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[02] When You Love Your Friend

Title: When You Love Your Friend
Status: Chapter 1/?
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, Kibum/Donghae, Eunhyuk/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG-13 (for this chapter)
Genre: AU, Romance, Angst, Genderswitch (many girls in here :D)
Words: 2,169
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?

“Donghae, are you sure you want to go back to Korea ?” her mother asked when she was about to take her suitcase from the closet. It was the nth time she asked, and she always answer it with the same.

“yes, umma! I won’t if Jessica didn’t call me and said that she’s becoming a singer and want me to take care of her choreography, and her relationship with Heechul’s becoming good, not to mention Ryeowook’s wedding because you’re invited too..” she said.

“but eventhough it has been 3 years, I’m worried about your rumour..” there, that expression always make her heart hesitate, she really can’t bear any more rumour, she had a great living in England, but beside what her explanation for her mother about her reason to go back to Korea, she had a promise a year ago.


Donghae live at small apartment with her mother. Her brother, Donghwa live with his wife not too far from the apartment, she lived her live easily without people know her as infamous artist at Korea. Here, Donghae work as a dance teacher for kid at 8 – 13 sometimes she helped her friend Bryan to teach teenagers at 14 – 17. She could forget what happened at Korea, why her friends never ever call her and searching for her existence, especially Eunhyuk. She tried to call Eunhyuk, but never get a single answer. She realized she hadn’t called him for a year then.

A year later, after so many happiness that England bring to her. Donghwa said that she had a guest at his house, from Korea. She rushed to her brother’s house and found Eunhyuk sitting on his brother’s living room.

“Hyuk.. what are you doing here ?” she asked, surprised, shocked, but she sighed in relief when Eunhyuk engulfed her on his embrace.

“why were you runaway ?” he said when he pulled himself away and grip Donghae’s shoulder tightly.

Donghae stared deep into Eunhyuk’s eyes, there are sure worriness and tears?, “no.. I wasn’t runaway..”

“yes you are..” his tone slightly annoyed with Donghae’s answer, “ didn’t tell me where you went..”

“I tried okay.. I tried eventhough I remember it when I’ve already arrived here, but you weren’t there.. where were you Hyuk ?”

Eunhyuk loosened his grip to Donghae and bow his head, “I was.. well.. I was at America..”

“well, you never told me you were at America.. so we’re equal okay..!”

Eunhyuk exhaled deeply and look Donghae in the eyes, Donghae felt something on that gaze, but never get to know what, “it was my fault okay.. I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you need me, I’m sorry I forgot about you and when I remember and I came back for you, do you know how guilty I am when I found you weren’t there..”

“okay, I’m sorry too.. I forgot about you also. So.. you come here from Korea just to know my condition and sorry because you didn’t tell me you were at America, that’s very sweet of you, you know!” Donghae smiled. She tried to erase Eunhyuk’s sadness, but his worriness still there.

“yes, to say that and to bring you back to Korea again..”

Donghae’s smile faded, she really didn’t want to go back to Korea again, she’s done with Korea, “no, I can’t!”

“why Donghae ? why can’t you ? just forget about those rumours, you can go on with it, can’t you ?”

“no.. you don’t understand, beside my family’s here, I have job I want, what else could I want.”

There’s silent for a few minutes, Eunhyuk and Donghae didn’t talk to each other before Eunhyuk broke it, “listen.. I don’t have much time here, I thought it will be easy to bring you back.. I have to go back to America tonight..” Eunhyuk stared deep into Donghae’s eyes again and grip his shoulders again, “…promise me that you’ll be back, I’ll be there when you back.. come back for me, for us, for our everything, Hae!”

‘come back for me, Hae!’ that words made Donghae didn’t want to get rid of Eunhyuk’s arms and that words had the urge to what Donghae would say next, “yes, I promise.”


It doesn’t that easy to keep her promise with Eunhyuk, since that time she barely got news from Eunhyuk. After Eunhyuk come to England, Donghae felt like she really didn’t want to worry Eunhyuk anymore. The worriness sent a feeling to Donghae. A feeling that made her really wanted to come beside Eunhyuk, forever with him and rewind their friendship without anything to interfere about. Made her want to love Eunhyuk more.

Then Jessica called her to come back for Korea, and all the things was just perfect, she could fulfill her promise to Eunhyuk beside lace her friendship again with the girls. Damn with rumours and damn with bad images, she thought. She promised she wouldn’t be a celebrity anymore.


Eunhyuk just arrived at Incheon from America, his last America visiting, when he saw a girl with blonde hair, she really like someone he knew, no! she really someone he knew, the upcoming and just comeback singer, Jessica. What does a celebrity like Jessica do at the airport alone ?

When he’s about to approached Jessica, someone called him, “Hyukkie!”

Eunhyuk turned around and saw a cute woman with puffy cheeks with long-black hair dress in skinny-black jeans and gray top, “Hyuk, come.. the driver’s waiting.”

“oh, okay Min.. hey, don’t you miss me ? you just see me and immediately talk about your driver..?”

“you only go for a week.. but, of course I miss you!”

Eunhyuk smiled at her then huddled her shoulder as she put her arm at his waist and led the way to the car. He took a last look at Jessica and she’s waving at the direction of the arrival. Oh, she picks someone up, he thought and continued to walk with the woman beside him. It’s nice to be back to Korea and never will he leave it again, because if he does, he will lose something important again.


Donghae arrived at Korea that day. She knew, Eunhyuk wouldn’t be there for her arrival, because he didn’t know either about it, but she believed that she could find Eunhyuk soon at Korea, he promised that he’ll be there when Donghae come.

There was Jessica, waved at her with light pink dress and stilleto with curl-long-blonde hair, really different from Jessica she knew, chocolate hair always with ponytail and white shirt, very innocent, but it still there, charisma of a celebrity, she really borned to be it.

“hai Jess!” Donghae greeted.

Jessica hugged her, “Donghae-unnie! I really miss you, and I’m very happy you accept my offer!”

“I know, this is surprising myself too.. I still can’t believe I’m back in Korea..”

They laughed, “then welcome… we’re happy you come especially Heechul-unnie.. she really can’t wait to see you, but today she has a photo session with Kibum..”

Donghae held a breath as she heard Jessica said that name. After the broke up, they never called each other again. Donghae knew, when she go to England, she still had a feeling for Kibum, but she didn’t want to become a burdened for him.

“Unnie, you’re okay ?”

Donghae then exhaled and looked Jessica, “yes, I’m fine.. let’s go to my apartment.”

Jessica nodded and led Donghae to her car, “Jess..?”

“yes ?”

“how is Kibum ?”

Jessica looked at her from her eyelashes suspiciously, “what ? you still love him ?” she asked again as she start the engine.

“no, not like that exactly, just want to know his state now.”

Jessica chuckled, “he’s fine.. you know, though he didn’t resign to any contract after you left for 6 month, and the rumours said it had a relevance to your departure which was true.. but he could move on and had his first movie after..”

Donghae nodded, “that’s good..”

“yeah, and he knows you back..”

Donghae shocked, “you told him ?!!”

“no, Heechul did.. why ? you don’t want to meet him after 3 years ?”

Donghae shook her head, “I don’t know.. I’m just not ready yet. For now, I just want to meet Eunhyuk, do you know where is he ?”

“oh.. Eunhyuk-oppa ? yes, he’s really famous now, he succed for training Rain’s boyband, MBLAQ, and now Rain has him as his trainee’s trainer while many boyband want him to be their choreographer..” Jessica explained.

“and where is he ?”

“I don’t know.. but you can ask my manager-oppa!”


Donghae moved her body in sync with the music, alone at the dance studio. The rhytm of Madonna’s and Britney’s song ‘Me against the music’ sent the overflowing passion to dance with her own move. She danced to the full of the song, finally she could feel that feeling again, the meaning of her live, feeling of a dream come true. Eventhough the dream had to have many obstacles in the middle of it.

When the music came to the end, Donghae realized there was someone on the doorway as she glanced over the mirror. The person just stood still and looked Donghae in the eyes, she didn’t have any urge to deny that look, a part of her had missed it. For a few seconds, they just stare at each other through the mirror. Donghae felt her breath had been taken by that person’s eyes, the eyes that had seen everything in Donghae.

“Kibummie…!!” a tall woman with curly hair drew their stare, and she glanced over Donghae, “Donghae!!” she squeaked, “…Kibum, why aren’t you tell me you’ve found her!” she added as she punch Kibum’s shoulder and ran toward Donghae.

“Heechul-unnie!! How are you ?” Donghae asked as she hugged Heechul.

“I’m fine.. better to see you!” she answered before narrowed her eyes, “but I was mad at you for not facing everything.. you really should learn to be shameless like your certain unnie..!” they both laughed.

Kibum coughed to get their attention and Donghae glanced at him, “oh, h-hi Kibum.. h-how are you too ?” she managed to ask and spelled something on her brain before they ended up staring at each other again and Donghae felt like he undressed her.

“oh, y-yeah, I-I’m fine, really..”

Oh, that voice… Donghae thought, it seems like a century she can’t hear that voice, and really, she missed it, she missed everything about this man, why couldn’t she realize from a long ago.

“okay Hae… I think we have something to do tonight, right?” Heechul said.

“what is it ?” Donghae asked, suddenly forgot about their appointment.

“Ryeowook’s before wedding party!”

“oh, right!”

“and Kibum is invited too, so he’s more than willing to be our chauffeur..”

Kibum glared at her, “hey, I didn’t say that.. I just said we could go together to the party!”

“oh, okay.. whatever! Just let’s go!”

They get out of the studio with Kibum led the way to his car. Donghae once again felt like her breaths’d taken away when she saw that the car was the same black Lamborghini which is three years ago never stop to ride her home. The next thing she knew is she ended up sitting beside Kibum at the passenger seat when Heechul – as she said, “I won’t disturb you when I call Hankyung”. – slid into the backseat.

Donghae seemed really uncomfortable in her seat, she remember each memory she had with Kibum on that car, especially the sex. She glanced at the backseat where Heechul busily talking with someone, there was the place when she had sex with Kibum so many times, and there, at the driver seat.

“what are you thinking, Hae ?” asked Kibum, brought Donghae from her daydream.

She glanced at him, “oh, n-nothing!” she stuttered, sounded just like a whisper. What am I thinking, why do I have to think about it in the first place..

She needed a distraction from it all, so she turned her head just to see Heechul still on the phone. She sighed in exasperation, “who are Heechul-unnie talking to ?”

“it’s her boyfriend..” answered Kibum though Donghae didn’t hope any.

“unnie has boyfriend ?! since when ?”

“a year probably, he’s a dancer at my company!” Donghae nodded, “don’t you want to change first..?” he asked.

Donghae realized she still wore a red tank top and jacket, and a pair of loose pant. She furled the hem of the top and tied it at her right waist so half of his stomach was exposed, “oh, no.. I think Jessica save something for me!”


The rest of the ride to Ryeowook’s become more comfortable, because Kibum didn’t seem want to talk about their past, he rather talked about their friends nowaday. Something that caught Donghae’s mind at the moment was, why she never thought about Kibum as her reason want to comeback to Korea.


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