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[04]Angel’s Tears
Words Count: 1,778
What I'm Listening To: Super Junior - Angela
When the angel fallen from heaven to some bad persons.

“I followed you…” the angel answered with groan from his pain, “…I can’t let him, Ryeowook as you called him, left alone..”

“Ryeowook is here too..??”

“Yes, and now can you please, cure me..!” asked the angel, holding back the pain.
With that, Jungsu pulled off his shirt, awared of being ripped. Not far away, Heechul muttered something like, ‘don’t tell me they’ll make out there’ and got a hit on his head from Kangin.

After Jungsu pulled his shirt off, the wings come out from its confines, his back. As Kangin saw that, he couldn’t help but always amaze and admire the scenery. It was always beautiful on Kangin’s eyes. Kangin saw Jungsu plucked one of his feathers, Kangin was sured there were some glitters also centring from the plucked feather, but it could not be magic, he thought. Then Jungsu kneaded his feather and then he swept his hand right above the injury, and here came the magic, the blood disappeared.

“Damn.. am I dreaming..??!” Heechul cursed the scenery in front him, “Kangin those are happening in front of me, am I really dreaming..?”

“No..” Kangin answered casually, he thought he could’ve accustomed to this by now, too many irrasional thing happened, “can you give him some clothes..?”

Heechul nodded but still dumbfounded as he walked to his closet, grab some clothes and threw it at the newcomer angel on his bed. The angel muttered thank’s before put that clothes on.

“Okay, now, what’s your name..?” Kangin asked to that angel who’s now had his wings went into his back.

“Name..? I don’t know, I didn’t prepare any name for here.. What is here? Is this Korea.. You guys seemed have a very big luck..!” he pointed towards Jungsu who’s now with his shirt on again.

“The real question is, why are you here in the first place..? You never had any interest with earth, why are you followed me..?” Jungsu asked him with annoyed on his face.

“I didn’t follow you, Ryeowook did, and I accompanied him.. am I wrong, he’s still young and you filled his head with your impossible dream, can you tell me I’m wrong..?! cause right now we can’t go back to heaven anymore..!”

“I know this is my fault, but I don’t know Ryeowook will followed me here if I knew I won’t let him, cause I know you wouldn’t let him go with me, is it clear..?” Jungsu asked with anger all over his words.

Before the other angel answered Jungsu’s, Heechul cut him off, “I think it’s me who want the whole thing become clear, okay.. this is my house, and you guys fighting here, is it angel’s nature to become shameless..??!”

Jungsu made his way towards the doorway after muttered ‘sorry’ when the other angel threw himself on Heechul’s bed and mumbled ‘earth makes me crazy’.

“Heechul, just stay with this angel, okay.. I have to chase Jungsu after..” said Kangin.

“WHAT!? Are you crazy..??! I can’t --- yah, Youngwoon!!”

Then Kangin went after Jungsu and left Heechul with the distressed angel, “oh damn Kangin, left me with you..” cursed Heechul.

The angel stood up and locked eyes with Heechul, “aren’t you going to asked me to leave..?” he asked.

“And if I ask you to leave, where will you go..? I heard that you can’t comeback to heaven anymore..!” Heechul could restrain himself from being crazy and sat down on the couch in his room now, “I have to know your name..”

“I’ve told you I don’t have any name for Korea..”

“So you had any name for another country..?”

The angel seemed to think before answered, “I think I had a name for China..”

“And what’s that..?” Heechul became curious.



“Jungsu..! Jungsu…!” Kangin called Jungsu when they out from Heechul’s house, but Jungsu only walked away from Kangin, “Jungsu where are you going..??” then Kangin could grab his arms and pulled Jungsu to him since he ran faster than Jungsu.

Jungsu’s eyes filled with tears that ready to flow, “I have to find Sungmin, Donghae and Ryeowook, this is all my fault..” and then it came a stream, “I’m the one who let go of their hands from my hold, i’m not that strong to hold them, I’m stupid to have such a dream..!”

Without they both knowing and especially Kangin, he hugged Jungsu, his tears drenched Kangin’s shirt, Kangin felt coolness when Jungsu’s tears reached his skin. the coolness that sent calm and peace all over his body.

Minutes later, they both on Kangin’s car again, they didn’t know where to go, after Kangin calmed Jungsu down, then they just went home, and thought about strategy to find the angels trio, “this wasn’t about seas and trees, was it..?”

Kangin asked Jungsu that night when Jungsu was all covered with blanket on his couch, he looked Kangin immediately, “w-what do y-you m-mean..?”

“Your freefall from heaven, I don’t believe you if it just for blue-seas and green-trees..” Kangin walked over to Jungsu, and then Jungsu seemed to tighten his hold on the blanket.

“I d-don’t know w-what are you t-talking about.. of course it because of m-me admired the earth, so I t-take that freefall..” Jungsu stammered his answer. And it made Kangin became more curious about this angel.

An angel that lived in peacefulness at heaven, always sorrounded by lights, No harm, No badness, No violence, No hate, came to this earth that oppossed it, just because seas and trees. It was illogical.

Kangin sat beside Jungsu and looked him in the eye, “I don’t believe you..!” Kangin became more serious about this, he moved forward until his face only an inch from Jungsu. Jungsu started sweating, his body shaked lightly, “why are you shaking..?” Kangin whispered on Jungsu’s ear, his hands on either side of Jungsu.

“Ok, I’ll tell you.. but please, can you move away from me..!” Jungsu pleaded.

Kangin chuckled to those words and continued to tease “why don’t you push me away..?!”

“I’d never use violence..!” he answered flatly.

Kangin jerked with Jungsu’s word, then he felt guilty for tease such an innocent person, let alone he’s an angel. Kangin forgot about that a moment ago, he couldn’t resist Jungsu’s beauty and that adorable smile and that glistening eyes, that’s too much and that’s such a sin for an angel to become such a seducer for the devil inside Kangin. It is more such a sin to rape an innocent angel either. Then he pulled away from Jungsu and sat straight beside him.

Jungsu sighed deeply before spoke, “it’s about love… or lust maybe..”

Kangin raised his eyebrows and turn to face Jungsu who’s now just stared to the empty space before him, “love.. didn’t you have enough love at heaven..? and lust.. i’m not sure that lust you mean is that kind of ‘lust’..!” Kangin also didn’t sure about his talking either.

“We have so much love maybe excessive, but it’s all for the human, since we don’t have any hate, we only feel this flat feeling but we also can absorb love’s aura. You know, there are man and woman too in heaven, but they all is created by God from lights, there’s no love for opposite gender, so that you can’t have children, I mean that love.. the love that lead to lust point, you know, every human have that kind of love, I felt this feeling, I enjoyed every beat in my heart when I saw human in love, it’s different from the love I have in heaven.. I’d thought once, if I supposed to be created as a cupid not an angel.” He explained and Kangin enjoyed every single word that came from Jungsu’s mouth, it was full of happiness and admired, and also hope.

“Did all the angel have this kind of feeling..?”

“No, absolutely not, until I found Sungmin and Donghae, they are my best friend, I told him about my dreams and surprisingly they have the same.. Donghae have this kind of idea instead, to gather all the angels that have the same dream with us, but I forbad him. and then he told Ryeowook, you know, Ryeowook still young indeed, he is younger than Sungmin and Donghae, Ryeowook was the first person who asked me to give up heaven, I have thought about that before, but I think I would just do it by myself.” then came that guilt again on Jungsu’s voice. This angel, maybe he was a human in his previous live. All of the angels that gave heaven up, there must be a human being live inside their soul, Kangin thought.

Then for the second time Kangin didn’t realize he had been hugging Jungsu’s shaked body again. They lost in their each mind, until they realized they hugged each other, but didn’t want to let go of it. That night they slept together in each other arm on the couch.


The next day, they started to search Sungmin, Donghae and Ryeowook. Hangeng, the angel at Heechul’s house, came to Kangin’s house that early morning – with Heechul, of course –. He asked for an apology from Jungsu that seems half-heartedly, but Jungsu known better than that, he asked sincerely. Then for today, four of them started to look for any possibility where did the rest of the angels go.

“I still don’t have any idea, why are you guys got separate ways.” Heechul said. They were at Kangin’s car, with Jungsu’s eyes didn’t detach from the street, he didn’t want to miss every single street at all, perhaps the angels cross it or just stand there.

“What if they didn’t meet someone kind, I really worry that they would meet something bad,” and come that qualm again, Jungsu’s worried face, like a mother lost her children.

“Is that a compliment to us that you’ve been found by someone kind like us? I think you’re not absolutely right?” Heechul said, earning a confused glare from Jungsu and Hangeng.

“Are you a bad person?” Hangeng asked.

“You’ll see,” answered Heechul with his smirk.

“Enough, Heechul,” Kangin insisted, “and Jungsu, stop worrying too much, they will be okay, you got it,” he added to Jungsu and gripped his hand and squeezed it a litte, they smile to each other and remained like that.

Heechul noticed how Kangin’s hand flew to Jungsu’s and thought what’s really happening to those people..?


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