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Plain Birthday
Theme:032. Roses
Character: Shindong/Shindong, Eunhyuk/Donghae
Rating: PG
Words: 2,439
What I'm Listening To: Someday – Do You Know
Eunhyuk lost for something he will give to Donghae but Donghae told Shindong that he didn’t want anything for his birthday from his boyfriend.

Shindong was walking to the kitchen to do his morning ritual, with still sleepy eyes, he didn’t sure what he sees. There, leaning against the refrigerator, Eunhyuk was drinking a carton of strawberry milk. It was still 8 AM in the morning, and Eunhyuk never woke that early.

“Eunhyuk, is that you?” Shindong asked hesitantly.

He startled, so he’s musing this whole time, Shindong thought, “oh, Shindong, you scared me..”

“Not me, it’s you who scaring me, why are you wake so early?” he asked again as he removed Eunhyuk from the refrigerator so he could open it and grab some snack from it, he couldn’t help his hunger in the morning, so that’s why he always wake up earlier before the other members.

Eunhyuk followed Shindong’s every movement before answered, “I didn’t have enough sleep last night, and until morning, I couldn’t sleep either.”

“Is there something bothering you?” Shindong frowned.

Eunhyuk sctrached his unitchy head, “uhm, yes, but not really..”

“What is it?”

“I think, I ran out of idea of what should I give for Donghae’s birthday this year,” he admitted.

“Oh, may I give you some options?” Shindong offered.

Eunhyuk smiled brightly, “yes, of course, go ahead.”

Shindong started to think, “how about necklace?”

“I don’t think so, I gave one to him when he’s 20.”

Shindong nodded, “bracelet?”

“When we still trainee, I gave him one.”


“He doesn’t use earrings.”


“I gave him two, last year and this valentine, it was diamond anyways.”

“Something like t-shirt or hat?”

“I never wait until his birthday to buy him those things.”

At that, Shindong sighed, “you gave too much to Donghae!” he said in defeat.

Eunhyuk chuckled, “I think about that also, hyung, but I still feel it’s never enough for reward what he had given to me.”


That afternoon Shindong was appointed by Eeteuk to take Donghae out cause the others will talk about Donghae’s birthday which is tomorrow. Donghae seemed dampish that day. So after bought something at the convenient store, Shindong take Donghae to the park also and they sit at a bench.

“You didn’t talk too much today, what’s wrong?” asked Shindong.

Donghae shook his head with pout.

“Come on, tell me, I don’t like you when you’re moody like this.”

Donghae sighed, “hyung, what will you give to me on my birthday?”

Shindong surprised with Donghae’s sudden question, “what? That’s a secret, I won’t tell you.”

The younger just nodded, “yeah, I know, I’m not forcing you to tell anyways.”

“Hey, what’s really happening?”

“Hyung, do you think you can ask for your birthday present by yourself to the others?” Donghae looked Shindong in the eye, hoping an answer from him.

“Sure, what do you want from me, I’ll give you?”

Donghae shook his head again, “no, not from you.”

“So from whom?”


“Oh, so why don’t you just tell him, he’s frantically looking for the right present for your birthday this year.” Shindong said easily.

“yeah, but hyung, I don’t want anything from him actually.”

“why not? he always wanted to give you something, he always gives you something on your birthdays anyways.” Shindong bewildered with Donghae’s words just now, how come he didn’t want anything from his beloved one.

“Because of that, I didn’t want anything this year. It’s not that I didn’t like what he’d given to me, I really love it, but lately, I think what if it become too much, and when it’s too much it will become excessive. I’m enough with just his love,” Donghae explained, “necklace,” he added as he held his necklace, “bracelet,” now his bracelet that he held, “diamond rings,” as he stared to his left hand and the diamond ring there was shining brightly, “and I can’t count how much little thing he gave to me, like t-shirt, hat, he also gave sunglasses’ to me.”

“Yeah, I understand now.”

“But I can’t tell him about this, he will think that I don’t appreciate his gift, and the worst is he will think that I refuse him and don’t love him anymore, I feel so awry..” Donghae cried, Shindong could tell he is so frustated beside depressed.

Shindong reached for Donghae’s shoulder and leaned him in deeper on his arm as Donghae started to sob, “you really don’t want anything from him?” Shindong asked to assure.

Donghae only nodded his head and Shindong started to think what should he does now.


Shindong and Donghae came to their apartment at 8 o’clock. Shindong saw that the member at his apartment was exact without the other members from the other dorm’s adding. It meant that the meeting has done – and Eunhyuk is not there but his own dorm downstairs – and he and Donghae could come in.

As soon as Donghae entered his own room that he shared with Eeteuk, Shindong go out of the dorm toward the other dorm. He glad just to find Eunhyuk opened the door for him.

“Hey hyung, what’s bring you here?” Eunhyuk asked as he let Shindong in.

“I just want to talk to you.” Shindong answered.

They walked the hallway to the dining room and found Kyuhyun and Sungmin eating some snacks there, “hi hyung,” they greeted in unison, “wanna try some?” Sungmin offered.

“oh yeah, thank’s” and he grabbed some from Sungmin and started to eat with them.
“hyung, you said you want to talk to me,” Eunhyuk said makes Shindong realize why he came here in the first place, the snack distracted him, Kyumin’s fault.

“Oh, I forgot, it’s about Donghae.”

Eunhyuk eyes narrowed but a concern painted in his face too, “I don’t think it’s a good news.”

“The other way, it’s a good news for you, I know what Donghae wants for his birthday,” Shindong explained.

Eunhyuk almost jumped from his seat, he smiled brightly to his hyung’s words, “really, what is that? I almost frustated, I’m out of idea, tell me hyung!” he shook Shindong’s shoulder.

“I’ll tell you, just stop!” Shindong exclaimed and Eunhyuk sat calmly again as he wait for Shindong to speak.

Shindong felt that he didn’t have the heart to tell Eunhyuk all of this. In the fact he also afraid if Eunhyuk will think what Donghae thinks. If Donghae didn’t tell Eunhyuk about this, then he will suffer, but if Donghae told Eunhyuk about this, the it’s Eunhyuk who suffer, but Shindong knew that he had to do this and explained to them wisely. Shindong sighed before spoke, “he didn’t want anything.” He said calmly.

Eunhyuk frowned, “what?!”

“He told me that he don’t want anything from you.”

“what the hell is that?!” Eunhyuk stood up angrily.

“Woah woah, Eunhyuk just calm down!” Sungmin hushed him. Eunhyuk sat down again on his chair as Sungmin asked a thing to Shindong, “is he really don’t want anything, I and Kyuhyun have prepared something for him instead,” Sungmin pouted.

“You guys don’t worry, he just don’t want present from Eunhyuk.”

“Oh, it’s very upseting,” Eunhyuk growled.

“Eunhyukkie, he does that not because he doesn’t love every single attention you gave, he very appreciate it, but you gave him too much, he afraids it will become excessive, he afraids that your love is being replaced by those things,” Shindong explained.

Eunhyuk buried his face on his hands and growled again, “but I have to, I have to give him something, if it just a little thing like ring.”

“what? You gave him ring?!!” Sungmin shocked by Eunhyuk’s confession and glared at Kyuhyun who tried to avoid his stare.

“It wasn’t a little thing, it was diamond, and you gave him two!” Shindong yelled, how come Eunhyuk said that that ring is a ‘little thing’.

“diamond?!” Sungmin mocked again, this time followed by Kyuhyun.

“You know, Donghae didn’t want that much, he like it when you gave him something, but you know, NOT THAT MUCH, okay, you got it!” Shindong tried to calm Eunhyuk who is now seems very frustated, while Kyuhyun nodded in agreement.

“But still, I have to give him something, can’t you understand? I can’t go through Donghae’s birthday without anything to give to. It’s frustating for me also, I’m anxious to give him something while he doesn’t want anything!” Eunhyuk said with, yeah exactly, frustated.

Shindong, Sungmin and Kyuhyun couldn’t do anything again, they knew Eunhyuk desire couldn’t be blocked by anything.

“I’ll prepare something for you, something you can give to Donghae tomorrow. I’m sure that you can’t think anything that ‘NOT THAT MUCH’ for Donghae’s birthday, but I do. I’ll call you tomorrow morning, okay?” Shindong patted Eunhyuk’s shoulder before leave.

With that, Shindong returned to his own dorm and began to think something ‘NOT THAT MUCH’ to give to Donghae – by Eunhyuk, of course – because he didn’t mean it when he said ke knows what to give to Donghae, just to make Eunhyuk take cooly again.


The next morning, without anyone knows Shindong quickly leave the dorm – without breakfast – and walked towards the street. Honestly, he still didn’t know what is something ‘NOT THAT MUCH’ he should take. There was many something cheap at the street, but Eunhyuk would feel down again, he definitely didn’t want to be a cheapskate especially for his own beloved man.

After almost an hour Shindong walked the street with empty stomach, he passed a flower shop and the idea popping out immediately. He called Eunhyuk, “yo Hyukkie, can you catch me up… yeah, I’m at the flower shop… just hurry!”

Not so long after, Eunhyuk came with his car, “hyung, do you find the right present?” he asked.

Shindong grinned at him, “yeah sure, you can give this to Donghae.” Shindong answered and handed Eunhyuk two handle of red roses.

“Hyung, it’s not valentine’s day.”

“Did in valentine’s day you give him roses?”

“yeah, along with the ring.”

“along with the ring, huh? And today you’re going to give him this rose without anything that much, okay, you want Donghae to be happy or not?”

“Of course hyung, okay then… I’ll give him these,” Eunhyuk said and headed towards the seller, “excuse me, can I have a bouquet of that roses?” Eunhyuk ordered.

“yes, how much handle do you want, sir?” the seller asked.

“hundred or two!” Eunhyuk said simply and received a hit on the head by Shindong. The seller widened her eyes, “what hyung?”

“’NOT THAT MUCH’ remember?!” Shindong sighed with Eunhyuk stupidity, “miss, just give him a handle of rose, wrap nicely, and give me a bouquet of 10 roses!” he ordered politely.

“hyung, I don’t think I can face Donghae with just a rose!”

“just do it!! Aish, you’re so hard to arranged(?)”

That night, everyone gathered on the dorm upstairs to celebrate Donghae’s birthday. A rather big birthday cake rounded by all members on the table, the light was off and the room only filled by candlelights. They sang ‘Saeng Il Chupka’ together before let Donghae to blow the candle out. After the lights on again, the members one by one gave Donghae their present. The door to the dorm opened and they saw the person who just opened it, it was Shindong.

“hyung, you didn’t here when I blew out the candles?” Donghae asked with pout on his lips.

“Oh yeah, sorry, I have to take care of something.”

Donghae just smiled and started to open the present he received. Shindong whispered something to Eunhyuk’s ears – who hadn’t give his present yet and just standing against the wall and wathced Donghae opens his present – and Eunhyuk eyes widened. He now had enough encouragement to give Donghae his present. Because the other presents was have so much different from his present. Kyuhyun and Sungmin’s was a couple mug with fishes picture in it. Heechul and Hangeng’s was a green giok they bought from China. Kibum’s was a wallet he bought from America. Yesung and Ryeowook’s was shark-tale’s miniature character. Leeteuk and Kangin’s was a pair of white shoes. Shiwon’s was Gucci tie. Even Shindong’s was a watch.

“hey Eunhyuk-ah, don’t you have present for Donghae?” Eeteuk asked.

“you should have.” Kangin added.

“urm.. I have some- uhm, a thing for you, Hae.” Eunhyuk said as he approached Donghae and stood in front of him. He gave Donghae the rose he had been holding for so long behind him.

Everyone didn’t say anything at first, surprised by Eunhyuk’s present to Donghae. Until Heechul spoke up, “don’t tell me you only have that rose on Donghae’s birthday?”
“yeah, it must be a diamond inside the bud!” Yesung followed.

Eunhyuk only stared deep into Donghae’s eyes as Donghae also surprised by Eunhyuk’s action so he hadn’t taken the rose yet, “no, it’s just a rose, without anything in it!”

Donghae exhaled, his eyes full with tears that ready to flow. He took the rose before hugged Eunhyuk tightly and whispered something between his sob, “thank’s, this is the best present I ever had!”

Eunhyuk sighed in relief and hugged Donghae back, “I should know from the first time, shouldn’t wait for Shindong-hyung to tell me what you want for your birthday. Actually, I didn’t want you to consider me as a cheapskate.”

Donghae released his embrace and grab Eunhyuk’s hand, “you know, this is the most expensive present I ever had!” after that, Donghae pulled Eunhyuk to him and kissed him deep. They remained like that for the next 30 seconds, and it would be more 30 seconds and more if Shindong didn’t threw them apart.

“don’t you know we’re hungry here, especially me!! so let’s just eat the cake already!” Shindong exclaimed to the whole dorm – much to the whole world –.

Eeteuk and Ryeowook immediately prepared some plates for them as Donghae cut the cake. He cut the cake bigger than usual and gave the first cut to Shindong.

“Hyung, thank you, today’s occurrence is because of you,” Donghae said brightly.
“You’re welcome, anything for you, as long as you didn’t make me spend the whole day without breakfast anymore! And… I’ve prepared something for you!” Shindong said.

Shindong and Eunhyuk exchanged glare and Eunhyuk smirk, “Hae, do you mind if I ask you to come with me?”

“I don’t, but the others? where are you going?”

“the other can wait.. I just take you to my room..”

Donghae didn’t say anything anymore as Eunhyuk drag him along to his dorm downstairs. When they reached Eunhyuk’s room, Donghae’s mouth gaped, he couldn’t hold back his amazement to the view before him. There, upon Eunhyuk’s bed, scattered much rose petals and on Eunhyuk’s dressing table are some handle of roses.

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