuk’s wife… he’ll tell me if he’s married.. or she’s just… girlfriend ? since when Eunhyuk become a pedhofile, that girl seems much younger than Donghae. Puffy cheeks and pouted lips, it’s so not Eunhyuk.


Eunhyuk always had that dream for the past a year, hug Donghae at the airport. If Eunhyuk had that dream it meant that he’s missing Donghae. But the dream seemed always longing to come everynight lately, so… it meant that he misses his bestfriend everyday, right. When that girl would come, he didn’t know. He didn’t want to know either, it was really hurt when he come to England to bring Donghae back last year, he really excited to be able to found Donghae after long terms, but Donghae just rejected him to comeback that time. Eventhough she’d promised him, but she knew Donghae couldn’t be able to stand the rumours, so he didn’t push her. She couldn’t stand the pain.

“Hyuk.. wake up honey!” the voice brought him to the world. He opened his eyes and found Sungmin sat on the edge of his bed.

“morning.. but I don’t have schedule, so let me back to sleep, okay honey.” He smiled at her then pulled the cover back up his half naked body.

“no.. I won’t let you!”

“and why not ?” Eunhyuk asked with closed eyes.

“because you have a guest.”

“who ?”

“I don’t know, a young woman…”

Eunhyuk sat up, “young woman ?” he hesitated.

“yeah.” Sungmin answered as she bowed her head, then looked up at Eunhyuk, “don’t tell me you’re cheating on me, because that girl don’t know me and I don’t know her..!”

“what ?! no… I never cheated on you.” He held her hands on his, “I’ll go to her and make sure that I’m not!”

Eunhyuk threw a shirt that lay on the floor on his head and went to see the guest. The young woman sat on his couch with cross arms and legs, “sorry, can I hel…” the young woman turned as she heard the voice and Eunhyuk’s gasped in surprise, “Donghae!!!”

“Eunhyukkie!!!!” they ran to each other and hugged.


Donghae was filling her mind with that girl opened the door for her when she heard that voice she’s longing so much, “sorry, can I hel..” Donghae turned her head and he gasped, “Donghae!!!”

“Eunhyukkie!!!!” she ran and he ran and ended up hugging each other.

“is this really you ?” he mumbled on her shoulder.

“yes it’s me, Hyuk..” she said softly and she could feel that he’s just exhaled, is that meant he held his breath all that time.

They just hugged, because it felt so good and relaxing, and they just feel relieved because finally they meet. Donghae forgot about what she will do to Eunhyuk when they meet like this, she forgot about the kiss and the tackle, she just wanted to be in Eunhyuk’s embrace until she can felt her own tears.

“Hyuk, I’m sorry!” she managed to say.

“I know.”

It was different, the embrace, from the last time. It was something new beside familiarity on it. She felt so much save, tighter, and love… the last time she checked, Eunhyuk didn’t love her and the embrace didn’t feel like Kibum’s. But it was.

A cough made them pull away from the convenient embrace. Donghae turned to her right and saw the girl from before standing in the doorway maybe to Eunhyuk’s bedroom.

“uhm, Min..”

Min..??? is that a nickname ? like you call me Hae ?! no way !! wait, why do I have to compare myself..

“Min, this is Donghae.. I’ve told you about her, haven’t I ?” Eunhyuk said, with a bright expression on his face.

That ‘Min’s’ eyes widened, “so, this is your bestfriend… wait, you’re also Sapphire’s member, right?!” she said as she approached them, “hi, I’m Lee Sungmin..!”

Donghae took Sungmin’s offered hand and shook it, “I’m Lee Donghae.. nice to meet you Sungmin-sshi!” she offered a smile as a change.

She smiled back when Eunhyuk released his hand from hers and took Sungmin’s instead, “this is my girlfriend, I met her at winter last year!” he said warmly as he looked into her eyes.

Winter ?? last year ??! it meant before he came to England, why didn’t he tell me about that earlier ? and what’s wrong with this heart, it’s keep stabbed, somewhat painful, hey, do you feel betrayed..??

“Hae.. are you okay ?”

“yeah, I’m fine!”

“hey, we can have breakfast together, after we’re finish showering of course..” Sungmin offered.

“oh, no thank’s.. I have to go.” She refused softly. Eventhough the appointment will start 2 hours later, but she kinda felt that she’s in the wrong time to come.

Eunhyuk frowned, “you’re going again..?”

“yeah, but don’t worry, we can catch up later.. I’m working under SM now and kinda managing Jessica’s dance.” She answered heavily.

“ow, that’s great..” said Eunhyuk, “right, we have to catch up, okay!”

“okay.. bye!”

“bye!” and Eunhyuk gave her a kiss on the cheek before she get out of the apartment.

Outside, she walked slowly to the street, she somewhat lost her mind… why did it feel so uncomfortable on her throat when Eunhyuk introduced the girl as his girlfriend, is it just because she was over excited about the plan so when it didn’t go well she felt somehow dissapointed ? or is it because Eunhyuk had a promise that he’ll be there when she comes, but the fact is he’s there but with someone else ? or is it about the feeling she felt when she engulfed on Eunhyuk’s embrace ?


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