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[05] When You Love Your Friend

Title : When You Love Your Friend
Status : Chapter 4/?
Words Count : 2,633
What I'm Listening To : Epik High - Fan
Summary : Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?When You Love Your Friend

The lips seemed not eager to make any movement but as Donghae’s eyes widened, it still there for a good 30 seconds. The feeling was new for both of them, really… this was just too far but it felt like it’s what they’re waiting for since tonight come. It looked like Eunhyuk really enjoyed this kiss because as Donghae saw him, he closed his eyes, but the frown on his forehead expressed that he’s still hesitated about this.

Ten seconds later, Eunhyuk pulled away with slight guilt and embarrased at the same time. He didn’t dare to look Donghae in the eyes. Donghae waited for him to say something, but he didn’t, instead his phone vibrated again. Eunhyuk grabbed the phone but seemed hesitate to answer. So Donghae made a move to get out of the car after saying, “I have to go, you better have a good explanation” with flat expression.

Donghae just walked towards her apartment, looked like Eunhyuk didn’t have an urge to chase her. She leaned her forehead above elevator button before push it and sighed loudly, no one heard after all, it’s one in the morning. Without her realized it, she arrived at 8th floor where she live and soon go inside her apartment room, and buried herself on the plush chair at her living room.

“OMG, what was he doing ? it was so stupid !!” she said, rather muffled by the plush chair. She didn’t know why she was so upset yet excited at the same time at Eunhyuk’s behavior. He never like this, tonight or since she met him again after they turned 20, she realized, Eunhyuk wasn’t the same boy she ever knew, he has turned become a man. He wasn’t the boy with black converse and wool red hat anymore and beside that he wasn’t the boy who accepted or offered cheek kissing anymore, he preffered lips now, Donghae thought.

“He has girlfriend!” yeah, that’s the very stupid part, how come that kiss could stay long if Donghae didn’t keep it for that long, yeah, it was really her stupidity. She’s the one who should push him away but she didn’t let it go. How about his girlfriend if she found out, Eunhyuk seemed love the girl so much.

With a lot of thought Donghae tried to walk from the living room to her bedroom and without changing, she jumped onto the bed and tried to sleep.


Sungmin has been at Eunhyuk’s apartment for an hour then, no one knows that the fact she has been there for that long despite it’s just fifteen minutes ago she called the owner and tell him that she’s just arrived and would be waiting for him at home.

She was still shivering at the cold air that hit her almost dry clothes. She knew that followed Kyuhyun’s kinky idea to make out under the pool is really a bad decision, but the man seemed always had a teaser his way which always make Sungmin fell onto his trap, but how he was her boyfriend it’s not what his way did nor it was his trap either. Sungmin just couldn’t get far away from Kyuhyun, it’s just impossible, but she and Kyuhyun lived with the other way, and maybe even Kyuhyun didn’t know this. She claimed that Kyuhyun who attached to her and pretended that he’s the one who owe his life to her.

But then, this night’s incident made her anxious. Kyuhyun’s cousin, Yesung, caught them at the pool. If he’s alone then it would be alright, but knowing that the pool was also his, he brought someone who made her startled. Fortunately, Sungmin still had her pants and bra on when they caught them. When Sungmin searched for her top at somewhere at the surface of water, they got close. They awkwardly introduced each other, that’s when Sungmin knew that the girl Yesung brought is his fiancee, and the fiancee – which is the last thing she wanted to know – turned out to be the one of Sapphire ex-member. She knew that Kyuhyun’s cousin will get married soon, but he never mentioned who will be the bride. One thing she remembered back then was just Eunhyuk. Despite her wet body, she quickly run out of the house and called a cab. Kyuhyun chased her but it’s too late. And then she end up at her another boyfriend’s apartment.

Sungmin sat at the floor curled up like a ball to prevent the cold, Eunhyuk always locked his bedroom when nobody’s around and a few of Sungmin’s clothes is there. She didn’t want to drench the sofa so there’s she was. She always felt like crying if something like this happen, what she needed was Kyuhyun, but he never could do that. They had made a deal – she made the deal – that this relationship is a secret if he really wanted to be with her. She was taut when she’s waiting for his answer. She really wanted to be with him, but at that time that’s too late. A part of her said that she don’t want to be left behind again if Kyuhyun had to leave so she dated Eunhyuk instead, but other part of her said that she wanted to be with Kyuhyun eventhough it’s just for a moment, she knew Kyuhyun will left her once in a while, so at that time she searched for another warmth. Not many people knew about this relationship, just Kyuhyun’s cousin and Sungmin’s mother. There weren’t secret she hide from her mother even her cheating.

She admitted that she scared because she started to love Eunhyuk since Eunhyuk really expressed his love for her. But she couldn’t deny her infatuation for Kyuhyun who she dated since she knew what love is. She accustomed to his warmth, his scent, his smile, his gaze as though it was all hers and she wouldn’t let it go forever. Then, Eunhyuk came when she fed up with Kyuhyun always leaving and they both lacked for love, they started to be together eventhough she knew soon or later she would back to Kyuhyun again. But, reality spoke a different thing she didn’t know why she couldn’t leave Eunhyuk. The man seemed really kind and faithful to her. He never forbad Sungmin to do what she wanted to do, eventhough what she wanted to do is back with her ex. What if Eunhyuk knew about this ? Yesung’s fiancee was Sapphire’s ex-member and she knows Lee Donghae, Eunhyuk’s just-returned bestfriend.


Ten minutes later, the door opened and Eunhyuk came in. He saw Sungmin sat on the floor and smiled up at him that sweet smile she always had. He rather felt guilty towards her, he knew what he’d done tonight is wrong but he couldn’t help the longing inside of him, it was really strong and get to the point of tore down the rational control inside his head.

“you back.” She said, still on the floor.

“yeah, I thought you went to see your cousin at your mother’s..” Eunhyuk walked to her and joined her sitting on the floor.

She turned her head away before answering, “I was, but I don’t feel like overstay…”

Eunhyuk just nodded and then he felt something, “hey, you’re wet.. how ? it doesn’t even raining..”

“oh, when I walked in the park, I unintentionally fell to the pond there, maybe it’s because of dark so I barely saw the road..” she explained. Eunhyuk just nodded once again then touch her hair. The touch was so wary, it’s as though he would break her down if it too long lingered there.

“you should change and take a warm shower before, it’s one in the morning and I’m sure you’ll get cold tomorrow.” Eunhyuk ordered as he pulled her onto her feet and led her to his bedroom.

On the doorway, he felt a tug at his own hand and as he looked back Sungmin seemed tense on his hold, “what’s wrong ?” he frowned. Sungmin looked sad and she bent her head low.

“Hyuk, are you love me ?” she asked all of a sudden made Eunhyuk shocked and couldn’t breathe at the moment. Did Sungmin know what he’d done just now? Did Sungmin know what his heart can tell? No, it couldn’t be.

“w-what ?” he managed to say, didn’t really know what to answer.

Sungmin looked at him with undescribable expression, “are you really love me ?”

Eunhyuk opened his mouth to say that he does but it wouldn’t come out, it was like that the meaning of those words were there but it wasn’t all for this girl, “o-of cou-rse.. why are y-you asking ?”

She smiled a slight bitter smile. What happened with this girl ? Eunhyuk knew that Sungmin sometimes had a mood swings but this was frightened him. The hold on his hand tightened as she talked again, “then please, don’t ever leave me, because I love you!”

It’s all in her eyes, Eunhyuk thought, that could suck all of his heart. He was in love with this girl right after he decided to forget his previous love. He also believed that maybe Sungmin could make him forget about it. If Donghae didn’t come then maybe he could grow his love for Sungmin even more. But now it seemed that that love had found its way home yet not all of it.

Eunhyuk pulled her onto his embrace and she immediately burried her face on Eunhyuk’s shoulder. Maybe he had to do this, “I won’t…” maybe, but don’t make me promise. Sungmin didn’t say anything anymore.


Donghae woke up to the sound of the bell ringing. She rubbed her eyes to have a clear look at her clock above her bedroom door. It showed 10 AM. She thought for seconds about what she had to do today, but none, she didn’t have any task to do. So who was that at the door ?

When she got up from the bed, she realized she still had her coat on from last night and whiter t-shirt and maroon short-shorts inside. Even the socks were still there. With just opened her coat, Donghae come to see who’s at the door. Kibum stood there wearing white shirt with the sleeves rolled up and button undone until the second revealing his collarbone clearly, a pair of black pants and Gucci sunglasses. Donghae blinked for nth times tried to believe that the guy who stood in front of her is really Kibum. It wasn’t because how fashionable Kibum is right now but why is he here anyway ?

“how do you know my apartment ?”

Kibum took off his sunglasses before smiling, oh.. that smile still have the same function, to suck anybody’s life and drowned people’s heart, “Heechul told me..” he answered simply.

“oh.. and why are you here ?”

“Heechul asked me..”

Donghae just gaped and Kibum’s answered and then chuckled before clapping, “since when you become Heechul’s new maid ?” she laughed.

He also giggled a little, “I’m not..! so you let me in or not ?”

Donghae let him in and invited him to sit at the couch, “want some juice ?” she asked as she walked toward the kitchen.

“yes, please.”

Donghae opened her refrigerator and took out a carton of orange juice. She thought for seconds when she poured it to the glass that it would be good if it guava, Kibum always love guava juice in the morning.

Donghae handed it to Kibum and sit next to him, “I don’t have guava juice right now..” she stated.

Kibum sipped the juice a little then put it upon the coffe table, “it’s okay, I don’t really drink that kind of juice anymore.”

“oh..” Donghae felt a tug on her heart, the guilty for leaving come out again. Kibum’s words seemed to clarify that he wasn’t a guy Donghae knows anymore.

“are you just comeback home or something ?” Kibum asked.

“oh, no.. I just forgot to change last night, too tired to do it. I’ll go change, you can wait for me, right ?” Donghae got up and ready to walk towards her bedroom, when suddenly Kibum answered, “no!”

“no, I m-mean.. you go change after I explain to you why I am here..”

“oh.. okay.” Donghae confused why Kibum acted this way. Every word he said seems inconsiderate. He just spoke what his mouth wanted to.

“this is about Heechul and her mischievous idea.”

“what is it ?”

“she want me to be your pair at Ryeowook’s wedding.”

“is that necessary..?”

“Heechul said so.. I don’t why she really like to coupling people.. she also implored Ryeowook for making Hangeng the bestman, but of course it can’t because Kyuhyun has to be the bestman no matter what.. and if Heechul still stubborn she will make her the bridesmaid and you know what, she didn’t incline but Ryeowook beg her back and Heechul surrender, so she makes Taeyeon be paired with Hangeng, how ridiculous..”

“so what will we do there as pairs ?”

“we act like couple in love.”

Donghae couldn’t breathe.


Sungmin woke up when she heard the bell ringing. She looked to Eunhyuk who still sleeping underneath her. So she walked towards the door to Eunhyuk’s apartment and found a postman there.

“can I help you ?” Sungmin asked.

“yes, this is an invitation for Mr.Lee Hyukjae..” the postman said.

“he’s still sleeping, I’ll receive that..”

“alright, with Mrs…”

“Lee Sungmin.”

The postman wrote down her name and asked for her signature before handing the invitation. Sungmin brought it inside and as she was going to open it, Eunhyuk come from the bedroom rubbing his eyes.

“who is that ?” he asked.

“a postman brought you an invitation.” Sungmin stated.

“let me see that.” Eunhyuk took the invitation from Sungmin’s hand and read it, “it’s from Ryeowook, her wedding is on this Saturday, this is for two people, so you come with me, right ?”

Sungmin really surprised when Eunhyuk mentioned Ryeowook’s name, and more surprised when he asked her to come, “Sungmin ?” she heard Eunhyuk called.

“oh.. y-yes, you w-want me to come ?” because I don’t want to.

“yes ?”

“why don’t you ask Donghae instead..” Why I’m asking that ?

“Donghae is the bridesmaid there.. why, you don’t want to ?”

Sungmin had no heart to decline as she saw a plea in Eunhyuk’s eyes, “it’s not that, okay.. I’ll come with you.”


“couple i-in l-love ?” Donghae asked as if not believing that Kibum said that.

Kibum looked at her, still smiling sweetly, “yes, however it’s Heechul’s idea. Ridicolous isn’t it ? act like how we used to be..”

Eventhough Kibum was smiling, Donghae didn’t miss a glint of pain when he said that. Donghae had known Kibum for 3 years including 2 years they were together. She knew Kibum outside and inside, every habit, every sad and happy memories he had. Two years wasn’t a short time for a couple let alone the couple was celebrity. Donghae also always knew what expression Kibum would have when he faced a state.

“Kibum, listen…” Donghae said, “I know it’s too late, because we have met after I returned, but… I’m sorry..” Donghae waited for Kibum to say something but he didn’t so she continued, “…I’m sorry for leaving you without saying anything and more of it I’m sorry for didn’t try, because I don’t know wether I will be back or not..”

Kibum showed an undescribable expression and Donghae ran out of words, she had said everything it depended on Kibum will accept it or not. Kibum opened his mouth to say something and he said, “oh, you’re sorry ?”


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