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[06] When You Love Your Friend

Title: When You Love Your Friend
Status: Chapter 5/?
Words Count: 2,627
What I'm Listening To: Ivy - Goodbye Tears
Summary: Eunhyuk and Donghae are friends for forever and for everything, it’s said when they were seven, and also when they’re seventeen, but what will happen when they become twentyseven?
Donghae felt like crying at that moment, why Kibum had to ask such an unlogic question, “you asked that ? of course I’m sorry.”

Chapter 5

“oh?!” Kibum turned his head to the front and showed a goofy expression, “but I thought you would never say that to me.” And he laughed.

“why are you laughing ?!” Donghae felt upset at that moment, Kibum’s laugh really tore her out, she knew that the laugh didn’t meant happiness at all.

“why are you so upset ?!!” he raised his voice and looked Donghae in the eyes.

Donghae felt her tears ready to flow but she kept it inside, “why are you like this ? you’re not Kibum I know anymore…”

For seconds Kibum didn’t answer, he just stared at Donghae as if searching for something inside her, “if you didn’t go then I bet you still know me now…”

Donghae had been guessing from the first time that Kibum definitely would bring up that topic, stupid Donghae didn’t notice it would come to her, now the guilty she felt to Kibum more and more increasing. She had hurt Kibum deeply she knew that, Kibum was a person who couldn’t accept someone who had ignored him. So Donghae was really surprised when she saw Kibum’s emotion at Ryeowook’s party that day.

“Kibum… I’m sorry, I have said that to you, if it isn’t enough I’ll say that over and over again, but.. I j-just sorry, Kibum, I didn’t mean to do that, something came to me and I’m really depressed, I’m sorry, I just thought about myself…Kibum-” Donghae didn’t finish her words because Kibum closed her mouth with his.

Donghae tried to step aside from the kiss but Kibum cupped her cheek so her head didn’t move anywhere. Then Donghae also tried to say something but Kibum took that as a cue to slide his tongue inside Donghae’s cavern. She moaned because the taste of Kibum’s tongue on hers never failed to make her aroused, but she realized she had being stupid for doing that when Kibum like this, so she pushed his chest but also failing.

Kibum grabbed Donghae’s hands and pulled away from the kiss, Donghae quickly spoke, “Kibum, what are you doing ?!”

Kibum continued to stare at Donghae before answering, “if you want me to forgive you… comeback to me!”

Donghae didn’t believe what she heard. She always thought that it was impossible for them to go back to what they used to be before. Donghae filled her mind with every possibility she would have if she accepted Kibum or rejected him. She even didn’t relize when Kibum kissed her again greedily, as if he hadn’t been fed this whole time.

“k-kibummie….” She called softly. Kibum melted to that voice and pulled away, “…I have to think first!”


Kibum narrowed his eyes at Donghae, the one and only girl that had his heart from the beginning until this second. He wanted to have Donghae again since she returned from England, but he still had pride, Donghae was the one that left him without words, he realized that Donghae was the one that made his life upside down, just because he was in love high over heels with this woman. Kibum made a decision that he wouldn’t loose her again or let her go again, he would make her his again no matter wether Donghae had fallen out of love with him. He didn’t want to be killed by love anymore.

“no, don’t think, you’ll go again!! no!” he shouted despite their proximity was just an inch away. Donghae flinched at that, “just say it now, do you still love me or not ?”

Donghae didn’t seem to answer soon but Kibum still managed to wait. He would wait for her anytime, no matter how much it took him to hurt because the woman apparently didn’t come. Donghae just bent her head low and began to sob. This is not what he wanted, he never wanted to hurt Donghae even if the other side of him told him that this woman deserve a revenge, one eye pay for one eye, but he would never have a courage to do that.

Kibum released his hands from Donghae’s head and stood up, “fine, if you want to think then think, I won’t go anywhere… so do you!” and he let his feet out of Donghae’s apartment.


Sungmin and Kyuhyun was in Kyuhyun’s car on a deserted hill at a deserted village, they agreed to have a talk about last night’s incident that only once happened after a year they keep it a secret. Sungmin was really worried when Kyuhyun only could think about how to prevent Sungmin from getting upset with him.

“Sungmin.. can’t you tell me why is meeting Ryeowook get you so upset and worried ?” Kyuhyun asked with an extremely soft voice.

Sungmin sighed and turned his face towards Kyuhyun, “you never told me that Yesung’s fiancee is a Sapphire’s member.”

“is it important ?”

“now it does, because Donghae is back.” Sungmin straightened her head again at the scenery in front of her.

“Donghae ?” it seemed familiar in Kyuhyun’s ears.

“yeah, Sapphire’s member who ran away to England, she is Eunhyuk’s best friend.” Sungmin inhaled deeply and exhaled it to prevent his anxiousness.

When Kyuhyun thought about it again, he remembered he had met this Donghae, “oh, that girl… Kibum’s ex-girlfriend.”

Sungmin startled then looked at him again, “you know her ?!”

“I met her once at Yesung and Ryeowook’s party.”

“why din’t you tell me?!” Kyuhyun flinched at the tone of her voice.

Then he managed to say, “when ? when did I have time to tell you everything ?”

Sungmin had taken aback with those words. Eventhough Kyuhyun didn’t add with ‘you never have time for me’ Sungmin just know that it was in his heart, always.

“so…” Kyuhyun continued, “you afraid that Ryeowook will tell Donghae about Kyuhyun’s girlfriend who has to be you and Donghae will tell Ryeowook that ‘oh, isn’t that girl Eunhyuk’s girlfriend?’ and Donghae will tell Eunhyuk about you who has cheated on him, and then you are breaking up.”

Sungmin sighed again for nth time today, “maybe, I’m not afraid I just worried..”

“worried he’ll break up with you ? isn’t it just the same, is it ?” after that they trapped in an uncomfortable silence for a moment. As for Sungmin having this conversation with your boyfriend about your other boyfriend wasn’t easy, but because she was the one who started this, she had to take avery risk he would have, hurting one of them which is she actually hate to do.

“but Ryeowook doesn’t know you before this, does she?” Kyuhyun broke the silence.

“she will, because I’ll be attending her wedding.”


Kyuhyun didn’t know how to express, had he to worry or happy because this was another chance for him to get Sungmin again, for himself. But a part of him didn’t like if Sungmin had to face a situation like this. He felt sad, a feeling he shouldn’t have, he also shouldn’t have this conversation though. He knew Sungmin wouldn’t think about his own heart, it’s him who should, if he still wanted to be with her.

He really didn’t want to lose Sungmin, eventhough he’s the one who always left her, his parents fault. They knew Sungmin come from unpretentious family and Kyuhyun’s family never accepted someone from that kind of family, if it’s not a celebrity then it must come from a prestigious family or someone who has higher job. To prevent Sungmin stepping up on Kyuhyun, they did anything to Sungmin to leave Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun couldn’t have watching Sungmin mistreated, he left her. When he comeback and decided to fight for their love, Sungmin had dated another man, but he knew from Sungmin’s eyes that she still want to be with him so she made a deal to keep their relationship a secret. Kyuhyun knew he dated someone named Eunhyuk, a famous choreographer, but he never met the man before, he also didn’t know that his cousin’s fiancee knew his girlfriend’s boyfriend.

Kyuhyun sighed from that thought, he really didn’t want to think about this but he had to, “can’t you stop worrying so much and start thinking for a solution ?!” he asked to the girl beside him.

“then help me, I can’t think right now… it would be easier if Ryeowook doesn’t know about my existence in your life, so when Ryeowook invites Eunhyuk and bring me, we just have to worry about your cousin…”

“just tell him you can’t go then…” Kyuhyun stated simply.

“I can’t, see his face when I rejected his offer, you wouldn’t have the heart to refuse..”

But you have the heart to break my heart, Kyuhyun thought, but never he brought the topic to the surface. “if you said so, then just face it Sungmin…” he said as he started the gear.

“w-what ?” Sungmin faced the tall man.

Kyuhyun just smiled bitterly, “just remember that I’ll be there…”


Eunhyuk just went out from the studio this afternoon, after only being in there for 2 hour. He didn’t have something to work on this week, but he never like being at home, besides there was nobody home. Sungmin still visiting his cousin, she said. When he walked down the street alone, he remembered about last night in front of Donghae’s apartment, inside his car, what happened between the two. Maybe this was time for him to speak to Donghae about last night. They just returned like old days but it seemed that Eunhyuk was on the verge of ruining it again.

Eunhyuk dialled Donghae’s phone number. He waited for a moment before his call was being picked up, “hello..?”

“hi, Hae..!!” he greeted with a grin eventhough Donghae couldn’t see it.

Donghae didn’t answer immediately, why ? Eunhyuk thought. Is she mad at him about last night ?

“oh, hello Hyuk..” she finally answered.

“Hae, can we meet up, like, now ?” Eunhyuk asked directly.

Now Donghae didn’t seem to think first about it, “okay, but can you just come to my apartment, will you ?”

“okay, I’ll come..” Eunhyuk smiled wider.

“great.. I’ll text you my number!”


Eunhyuk arrived in front of Donghae’s door fifteen minutes later. He rang the bell and Donghae opened it immediately. She grinned from ear to ear when she saw him. Eunhyuk smiled even wider when he knows that Donghae didn’t mad at him after all, “get in..!” she offered. Eunhyuk sat on the blue sofa in the living room facing the TV when Donghae cleaned up two glass from the coffee table, looked like she had a guest before him, he thought.

“you had a guest ?” he asked as Donghae walked to the kitchen behind him.

Donghae turned to him, “y-yeah.. one of my relative, he just go 20 minutes ago.” and she continued to get in the kitchen.

Eunhyuk frowned from the word relative, he thought all of his family was in England, but he shrugged that thought off when Donghae comeback to the living room again with a cup of coffee, and sat beside him, “you still drink coffee, right ?”

“yes, of course, thank you!” Eunhyuk really happy Donghae still know him very well.

Donghae sighed in relief, “glad you haven’t change a lot..” she murmured.

Eunhyuk frowned at Donghae’s word, “so you have seen my change, what part?” he asked as he sipped his coffee.

Donghae didn’t answer straightaway, she leant deeper on her sofa instead before turning to Eunhyuk, “your personality of course, you’d grown up now, you are a man, you have muscles…”

“hey, I have muscles since 18!”

“yeah, I remembered you bragged to me about your thin muscles.” She narrowed her eyes. Eunhyuk just laughed before she continued, “you also have a ‘cute’ girlfriend which is not your type as I remember… and the most different part is… your way of treating me.”

This was it, the topic he wanted to bring. Fortunately Donghae brought the necessities along, because he knew Donghae wasn’t a person who would keep her curiousity for a long time, if she was anxious about something, she would ask about it directly.

“which way ?” Eunhyuk knew that the way she mentioned is the way his action reflect his heart, but should he tell it to her, right now?

“Hyukkie.. look at me, please!” she asked when Eunhyuk just drifted his eyes anywhere but Donghae. Eunhyuk hesitated turned to her and locked eyes with her.

“you know that I love you, right ?”

Eunhyuk noticed Donghae flinched at her spot and frowned, “l-love ? I remember you told me that everytime a long time ago, is that-”

“yeah, that kind of love… I don’t think I feel it toward you anymore.”


“I feel another kind of love… since we were 17 I always said ‘I love you’ anytime anywhere, you didn’t even notice that I really meant it…” when Donghae didn’t say anything he continued to confess his feeling he kept for 10 years, “I didn’t know what to do when you say that our friendship is for forever, I keep believing that my feeling towards you is just because we always together so I kept distance from you to understand my own feeling but it won’t go away, my love for you… but you went away without me knowing about it, I gave up that time and that was when Sungmin come into my life… I was really contented when I know where you were, I didn’t think twice to have you back, but my bloomer in the past make me have to lost you again, now you have returned.. I won’t lose a chance to confess my feeling…”

Donghae still motionless in her place and Eunhyuk could see tears whelmed in Donghae’s eyes, but he kept continuing, “Lee Donghae, I love you…”


Donghae’s speechless, she couldn’t move her body, her mind full of today’s occurrence. First, his ex-boyfriend wanted her to comeback to him. Second, his bestfriend confess to him for a love he kept about 10 years. What else today could bring ? it’s packed up, she had to think but she felt she couldn’t even think. She didn’t want to know what answer her mind would give.

“Hyuk, I think it’s better for you to leave, let’s talk again sometime, I need to think first!”

Donghae heard Eunhyuk sighed, “I’m sorry, Hae… I just want you to know how I feel, I just want you to know that I always love you, Hae…” and with that Eunhyuk left Donghae’s apartment.

She cried, twice today, after those two men left. Donghae didn’t think it would be a disaster she returned. Moreover, she never thought that the disaster would be something like this. What she worried is just the media. This was just out of the blue. What would she do ?

Kibum seemed really angry for her departure but without she’s knew it he still love her. Her guilt for the man was huge especially after she heard that Kibum didn’t live his life for a long time after she left. Eunhyuk had changed his life and his dream that he chased for a long time and she knew that it was because of her. He had loved her for 10 years?? How can she just got away with it and claimed that it was just a joke as they used to do… but why she felt that her heart melted when Eunhyuk said it and her soul filled with butterly everywhere? And she had a feeling that she’d yearning for those words.


A/N I know this took a long time for updating… sorry, I don’t really have time.. hope this can make you reader satisfied, but I didn’t hope too much. Fiuh, this chapter is really hard for me... oh, and the next chapter will take long also, sorry i haven't out from my hole...

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