And so i play my guitar, I always play my guitar. Karamiau saigetsu wo tadoru tabiji de. Mabuta ni kanjiru yuuitsu no honoo. Natsu no nagori wo utsusu mina no ne. Hanatsu senritsu yo tooku tooku kanawanakutomo ~Loreley~




Words Count: 1,180

What I'm Listening To: Big Bang - My Heaven

When the angel fallen from heaven to some bad persons

Kangin is a student at SJ University, he still has another 2 years to settled his study in here and it annoyed him. Kangin used to be a playboy at highschool, and he was well-known as that character. But since he came to this university, he didn’t know how it can be this hard to have a date. He only has, what.. around ten girls (or boy lately) with him for 2 years, that’s a total jerk.

What most annoyed him is a guy named Kim Heechul. He shouldn’t have to be his best friend, but he did, since they were in highschool, Kangin and Heechul are well-known as the best playboy. They could have 3 dates in week, both of them, within 3 years at highschool.

This shining afternoon, Kangin walk at the corridor after his last class to go to the park where Heechul’s waiting for him. But he’s not in sight. Kangin find him at the farthest corner of the park, sitting on the park bench and kissing with a girl.

“Yah, Kim Heechul, you’re still on the school area, don’t you know that..?!!” Kangin yell at him.

The girl is very shock he’s been caught and pull out his lips from Heechul immediately, but Heechul still, “I’ll get you later, ok baby..!” say Heechul as he pinch her cheek. The girl walks away as soon as possible and passes Kangin with a blushed cheek.

Kangin take a sit beside him as Heechul fix his white blazer. Kangin take a pack of cigarette from his jacket pocket and put one outside before offering it to Heechul and he do the same. After they ignite it with Kangin’s lighter, Kangin remembers something and asks Heechul, “do I know that girl..?” then Kangin takes a sip of his cigarette, Heechul nods.

“I dated her 2 weeks ago.” he answers as he blows out some smoke from his mouth.

Kangin chuckles and soon it become a laugh, “your ability soon will fade, you know, take me as an example, that’s no matter.”

Heechul hit him hard at the shoulder, “it’s just because she confess to me again yesterday, and I can’t help for dating a man, they’re so… possesive.”

“But you’d never used someone for twice. And last month you break and back for thrice. Is that you Kim Heechul..??” Kangin laughs again.

“Just shut up..! Do you make this as a vengeance.. for gave you that little boy last time..?”

“Absolutely.. you know my interest with men is a certain interest, I have my type okay..!”

“But I still have more than you.. you picky!!”

“Just admit it, Chullie..!”

Heechul just shook his head, “do you come to the club tonight..?”

“No.. this is Thursday, I have to finish my paper for tomorrow.”

Heechul stare at him and laugh softly, “that’s why my Youngwoon can’t get many date because he’s too serious with that little brat named study..”

“Stop calling me that! And how about you, I’m sure my parents don’t want me to inherit their company –since we have no company,only 4 little restaurant-, but you do.. is that why you never search for a date anymore, since you have no time..?” Kangin asks matter-of-factly.

Heechul buries his head on the palm of his left hand, since the right still have his ignited cigarette, “I think so..”

Kangin put his hand on Heechul shoulder to comfort him, “yah, are you this vulnerable..?! Only for.. can’t have a date you wanted to..!?”

“NO! It’s not about that damn dates, you know…”

Kangin chuckles with that. That’s true, as his best friend, Kangin always know what happen with Heechul, every little thing he have and he do also, “I acknowledge that.. I know..!”

“You better do..!” Heechul sigh before adding, “I hope there’s a fallen angel for me, to protect me and my family,” he says as he stares at the blue sky.

“There’s an angel for everyone, Heechul.. but do we deserve to have it..? we have been known as a bad guy, and angel doesn’t come for a bad person..!” Kangin laugh bitterly.

Heechul glares at him, “this is why you’ve been avoiding to have many dates, isn’t you? You tries to be a good person.. I know your obsession of angel Youngwoon..! you always told me back when we were at elementary school, I don’t know how about at middle school, I wasn’t there with you, and when we met at highschool, you were absolutely forgot about that angel things… and now you remember it again..”

“Yeah, my mother retells me about that story when I first graduate from highschool. And you, why you all of sudden talk about these angels thing, I thought you didn’t have any interest back then, because you left Korea at middle school and infected me your habit in France at highschool..” Kangin smiles at the nostalgic moment. They’ve been friend since elementary school. Heechul was born from the precious family who has some big famous companies while Kangin’s parents owned 4 different restaurant.

“Because now I think you’re right with that. My family seems have to have more guard. And I think it can happen if I have an angel beside me.. but that can’t be..”

“We’re just human, Heechul..”

Heechul nods before he finishes his cigarette with one more sip and throw it under his shoe then turn it off with it, “now the problems in my family seem to come around like chains, one problem comes and before this one solves the other come and come again before it solves too.. and what can I do..? My father doesn’t let me to help him he wants me to finish my study first.”

“It comes again..?”


“How about Heejin-noona, she’s there right..?”

“Yeah she’s there, and she always comes to me to ask for my opinion, without father’s knowing for sure.” Heechul smiles with that, “she wants marrying someone, actually, she told me, that’s not count as problem, but I know that’s her problem and that’s becoming my problem now, when can I replace her position instead..?”

“She’ll do well..”

“I know, but I want she happy.. She also happy can help parents.. but.. I know she wanted another happiness..” Heechul looks very concern if he talks about his noona. Besides his free style, Heechul really loves his family it started one half years ago when his parents’ companies have a problem then the problems seems never ending until now. Heechul’s father didn’t let him to take care of, at last, one of their companies. He only have Heejin, Heechul’s older sister who’s been graduate two years ago, “I hope there’s someone who can help us, since I can’t, yet..”

“You only have to wait, to be patient, Chullie..”

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